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  • Forgiving yourself is in many ways more difficult than forgiving others.
    All of us yearn for the freedom to live without guilt, shame or sadness. Some people are afraid to forgive themselves because they fear who […]

    Self-Forgiveness — The Ultimate Act Of Love!

    Forgiving yourself is in many ways more difficult than forgiving others. All of us yearn for the freedom to live without guilt, shame or sadness. Some people are afraid to forgive themselves because they fear who they would be without...

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    • Beautifully written and a powerful lesson that one never realizes is necessary.
      So true it is easier to forgive others than oneself..
      My Father felt guilty for being a soldier during WWII.
      He felt it was a sin to take another life.
      He explained how he confessed this sin to the Catholic priest. The Father explained he was in a battlefield and had no choice.
      He never felt like a Hero and kept his medals at his Father's home.
      Remembering how it affected his life helped me understand how difficult life can be.
      My Father was a very religious person and
      always asked that we forgive the most terrible acts committed against us.
      This is something remembered from my teen years. It doesn't mean we are Saints it just makes life better for oneself.
      It is a painful process if you hold all that inside of you all your life..
      We all make mistakes and need to learn not to repeat them.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and

    • Self-forgiveness is so important. When I did my personal inventory when I was recovering, it was an eye opening experience. To truly forgive yourself is such a wonderful thing. It is not easy. Once you finally really forgive yourself it is wonderful and very freeing.

    • self love is the most important because without it you cant fully give back and your own soul needs what you give out around you my past has been for 12 years unbelievable hard and its hard to drag yourself from rock bottom twice, i do need to forgive more mainly for my own piece of mind its when i trip now and then and just reading and intaking the tooled information in this article helps alot more than you know thank you for sharing

    • i totally agree self love and forgiveness is the key to a beautiful self acceptance and self satisfaction. thank you so much for posting this helpful article.

    • Wow!!! Your story is almost exactly my story! I need to lesrn how to forgive myself. I HAVE DONE A LOT OF BAD THINGS TO MYSELF AND PEOPLE!!! Especially my marriage!!! I regret that the most!!! He was the best man I ever had! Took him for grsnted! The latest st is never ending! I hate myself for it! I am miserable! I can’t seem to find a good therapist. And when I had a decent one I didn’t follow their advice. I need to find another therapist. I am soon to be57. Please offer me some advice? Thank you

    • The hardest thing I find is being able to forgive myself and stick to it. I did something so wrong it had catastrophic consequences and for over 17 years I have been unable to forgive myself. The consequences of my actions unfortunately cannot be undone, I will never have the chance to know if my friend has or could forgive me because she is no longer with us, she is with God. I cancelled going out with her on a night out using a lie for the reason because I was stupid enough and selfish enough to be having an affair with a married man and was with him that night. It wasn’t until two days later when I got to University that I was called to the faculty office to be told that she had taken her own life on the night/ early hours of the next day that I had cancelled her. I’d I had not been so very selfish and disloyal that night then maybe I could have stopped her. Although I knew she had mental health issues and had stood by her many times before, I had no inclination that night that she was down or considering going to take her own life. If I had I would have spent every waking moment with her to help her see that she had all to live for and made sure she got professional help. If I could take back that night and my irresponsible, selfish , cruel actions then I would for anything in this world!
      I try so hard to tell myself she would have done it anyway or at another time but letting her down like that was so unforgivable I have never found a way to forgive myself.
      I’m sorry for going on but if there is any advice or help I could get out of thisI would be eternally grateful! The only thing that has ever come from this apart from my continuous guilt is I couldn’t take my own life and do the same to any of my friends and family because of the pain I would cause them

    • How about if you were the victim?
      Your abuser hid behind a religion for decades. At the age of 10 you hold it in for 2/3 years, then it all flood's out, your parents believe him, hi is one of them…he is married to your big sister. Then 3 decades later the police come to you for help because other girls have come forward.
      We go to court…he goes to prison. YOU become a septic article on your family for bringing their God's name to shame. You try to take your life but your Husband finds you. So you hate him for that.
      Disowned by my family I was told by the police my mum had died. I was stopped from seeing my Dad. My sister wrote a letter and got him to sign it.
      They even tried to have his funeral in secret.
      How do I forgive a lifetime of hurt. Please tell me because I did nothing wrong, they all did.

    • Indeed! We faced in a situation sometimes its not easy to way out. But still we face the fear. Forgiving and forgetting is the the way for our lives. Its not easy but we must. I have also some issues of forgiving myself. Its time for me to let go of the things that I can't control. Thnks fr the lovely message and its inspires me a lot.

    • Thank you so much for this beautiful article!!! Sharing on my page <3

    • I love the simplicity of this article! Thank you for reminding us that even when we have hurt others, continuing to spin that story just hurts us more. Allowing others the opportunity to forgive us, the act of doing this regardless of the outcome is so very kind. It is all a part of owning a new beautiful story. Well done Di Riseborough!

    • Yes! A good friend once told me that, forgiveness is for YOU not for them. Forgiveness is your way to personal peace but it's not a get out of jail free card for them. It just means you are going to accept what is and…well..not play a part in the story or game anymore.

    • Thanks…DiRiseborough💖💐for a beautiful and worthful article on forgiveness.. Absolutely forgiveness primarly important for our Souls ease and our lives moral ,spiritual,Social all activities to run smoothly ,Stable ,with confidence and positive energy…So we can love ourselves more ,can carry on our life with enthuiasum..peace of soul,mind and body…Yeah it's not so easy to forgive ourselves for our mistakes and to Let go our past and to forgive the people who love ,care and respect but because of their grudges,illnesses,weaknesses and own benefits hurt us at times and cause us panic..they from heart not so bad..Their purposes are to make use of our capacities and capabilities to run their life safe..they take refuge in our sensitive.. big heart..they feel relaxed that we are caring and helping them purely with out demanding…They want us to devote our lives for them..although they know our desires ,wishes capacities….They feel we are their property..their wealth..The Gold Sparrow.. They gave us comforters.. positive good life…but not letting that Sparrow Sung her Songs in the meadows ,in the valleys with her full full of desires to be in nature,to be close to gain her Sinlge breath relaxed and fresh.. to roam about and be in the life's blessings to achieve her passions and to love herself more and to spread her love every where with intention to ease souls.. so her life gain real purpose and strength..She the Bird..She the Sparrow hurt some time those people who she love and care but at once feels guilt and asks for forgiveness…and sorry as She can't tolerate hearts to feel pain..So She takes their pains and pressed and respect and love them more…Yeah She have to forgive her self for some of her Mistakes She did in her past life that cause pain in her heart as She Didn't mean to do that mistakes but loneliness…Unfullfilent ..anger..worry.. let her Soul and mind free for some times ..She felt ease in the recreation hours..and did some beautiful mistakes.. that let her heart soothing but her Soul in pain…She tried all are life not to be so free relaxed..that any mistake can be made..As She supposed to sacrifice her Soul for good purposes to care her family ,her relations in best ways even they don't understand She is s Soul sensitive who's seeking for love and beloved.. She have to work hard and be positive and productive ..So to do these works..She have to forgive the mistakes she made not because those mistakes were bad or blunder..they cause pain and ache because those mistakes gave her temporary happiness…Peace and love..but She can't linger them on…you may think it's ridiculous..why She's saying those were mistakes.. mistakes are mistakes..😀😉Ha.Ha.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it's another phase of life…that we have to be some time forgive any good loving sensation in our hearts to be more a strong and healthy Human being.. Love yourself and's life…..Amen

    • Wow I can relate to this article I once was so bitter I forget to love and forgive myself which kept me in that horrible spiraling trapped unworthy sence self love and forgiveness to our mistakes do heal and open doors back up again I had to forgive thing people didn't apologies for which is so hard but I realised I'm always going to be with me not them I dersve some peace and freedom so I stud back had a heartly talk to myself thankfully I pulled though that stage now I don't point fingers I made me better instead thank you for sharing its extremely helpful also I've got recap at how not to fall back down into that category again god bless you for all you do for your guidance love and support and knowledge

  • Although everyone is familiar with the concept of forgiveness — the act of no longer feeling anger or resentment toward someone — it can be extremely difficult to understand, let alone practice. We really don […]

    Forgiveness — A Journey of Courage

    Although everyone is familiar with the concept of forgiveness — the act of no longer feeling anger or resentment toward someone — it can be extremely difficult to understand, let alone practice. We really don't know how to deal...

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