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  • Your Greatness? Reducing Stress, Anxiety, And Powerlessness

    Your Greatness? Reducing stress, anxiety, and powerlessness. Forward proclaiming. The importance of self acknowledgment, and talking about things. A deeper application of self-acceptance.

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  • Money Blocks Part 1: Not Art! Understanding Your Value.

    #StopHatingYourself — Desecrating Falsity and Reaching for Your Truth. Crushing Money Blocks, Value Blocks, and Self-Worth Issues #materialism

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  • Keeping Your Eye On The Prize

    North Korea, ICBM Mistletoe and The World Holiday Spirit (Sound starts at approx. 1.5 mins) Don't argue because you have an opinion; argue to discover your opinion. Debating people vs. being their debate partner. Being inquisitive vs. frozen. :)…

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    • Are they poking fun at the fact that Bryant is behind Jenny? LOL.. I like both the podcast and the video's. The sound is way better on the podcast and the feel is different. I like it.. do both!

  • Are you tired of people using you, and taking advantage of you?

    Watch the VIDEO above to learn “How to stop being used so poorly,” with Bryant & Jenni “On the Go!” at
    Topics discussed:

    Are you tired of people using you, and taking advantage of you? How to stop it…

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    • I know I hate being used. From Kansas

    • Hi Bryant and Jenni.

      Thank you for your sharing.

      Nice video.

      Sure. We must tried of people using you or take advantage of you. No one want to be used by other and benefit nothing.

      Although it prove that you are valuable for them, they can use you to take advantage.

      However, I really hate people to tell lie to other in order to take advantage of me.

      Smile. Be strong for everything happens.

      Do you believe “Karma”?

      Have a good day,
      Ray 🙂

    • Thanks Bryant and Jenni for a great broadcast. I have learned how to get over my fear of asking for help from others. Sometimes it's necessary when I or you want to get things done. As far as the shrimp counter thing goes. That is one of my mom's favorite things to do and I hate that. Finally, I have learned that when you ask for help, you're really saying “This is important to me and I want to it right.”

    • Yes, weather you win or lose you have to keep going. Each day has new opportunities right?!

  • The heroic journey of transforming suffering into meaning

    Watch the VIDEO above to learn How to transforming suffering into meaning through communicating and community, with Bryant & Jenni “On the Go!” at
    The most important parts of your life will be marked by pain. Some of the…

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    • Hi..Sir Bryant McGill and Mam Jenni thanks a lot for a fabulous informative..meaning ful constructive broad Cast..that amazed us..and invoke in us more the Spirit to make the most of our lives…life is once.we should try to make it worth living . 💖👑💐👍🙏Talking about few things that inspire me in my life to be more stable..happy ..contented my Story is quite quite long .just talking about few chapters a bit. ..As a child…I was so Sharp
      .active…happy going and loving…Say yes to all..No to anyone..means to say who wants my favour or to prove good and useful for any one .I was always present ….This thing made a popular figure who all..not demanding…rather than that ready to be in service ..I think this attitude..and nature gives me happiness that I make others happy..and they expect from me good favours. But when alone at times. I feel I have to cope up my own works too. I should manage time for my ownself .recreation..and ease ….So I tried my best from my child hood. To focus in my free times..hobbies and activities I love to do..I was lucky enough that my parents always give me the Boss attitude. The princess of her own will although they taught me to live on some nomes. Not always dear demanding .and not always spend thrift..but as I was born 8 years after my Sister…Pappa wants a boy. So he deal me as Son with courage and strength …strong and motivated in life …He was mostly with me as guide during his life much he can manage ..because..he spend a v.busy life…working and working ..Even he gave v less time to Mom…But Mom always let her busy at home ..managing all home chores and caring us. Pappa is v.nice he loved Mom a lot .and try to manage time to let us go on trips as much as we can..So polite to Mom..But as a young woman She needs some more time with her husband She sometimes argue Pappa get upset but didn't create a scene..try to make her convenience that he love her too much. She is with him all time …They both angry sometimes and then join togather as the true sense of love was in them..that's v.imp.for a healthy married life ..I was v.naughty always Smiling. Making Mom and Dad happy with my love and pure affection but Some where I was in a feeling to have more time to explore myself .to gain extra knowledge and to go here and there …but Mom was so caring a loving She know her gypsy girl nature She mostly made me captivate in good positive activites at home mainly. And I am papas Son he loves me from the core of his heart .But he never want to feel I am girl too…Just talk about bit past life means to clear Love of parents is the most precious love after God for a child. but Parents Should try to understand that alot favour to a upbringing child and onwards in his her life will not make them Realise to work hard be have some time tables to walk on life with courage and purpose..I feel may be I always used to be Jolly goof fellow love care respect all…So Pappa gave me more have recreatins at be happy. To wear what I wanna enjoy with my lovely toys..He with the passage of time realises that She has a creative mind. And wanna explore her life. As love music .art…English was my favourate Subject…I write at times. Read books .make sketches…do painting. So talkative and Sharp. He make me use to do spritual links with God .to carry on my games at home and in be close to God but be a praticle child with energy zeal and zest to do a lot good .with passion. Then how I suffer from my pain. It's mainly after quite quite a long period when my Mom Passed away at the age of 66…and then marriage periods .good times..and Suffering ..that makes me resist a lot but never quit ..always loving caring and compassionate. Then When marriage mishap..I have to take care of Pappa whole house I'll younger brother that was the most hard time for me .as I have to remain in patience and contended but my Soul suffers at times as I was all alone .no relations with good will ..or Support I have to work really hard to gain more and more positive energies ..through prayers..meditations ..Solitude…Darkness therepies..water therepies .nature therepies .and meditations and a lot more activities that can make me in patience and be contended. It was not at easy for a young girl to cope up a lot. ..She was suppose to be a full time Mamma of the house ..her own personality .lacking self confidence .own self worth. she Supposed to love and care all..but God Almighty gave me remarkable strenghts to deal a Lot affairs.things in best possible ways although it true no one is perfect we do make mistakes and blunders but we have to learn from them and let our Pain and worry be our best weapon against any problem. Any misbehaves any obsticles as we are humans we have given Positive energy and a lot courage to make the best of our lives. Will be intouch later..💖👑💐👍🙏Thanks …God bless

    • I’ve had a tough life, unique and in a different way from other tough or easy lives. As I got older, I realised that I was going through those experiences in order to help others with similar ones, whether by listening ur just being there, being kind and chatting with them. After I had been through a bad spell that I had no idea how I was going to deal with it on my own, shortly afterwards, when I was out the other end of it, someone would come and confide in me about similar events. I was only able to help them so far though, as all trials and tribulations have differences. I’ve been suffering all my life. I had a good upbringing, but it was strict. I began to rebel against my Father, which led me to make silly choices or just choices that didn’t work out. Some of that was because my head wasn’t screwed on, I wanted to enjoy life and not plan for a future that I had no idea about. I lived for the day. I was unlucky with jobs, man, relationships, friendships, etc. It wasn’t all bad though. I had a particularly good year when I was 17. They say that God loves a trier. I’ve been trying since I could walk. I never got the breaks. To this day, I never got to apply my qualifications to a job I dreamed of, in the world of Psychology and Psychiatry. It’s carried me through on a personal basis and I’ve been able to adapt it to suit my own grievances. The other day there, I helped a lady who recently lost her husband to suicide. I’m not saying that to get any praise or a badge of honour. I did it to help her because I care. I never look for anything back. I’m just here for people. That’s my role in life. No one is here for me, but I’m here for them, and that’s how it goes. I hardly ever see my two little granddaughters or my Son. I’ve got terrible neighbours, and I have to decide whether to move from a flat I’ve been in for 33 years or stay in misery and hope they move. I’ve got an abusive Father, and as a result of the pain others have inflicted on me, I now suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, which causes physical illness now, I’ve got phobias, hate food and can’t eat or sleep, I need medication to keep me calm, techniques to manage my day, and I’m mad at myself for allowing those people to drag me down. I should know better. I brought my Son up myself, due to a violent boyfriend. I’m often short of money, ask my Father and risk being assaulted yet again. I’ve had a few jobs in my life, but none as good as the Promotions work I did in my 20’s. I used to be good at Sales and participated in Fashion Shows for Charity. I supported my Son through 9 months in Afghanistan, which was the least I could do. That was the scariest time of my life. If I’m off track here, just delete it. I’m not sure if this is heroic in the slightest. To overcome or try to, I go to fitness classes and shop too much, which has cluttered my house with bags, shoes and jewellery etc. I’m on my own now. I can’t see that light at the end of the tunnel, I get lifted and laid by people, and tend to slot in with their plans. I’m learning to avoid that though. My journey through life has been like a Wild Moose rollercoaster. Lots of sharp turns, dips, rises and ups and downs. I’ve got sore arms by digging my nails in them to relieve anxiety. I still care for my Dad in spite of his grumpiness. I’m just always in “fight or flight” mode. It’s a very long story. I’ve missed a lot out. I doubt that it’s interesting. But here is a sample.

    • I don’t judge people either. No one knows how they’ve arrived at points of despair or addiction in their lives. We live in a different World. Sometimes people don’t want to be helped either, they get used to a certain way, establish friendships or connections with people in the same situation. Human nature is unpredictable. They may have been brought up in a world of drugs or crime and don’t know any better. Everyone has their own tolerance limits though, then they give up. I’ve always thought that we are kept in our place in life, categorised and if we try to escape this life box, we get guided back to it. Some people have an opening and opportunities to move to bigger boxes, and some get stuck. Makes me wonder who decides who will be rich and successful and who will be a long suffering trier.

  • Bryant McGill wrote a new post 1 week ago

    Why You May Be Stuck And Not Know It

    Why you may be stuck and not know it. Questioning your identity and limitations. A New way of looking at #arrogance. Levels of consciousness verses cultural set points. Growth requires deviation. Education, enlightenment, and higher consciousness. The problem with…

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  • The biggest reason people FAIL! And, how you can win…

    Watch the VIDEO above to learn How to NOT SABOTAGE your dreams and Life, with Bryant & Jenni “On the Go!” at
    In the video above, learn:

    The biggest reason people FAIL
    What to do with anxiety, blame, guilt,…

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    • The Royal couple always radiates magnetism and their intriguing imagination is governed by abundance of love! Recently I have been boiling inside with disappointment! I felt worthless, keeping a veil of secrecy, having a great need to blow through every obstacle on my way! Your transcending, superior words always bring great joy in my life and a great big smile telling me: Yess my dear Angeliki you can certainly bring peace and love in your troubled life! Believe in you and believe the great, incredibly loving Philosophers of McGill Media who have faith and love growing from within! Great gratitude to Queen Jenni and King Bryant! Ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ! 👑👑🏆🏆🥇🥇😇😇🎸🎻🎼🌟❤️❣️🌹💓💕

    • Royal Assignment: by wonglok831
      Impatience, Dis-appointment, Re-Appointment

      I encourage you to have a portfolio of tasks and stuff that you can be productive on and when one task get stuck, work on other random tasks or work on something that don’t even have a requirement like a side project. Just like jenni mentioned in the broadcast.

      My personal Impatience:
      For example: my data collector software for a friend.
      1. Is to want some good quality software to be made quickly….
      2. But missed out a bug that I didn’t fix
      3. Drained myself with brute force trying to make things work… for the code…. but don’t work….
      4. Then I feel so very dizzy because I brute forced it and then I went to take two big naps… and did nothing else that day….
      5. Then on the next day, I don’t give up…. I don’t brute force it and try to read more about my code and I found out my bug…. That is so silly…
      6. What I can do better today is that I will start to work on something else when I’m stuck with one task… there are other tasks that can help me find peace and joy. Like creating art or creating stuff something does not have any requirements such as a side project….

      My personal Impatience, dis-appointing and re-appointing myself.
      For Example: My collaborative art piece with a visual artist.
      1. Disappointment: Coding stuff that I wanted…. I kinda cut corner when things are not working out… but it gets worse in terms of quality… Then I got disheartened and kinda think is this it? Is this possible anymore?
      2. Reappointment: Figure out a different way to write software engine for the art piece just like I did for 4 to 5 times trying to figure out the way the engine could become.
      3. I tried a few times rewriting my engine and it is worth it, even though it is ridiculous….
      4. The skill is in the picking it back up… and just like Bryant and Jenni mentioned that do something else productive, so that you won’t waste your time.

      Writing Program is more like making a sculpture….
      If you want something delicate and fine, you need to put in the work, to try and figure out what is working and what is not….

      Instant gratification that I’m guilty of so many times is like an illusion of fake huge progress that gives you impatience and dishearten your heart when reality hits the illusion of instant success that is not even real.

      Don’t worry, It’s going to get harder. – Bryant
      It’s getting harder but you’re getting wiser – Bryant


    • Thank you for continuing to provide such priceless wisdom, Bryant and Jenni.
      Serenity is a gift in the present.
      You both exemplify the way of life, inherently Royal. Grateful for your patience and this creative space manifested in love.
      Life is difficult but together we grow stronger.
      Trusting in the flow has sailed some of us into the new beautiful waters of the Atlantic with you. Forward on this Love boat we row… ❤️

    • The thing is, we can’t all be successful. We can be successful in what we choose to do at any level, but there’s no room at the top for all of us. I was successful at going out today, but I don’t have the kind of success that drives me to own a nice house, luxury car, tropical holidays, a Yacht and diamond jewellery.( I wish)… I’m just not that driven now. I used to be, but kept getting knocked down. I got back up, got knocked down… the pattern continued. Clearly I didn’t appeal to anyone enough for them to see my potential. Who knows. At the moment, I feel I’m at the bottom of the pile when it comes to major success stories. I did get a BA( Hons) Degree.

    • People fail for a number of reasons, I guess. Giving up, lack of confidence, not having a competitive edge, not knowing people in places, the moment has passed, bad choices and judgement, apathy, anxiety, depression, abuse, lack of preparation, age, appearance, how they present themselves, unrealistic goals etc etc face doesn’t fit. It’s not in their path of destiny. People can feel they’ve failed even if they have just learned. I’m always happy to discover new ways to prevent failure, but it’s a frame of mind. I’ve been told all my life, to this day that I’m a failure. The seed of doubt has been planted in my head. I wouldn’t say I’m a failure at all, though I have failed in some aspects of my life for different reasons. My Dad says I’m a waste of space. I’m just going to read the article again and digest it. Thank you

    • Sorry, I forgot to say that I love the article, as always! Great quotes and inspiration. Thank you

    • Thank you for your sharing. Bryant and Jenni

      Nice video.

      We stop to be negative and disappointment about ourselves.

      We should have a faith to appoint ourselves to be success.

      Patience is a key word.

      The biggest reason people fail because we are impatience.

      All the best,

    • Thanks!Sir Bryant and Mam Jenni 💖👑💐for Sharing a wonderful video with us..As we keep on listening and following your teachings..words of wisdom…lessons…The chance to receive the bit essence of your compassion..for form of precious pearls of your experiences…through your manner of expressing let our Soul's motivate a lot for our better good self life and to be positive and productive to all….💖👑💐🙏and yeah while talking with us with gratitude and both Show us the beauty of the surroundings…So enchanting…wonderful amazing..that makes our Soul's and mind nourished .feel relaxxxxxx…and calm…and positive energy enhances in our Soul..💖💐👑Thanks a lot for Sharing a worth ful broad Cast…it's really inspiring and encouraging for all of us..I do need to hear all this. It…gives me more positive energy and good will to do more good for me and for all….with happiness love and purpose…💖👑💐I am from Pakistan…Living in a City Sahiwal…near lahore city of Pakistan…I am with my Royal Society ..from about 2 and a half years bit more than that..and I am also with Simple reminders from and Go McGill group..💖👑💐🙏proud to be a Royal ..💖👑💐👍Yeah if want a real healthy life to live…we have to focus on our own selves potentials and capabilities to acheive our best selves..and for this where ever we are..when ever our responsibility's we have to manage time for our own Solitude times . Meditations..exercises..Focus on our health and well-being. Good thoughts lead to good person .and we cando more and more positive constructive works for us and for others around us..but the main thing never expect the word you can't do…or it's not possible .we can do why we want to do .it is matter of strong will power and determination that makes the dream take shape….As Where there is a will there is a way ..Be Hope strong. Be patient and do your will be bestowed by God Almighty hidden strengths to lead a full life of health happiness vigour and enthusiasum to be a more good be more positive and loving to your self and to love care all…💖👑💐🙏👍Amen.

    • Thanks for Sharing an inspiring video…Sir Bryant McGill .and Mam always worthful words of wisdom with both of your classic loving touches with the Sparks of your Souls love essence..for all…Expressions..Thoughts..and words of wisdom that can make life's more health ..stable..happy and full of life..and to lead a purposeful life..and to love oneownself in the pursuit of loving caring all…💖👑💐🙏Amen

  • Toxic people, stress, drama, and negativity. How to escape, when you can't.

    Watch the VIDEO above to learn how to MOVE FORWARD from toxic people, stress, drama, and negativity, with Bryant & Jenni “On the Go!” at
    Boundaries and risk management are very important parts of living a healthy and positive…

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    • I am very thankful for all the incredible advice from All the super wise mentors of McGill Media! Much love to Queen Jenni and King Bryant! I am trying everyday to be a good person and not allow anyone to break my invisible bubble! I feel I must fight for my self dignity! It seems that every day I get into fights and recently, I am very sorry to say that I got punched by a very big man! My behavior is getting out of hand! How can I not be afraid of great big giants! When they provoke me, I am ready to fight until the end! I really don’t like to be thrown all over the place! I always keep repeating to myself: Angeliki, you must follow the advice of the great, loving philosophers, stay calm and collective, think before you act or burst out, your life is in danger by your sooo out of control behavior, let it be, walk away please for your mental stability and your overall health! I really hope that I will eventually learn how to control myself and act like a logical human being! Thank you sooo much for your efforts to bring peace to this world! 🏆🏆👑👑🥇🥇🦋🌹♥️❤️💕

    • Thanks a lot Sir Bryant and Mam Jenni .. for Sharing Such an important …hot topic…all need to hear and understand it….Sorry I viewed and heard the video but as you both were coming to end the video with your typical classic style as after discribing a lot meaning ful thoughts of wisdom …with courage and Stamina to complete it up to the end of discussion of yours both..with lovely notes of love Care respect to blend the beautiful timming with bit Ease ..haramony and continuity..towards…ending…speeches of love and wisdom…with a slight touch of Bit Slow talk..with happy notes .I missed in this video the last part …as net here in Sahiwal Pakistan this time..Slow..we have these days..of September load shading here too but when I get free and there is light. I never loose the chance to view your precious worthful videos of wisdom ..💖💐👑🙏yeah life is wht we make out of it..Where there are sorrows ..there is happiness..where there are hectic times… Burdens and pressures there is are moments of Ease and pleasure..Main thing is never let your self over come by any trouble.misery.panic. distress..behaviours…situations .thoughts ..people or circumstances …if you do this you will surely be in most miserable conditions one can help or protect .you .So Trust in God Almightys timmings and good will be patient be positive and productive…Love and respect yourself respect care all….💖👑💐🙏Amen…

    • Thanks a lot..Sir Bryant Mcgill ..Mam Jenni..💖👑💐for Sharing a worthful broad Cast to inspire people to live a healthy powerful.happy.
      Constructive life with passion courage will power..Positive energy ..zeal and zest..Thanks for sharing Thoughts of wisdom that can be a beam of life for us always to remain …and to be patient enough to deal our lives with honour and to first focus in our well love yourself in true sense and to prove living caring for all Souls…💖👑💐🙏👍Amen..

  • Pure love between partners is attainable…

    Pure love between partners is only attainable through a serious and devout practice of intention, not so dissimilar from meditation, or worship. It is in fact only attainable to those who give their lives to one another, as…

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  • Anxiety is intrinsic to life because the current social construct is such a fraud.

    +{{In the same way every animal finds its way into a trap, people sure-footedly step toward normalcy to survive.++}} {{The opposite of self-realization is being realized, or made real, by the standards of outside force or influence.}} {{If you…

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  • You're going to suffer, so suffer for something better…

    You're going to suffer, so suffer for something better.

    Everyone goes through hell, but not everyone stays there. Stop tormenting yourself by reliving the pain over and over. Good people go through terrible things, but wise people know when…

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  • Cabbage ballers. Savages!

    🤜🏼 Cabbage ballers. #SAVAGE Can’t let you ever live this one down girls. 😂

    @GoMcGill — #gomcgill #daughters #health #eathealthy #cabbage #ballers #balling #gangsigns #gangster #savages #gangsta #thuglife #dope #nerd #nerdy #nerdygirl #nerdygirls #strikeapose #stonecold #killa #ill #illest #flex…

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  • The way you get through life is one day at a time…

    The way you get through life is one day at a time; even one hour at a time or one moment at a time. Start by finding, creating or noticing one good moment.

    A good moment in a bad…

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  • Thank you dearest Rubina, for this beautiful and touching recognition of our hard work, which is in fact, our deepest pleasure in life. Many blessings to you always Royal soul. Seeing you always brings lightness and joy to our hearts. ~Bryant & Jenni

    • Thanks!Dear Sir for love and appreciation..,proud to be a Royal..#…Love to you..Mam Jenni our butterfly and to all Royals..God bless..Amen

  • Thank you for sharing your story Terrie.

  • Bryant McGill wrote a new post 2 weeks ago

    Critical thinking, and how to get the respect you deserve

    Watch the VIDEO above to learn how to get the RESPECT you deserve, with Bryant & Jenni “On the Go!” at
    Are you tired of feeling like you are never heard, and constantly being dominated and disrespected? Do have…

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    • You are truely blessings for me. Whenever i am in the mid of confusion about my thougths you both have helped me. Thank you so much for being guiding angles

    • Thank you for sharing your story Terrie.

    • Thanks..Sir Bryant and Mam Jenni..i really need to hear this all..and wanna follow more..your lessons and always v.positive..meaningful..worthful..with your althrough your lives…and and continues save humanity..from help them to lead their lives…Happy. Constructive..Healthy..and productive..and so by your wisdom..and great contributions..through Sir Bryant Mcgill..and your posts…and posters….through your tidous work for all over the world by Encourageing..and Supporting..Different Societys and groups ..with your wife..Mam Jenni.. is tremendous . and the Two Societys you both are contributing a lot..Royal Society..and Simple remindes.. As Go.Mcgill are real life saving for people in different..mental and physical diseases..You both provide.Mental teqcniques in easy ways so they can ease their minds..bodies and Souls to remain patient..more positively energetic.. to be more constructive help them by written words in posters and through your posts…Thats really great works your Royal Society..Simple reminders..Go give privilidge to peolples.males..females to share their own videos..and posters..and writings ..So they are contributing with you ..Sir Bryant Mcgill and Mam Jenny as much they can..inthis way people all over the world share their successes. there problems…their worries..goodness ..sorrow and tragedys and be a Source of ease for other Souls..We all Royals are v.grateful to you Sir Bryant and to Mam Jenni..for great love care and you. Thanks a lot for a of wisdom..and positive thoughts .and you both express with love..and compassion..for all..Souls. Thanks a lot..I wanna send your Royal Sign..and love for you all throuhg Symbols .but they are not appearing here this time..Thanks a lot..God bless..

      • Thank you dearest Rubina, for this beautiful and touching recognition of our hard work, which is in fact, our deepest pleasure in life. Many blessings to you always Royal soul. Seeing you always brings lightness and joy to our hearts. ~Bryant & Jenni

        • Thanks!Dear Sir for love and appreciation..,proud to be a Royal..#…Love to you..Mam Jenni our butterfly and to all Royals..God bless..Amen

    • Very true. Being non violent or being silent doesn’t mean it is a sign of weakness. Often times we feel bad after someone criticize you regarding something you have done. Reacting to it will make it better. Accepting the comment is a lesson that will make you feel stronger. Treat it as a lesson vs an insult and you become the better person.

    • How do I participate in conflict and pain? I become defensive, passive or assertive. I am learning how to be consistantly assertive but do withdraw from battle when its a lost cause. Pain is a teacher, what can I say, sometimes I learn, sometimes not.

    • Very nice and inspiring article with very precious advices thank you Bryant and Jenny .we are learning from your beautiful thoughts and wisdom.

    • =========================
      Royal assignment by wong lok
      Encouragement) Get Along instead of Get By

      Get along is like having a conversation even it may have a difference in opinion.
      Get by is just faking agreement politely but could be even having grudges and resentment.

      If you can't handle the truth, you get the lie. – Jenni

      Lie may be comforting at the beginning but it ultimately lock people in different cells of fake-agreement-separation and make people feel alone because they cannot have a genuine conversation with everyone after a long time of being fake to avoid conflict.

      Truth may hurt but it ultimately keep people together after freeing them from cells of fake agreement.

      There's spectrum of critical thinking….
      1. Criticising over everything because they are agitated.
      2. Agree to everyone politely with a fake smile to avoid conflict may ultimately makes people stupid to not think at all.

      The balanced point is to listen and be the last to speak.

      Learn to agree with essential truth of both sides.
      Learn to agree to disagree by giving time to listen and detach ourselves from ideas that is territorial to each other.

      Being offended is like survival mode of an injured animal.
      Being open minded is like healed mode of an animal.
      Healing Temper requires us to list out our triggers.

      be Inquisitive of our ideas before saying out. – Jenni
      Be last to speak – Simon Sinek
      There's no come back to listening – Bryant

      Thank you so much for your Broadcast 😀 have a super nice day!! <3

    • THANK you thank you Jenni and Bryant McGill 💕❤️💫🌟.
      I read this but haven’t watched the video my phone’s acting funny. I’m so blessed to know you both.
      I was in two situations and I handled well
      I took responsibility for what they said I did and later on said my side of me when I took time and thought about it I totally respected and understood the other people.
      I’m pretty shy I wouldn’t said anything before.
      I would off left it like that.
      So everything was better understood.
      But it’s pretty scary still how people could be especially when people have more power over you because of postitions but whatever happens, happens and everything will be okay, thanks to our higher power.
      Everything will get resolved.
      Even when people change their mind cause they are upset and they have a target on you cause you speak your mind even though you say kindly But all you amazing people are here in my mind and heart and you guys keep me going forward and I bet everyone else feels this too.
      Much love to you Bryant and jenni and everyone here good wishes and prayers.💫❤️💕
      Much blessing too.:)
      I’m so blessed 💕

    • This article is beyond well written. At this time in my life I may need counseling. I feel way better in my self recovery efforts as oppose to 2 yrs ago when I began. But the complexity of gang stalking has shown me different aspects of my own personality that I struggle with from time to time. I have so little trust because some of those stalking me are family members with my maiden last name. I’m praying and seeking to grow and be genuine and kind to others regardless of how I’m treated. Do I have tears in my eyes sometimes yes and it’s a journey.

    • Wow What an eye opener this article was for me. I have been in conflict with my boyfriend for sometime now. We both are coming from pain and not feeling respected by each other. I have been allowing my hurt and anger take over any conversation between us. Thinking I'm right. Ho ignorant i have been. Will work I keeping myself open. Thank you.

    • Super loved this live thank you bryant and jenni <3 <3 <3

    • Very well written article and well spoken video on critical thinking and what we should think about while listening to different ideas, understanding the other viewpoint even though we may not be in agreement and also not being on defense but sometimes even question our own beliefs to remain openminded. I feel like I do this a lot but do not always get my viewpoint out. Possibly because i may be persuaded to be changing my viewpoint. When I find it difficult to discuss my viewpoint I do feel like it is under attack by another person and I tend to keep quiet and not speak the truth. So speaking from the others point of view and they're being forceful they are not listening to the whole situation and are accepting lies instead of the truth. So that person is really contributing to his own demise. But sometimes on my part it is better to keep silent and bring them the truth is some other way through example for instance. I find it very hard to talk to unreasonable people who not share the same qualities of patience and kindness. i would really like to read more about the topic of critical thinking. Thank you for this information Bryant and Jenni.

    • Good morning…what a terrfic article..Wow the truth will forever remain number one for me..
      in life we are faced with so many challenges and everthing boils down to one thing..and that is we the individual, we have to learn how to interact, fix, source different avenues and over come all thats is here to block us…i am learning to not to feel sorry for people who are
      geuine to me and already removing them from my life…when you believe God is real and great ..nothing can stand in your way…god always leads us to the correct pathway in life..its about just timing…be you and you are not stoppable…

    • I read this but haven’t watched the video my phone’s acting funny. I’m so blessed to know you both.
      I was in two situations and I handled well
      I took responsibility for what they said I did and later on said my side of me when I took time and thought about it I totally respected and understood the other people.
      I’m pretty shy I wouldn’t said anything before.
      I would off left it like that.
      So everything was better understood.
      But it’s pretty scary still how people could be especially when people have more power over you because of postitions but whatever happens, happens and everything will be okay, God is good.
      Everything will get resolved.
      Even when people change their mind cause they are upset and they have a target on you cause you speak your mind. But all you amazing people are here in our mind and heart and we keep each other going forward
      Much love to you Bryant and jenni and everyone here good wishes,prayers and blessings.
      I’m so blessed 💕

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