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  • Cara Bradley wrote a new post 1 year ago

    Is Your Own House Clean?

    Years ago I came across this question in The Tao of Leadership by John Heider, who beautifully explores Lao Tzu’s teachings on the Tao Te Ching, an ancient manual on the art of living.

    Heider uses the metaphor of a…

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    • Nice…meaningful and v.realistuc article..Thanks .Cara Bradley…You described in a v.nice ways…That why others do is there open behaviour…and own nature good or bad notions..firstly we have to see wht our roles in making any situation or behaviour good or's who who have to see had we show any mistreat behaviour.. did we feel more.. did we think more..or keep negativity about some things take our patience at times away dud we show aggressive.. irritable behaviour sometimes
      So main thing start to feel and test your inner goodness and negative notions.. Sometimes as in my case I mostly faced bad ,arrogant…aggressive…useless drama from specialy family members from father side..I tried my best to be loving kind and friendly..but they mostly used my sensitivity to clear their paths…to get the most benefits from us..but never thought for be true to our three..Daughter..father and younger father want to terms with them..I let them in at times..they didn't do any harm..but causes ridiculous drama and tension specialy for me..So I tried my best not to get upset.. deal them ignore and let go their behaviour and instincts to cause drama and take money.. utilising our time…for their from 7,8 years I am at a stage.. with my will power..I requested pappa I want to meet them rare.. they upset our last pappa convenienced from 3,4 years that I am not bound to meet much time I can give them I will..they will sit with you and share with you…we Sister and brother….Will be with them as possible.. but we don't wanna long terms with them…pappa is conveniences at last that I should get the privàligrs to utilise my time for more good positive activities rather than have family terms with them..we family of three are ok..with each other pappa me…and brother .it's v future plan is to achieve me goals and pappa is quite happy and wish I'll do my best and can achieve my desires and goals…Amen…So I now more try to be happy and cut my time and energies in more positive productive ways …hope I'll be successful…love and blessings for my family and friends The Royal family.. 💖👑💐👍💫Stay blessed

    • Great Reminder. When I would facilitate psycho-social groups we consistently asked the group members to look at their own “house” and find compassion in frustration. Great article. Keep them coming.

    • Thank you for this insightful article, Cara!! Sharing on my Fb page <3

    • I must do self searching / inventory daily to see all within that’s allotted. To maintain sobriety emotionally, mentally, spiritually, combined with compassion, empathy, positivity for all. I have zero room to judge anyone. Though I have from being uninformed / ignorant of real truths of self / coupled with whatever is going on in the now. I learn regroup share with love. People helping people. Experience strength and hope. By clearing the wreckage of my past doors open when there supposed to. Growing changing for the betterment. Keeping love in my heart. Having positive thoughts and friendship with family are the most beautiful. Thank you for such a wonderful post.

  • It Goes By Fast

    I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover…

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    • even the pain is worth the living. What a gift to have the earth energy.

    • Wow….just yesterday I told a friend that I was lonely. A house full of people, I felt lonely. What's to feel lonely about? I have everything I need and then some. Thank you for this beautiful message. I'm going to treasure every moment of my life. 🙏🏻❤️

      • I've been there, love. I totally can relate. I used to believe that talk of self love being woven into every feeling of lack in our lives was total B.S. One day I threw up my hands and said, “Ok already! It's me! I will work on me!” I began this crazy obsession to become so freaking madly in love with myself that nothing filled my cup like “me” filled my cup. It was all B.S. in the beginning. Self talk about being my favorite person on the planet and “If I were you, I'd want to be me too.” It made me giggle every single time I repeated the thought in my head. “I am made of star stuff and my presence on this planet is a gift to others. I am here to love & serve & lift & feel joy.”
        It became fun and took on a whole new level of magic. Using good china for grilled cheese sandwiches and wearing my favorite red rubber boots for no reason at all other than it made me feel happy.
        I eventually believed every word. That belief has brought me more love and joy than 8 years of therapy and any external experience on this planet. Maybe this will help you too, love? XOXO

    • Such a refreshing read. Thank you!!! You are so present to notice that whisper. Way to rock it out and be real, sharing your experience with us. Too cool.

    • Enjoy every moment. Somehow, I’m trying to get my head around this when someone hurts you. How do you enjoy that moment ? I am guessing grow from it.

    • Being aware of how fast it goes by is the first step to really enjoying what we have. Savour every moment.

  • What is your “Yes?”

    For the past two years I've been writing a book, a guide actually, to showing up and living life fully. The process from conception to finding an agent, a publisher, and completing the manuscript has consumed my life. I've…

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  • Cara Bradley wrote a new post 4 years ago

    Truth Is The Shortcut

    Something has recently shifted in me.
    I'm going to go out on a limb and say I feel called to be completely truthful. I'm not sure how or when it happened, it just did one day. Something let go in…

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    • Cara , The truth will set you free !
      Once we start recognizing truth , we can start experiencing TRUE freedom.
      It seems we are conditioned by fear soon after being born …. and then honesty becomes something of an oddity.
      In order to find ourselves again … at the core , requires rigorous honesty. Difficult , not easy but simple.
      Thank you for sharing. Great article.

  • Are you a WE or a ME?

    There are two types of people in this world.
    Those who make you feel really good about yourself and those who leave you feeling left out in the cold and hung out to dry? The ones that make you feel…

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  • Allow Your Natural Genius to Shine

    This morning I woke up and asked myself, “Are you willing to allow your natural genius to show up today?”
    The question emerged from my gut. A soft voice whispered in my ear, “C'mon girl and listen up. Are you willing…

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  • A Date With Silence

    I have a special date tomorrow evening — a date with silence.
    I'm headed into a five-day silent retreat and have been dragging around this heavy sense of dread like a ball and chain. I've had such dates before, and…

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  • Catch A Glimpse Of Being Fully Alive

    Step beyond your busy mind, rise above your doubt and worry, and you will shift into a place, a state of a pure awareness — where you know who you are and you like what you see. In this…

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