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7 Traits of a Serial Victim View Comment
  • @CoachMD
  • December 2, 2018

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7 Traits of a Serial Victim View Comment
  • @CoachMD
  • December 2, 2018

Complain away Bryant (and Jenni), because you are right on target! Cauliflower? Club? Now that's a difficult choice! The former of course :).

Thank you, Rubina!

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15 Steps to Happy View Comment
  • @CoachMD
  • October 26, 2018

Thx Suzan!

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15 Steps to Happy View Comment
  • @CoachMD
  • October 26, 2018

Sorry for your challenges Susan. Wrap your arms around the future and move ahead with your back up against the past.

Hi Margo, I wish I had an easy answer as it is very hard to see a silver lining when it seems like storm clouds are always around. However, there is ALWAYS something for which to be grateful and when you begin collecting those things, regardless of how small, on...

Hi Gail, Sometimes we need to bring our gifts and talents first to other areas so that we can get our footing right. Those areas of work may not seem right for us at the moment; however, if we focus on being our best we never know where it may...

:). No problem. I am humbled that you thought of me in the same thought as Dr. Nandi!

Sorry for your losses Arthur.

Thanks for your words and insight Robina!

Thanks, Mary!

Thanks, Catherine!

Thank you, Margo for your insights.

You're very kind, Angeliki! I humbly thank you <3

Thanks for the kind words, Margo. I try but don't always succeed!!

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About me

Dr. Charles F. Glassman


Charles F. Glassman, MD has practiced internal medicine for over 25 years. Over this time, he has observed that many medical problems and physical symptoms arise from our ability to manage the challenges of everyday life. His first book, the award-winning Brain Drain, is a handbook on how to overcome common roadblocks to success in order to obtain a joyful and deeply meaningful life.

After untold thousands of patient visits, Charles F. Glassman, MD, has found that the key to optimal wellness is balancing mind, body, and spirit to deal with the challenges of daily life. Standing alone among the sea of books telling us the best diet, medication, vitamins, and exercises, Dr. Glassman's powerful books and programs show that the key lies within ourselves, and we can find it by unlocking the power of our mind and reaching the gateway to our Divine nature. Patients who come to Dr. Glassman seek not just a medical diagnosis, but a human touch that can guide to triumph over the torments, challenges, and, perhaps, failures of their lives.

Seeing that his practice was evolving into a true holistic one, he began calling himself Coach MD. As Coach MD, his internet and social media presence has grown with over 700k followers on Facebook alone, with a global reach of over six million. People look to Dr. Glassman, for his keen understanding of the human condition and often turn to his blog for advice from everything from money to health to relationships.

He has recently completed a new program, “The Brain Code” which encompasses all of his most useful tools to help people achieve their greatest potential. He is proud of his award-winning blog at He is excited to support and contribute to McGill Media!

Dr. Glassman lives in Rockland County New York with his wife Melanie, their four children, and dog, Ginger.


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