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  • Darlene Rese posted in the group Make Dreams Come True

    1 year, 5 months ago
    When you reach a milestone, you can let go and finally breathe. You can take a short break and contemplate what to do next, even if it is just being at peace in the moment and letting things happen naturally.

    Darlene Rese

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    • I've watched many years go by…over 20. I am at a point now that I am lost and do not know what to do next. Homeless, cannot get a job, have no friends or family left. My reputation is destroyed. I'm am at the end of my rope and hanging on by a string, desperately trying to get to the next opening in life…such as a job or what ever. My phone is compromised and so I can only get calls from whatever the compromiser decides is okay for me. Lost .. but i have not given up. I'm just in survival mode .. and i'm barely surviving. I'm looking for the peace that you are speaking about.

      • I’m sorry you seem to have quite a struggle living and i believe this is true with a lot of people. Whenever I have been down and out, I always had my parents and my father did his best to instill love for God in me. The kind of peace I have now is from a lifetime of struggling, setting goals and reaching new plateaus. i always wanted to write about some of my journeys in life and I have acheived that finally. But it hasnt been without a lot of trials and tribulation. i think finding your people who you can connect with for positive feedback and support is important. i have always had my faith that i have sometimes chosen to ignore in my life only to my detriment and then i also came acroos the paths of Bryant and Jenni McGill who have had strong influence with their group Simple Reminders whom Bryant now refers to as McGill Media on Facebook. They are co-founders of The Royal Society,,which has contributed a lot to my enlightened frame of mind. You will succeed if you dont give up and each time you reach a new level celebrate your accomplishments and be grateful for whatever blessings do come your way. where do you live, if you dont mind me asking. ive always lived in the Detroit suburbs most of my life. i wish you much success. <3.

        • Good evening Ms. Darlene. What a nice surprise to get back from a 3 mile hike with my dogs to see your message. Wow. What a rough day I must have been having when I wrote that. It is true that I am currently homeless. Luckily, Praise God, I have some really good clients whom i clean for. They are loaning me their condo for the month of June while I try to get my life back on track. It's been a rough time and I believe with much prayer and work that this is going to be the beginning of my climb back up (so to speak). I'm originally from Philadelphia, Pa. I am currently in Sunset Beach, NC and this will be the beginning of a new chapter of my life. Right now. I love Jenny and Bryant. They are very encouraging and I noticed them on Facebook. I was actually going to attempt to strart a blog this evening but I went on my hike instead. I may just prepare an article and possibly be able to get that in play tomorrow. I've not given up ever in life but it's been a big struggle for me lately. I have many critics and doubters but i also have faith and I know I am a survivor and if I made it this far, it just cannot be the end. Thank you for your encouraging words and I wish you many blessings and success also. Take care. Kelli

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Having worked on a professional level for most of my life with various organizations and personal endeavors, I am now interested in helping others awaken their passions and reach their full potential on a spiritual and financial level. I am an inspirational and motivational writer. I am now in the process of writing my autobiography.


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