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Memorial Day Weekend Message

Dear Friends, If you have a political axe to grind, today is the day to set it down. Don't confuse politics, with considering the profound...

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You are the placebo. Inverse psychosomatics and faith. ​The power of words and intention.

Watch the video above for an important message about your power. The worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves. The worst verbal abuse comes...

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Bryant & Jenni — A True Love Story

McGill Media and Simple Reminders is a creation of love, and hand-built homestead to thought-leaders, Bryant McGill & Jenni Young McGill — a couple...

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Confessions and making peace with something other than struggle

Watch the video above for an important missing ingredient for building the life you want. Determination and willpower are not enough; they can knock down...

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Do you have this one very important attribute you need to build the life you want?

Watch the video above for an important missing ingredient for building the life you want. If you want more from life — start by counting...

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Getting your head and heart right, to make your dreams a reality

Watch the above live full moon broadcast on manifesting and rebirth to learn how to make your dreams come true. What is your version of success,...

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The Secret Success Mindset to Master any Difficulty

"Being an entrepreneur is challenging. Best selling authors Bryant and Jenni McGill share their secret to a mindset that can master any difficulty." — Kevin...

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Respect is the universal currency

Don't underestimate your power of influence. In today's world, any average effort or caring is a triumph. Simple caring and simple effort are heroic...

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Moving from the slime to the sublime! Don’t be

There is an unseen essential that is intrinsic, universal and guiding everyone who listens. There is an invisible hand at work in the making...

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You cannot save everyone, but you can save yourself…

One of the all-time most virally shared articles in Facebook history. Toxic relationships are dangerous to your health; they will literally kill you. Stress shortens...

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Bryant McGill is a human potential thought leader, international bestselling author, activist, and social entrepreneur. He is one of the world's top social media influencers reaching a billion people a year. His prolific writings have been published in thousands of books and publications.


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