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We can build beautiful visions together, through respect.

Creativity is the greatest expression of liberty. Understand your power. Live dangerously. Live truthfully. Live freely. Live fearlessly. Cower before no earthly master. Know...

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Good People and Fear. How Fear Destroys Creativity and Hope.

Your true purpose is to become your own unique self and to do so with happiness and freedom from fear. You are a unique...

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There is something real in you trying to break through the cracks…

Be sure to catch Jenni in the video above as she does her sorority cheers and twirls her "baton" (a selfie-stick) beneath neon palm...

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All I want to do is complain. How about you? #RANT

All I want to do is complain. How about you? Maybe you have an allergic soul rash to toxic bee¬†ūüźĚ¬†+s? "Bitchin and moanin with the...

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Your Voice Matters and We Can Do Amazing Things Together!

After TWO YEARS in development, we are proud to announce the imminent release of our free platform for future thought leaders like you. The McGill Thought Leadership...

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Press Release: McGill Media Announces Free Platform for Aspiring Writers and Thought-Leaders

To CREATE change You Need a Platform. Welcome to a new writing paradigm and social reach platform for thought-leaders like you to shine like stars, for book writing, and mastering social media...

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Interdimensional Relationships and Achieving Greater “Under Standing”

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Your Success and Victory is a Victory for the World

Topics Discussed: How you can use intention, long-range strategy, and small victories to change the world, starting with your own. "Holding the Space." An...

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Podcast: You are the Center of the Universe and the World Revolves Around You!

You are the center of the universe and the world revolves around you. What are five things that you think are holding you back? What are...

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The Tribe You Always Wanted with Bryant, Jenni, Susaye, and Brooke on the Dr. Nandi Show

We are proud to announce that we will be guests on the Dr. Nandi Show which airs on over 100 Broadcast Stations throughout the...

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About me

Bryant McGill

Author, Speaker, and Activist

Bryant McGill is a human potential thought leader, international bestselling author, activist, and social entrepreneur. He is one of the world's top social media influencers reaching a billion people a year. His prolific writings have been published in thousands of books and publications.


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