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  • Your Immune System is at Risk with the Wrong Dental Filling Material

    Most people don't realize that their fillings can be highly dangerous to their overall health.
    We have decapitated the patient and forgot that what we place in a person's mouth has a direct effect on their immune system via the…

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    • What about bone invasion issues with implants?

    • What about titanium implants?

    • Wish I could afford it it would be done.

    • This is very informative. Everyone should be knowledgeable of this. Thank you.

    • ”A smile to die for”…dental implants,!! ”lethal injections.”Client approved ”regretfully”! Added info. on deadly mercury just google ”Smoking teeth”You'll require a biological dentist to do any/fillings /crowns. .Do not allow any metal in your body!

      • Yes existing ”almost with my lethal injection” implants butchering. Adding to my previous reply comment…Once I complained of extreme allergies to dental implants and very ill 15yrs after placement on implants I was brought into hospital presumably to check bone loss and clean the area I was unable to reach and after several allergy medical complaints made Plus a visit to a biological dentist
        I was put to sleep and more needless metal poured over the four abutments holding the bridge in place thus making it impossible to ever attempt to risk removal of the toxic metal implants, taking my life, and surgent wired my teeth/ bridge, every tooth wired! a needless procedure as they were held by the screws into the four abutments no need to wire teeth!! The point I'm making is if you have implants then be certain to see a biological dentist, ”closing the barn door after the horse was out' ‘yes … however ! to ensure your complaints were not going to further damage/claim your life, even further which I have done, with ”a silencing” lethal injection! ”Full photos and medical files…, Dare to care and share. Best of luck with your ”Smile to die for”!

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