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  • Podcast: You are the Center of the Universe and the World Revolves Around You!

    You are the center of the universe and the world revolves around you.

    What are five things that you think are holding you back?

    What are five things that you think you need?

    What if the things you believe you need, and…

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    • Thanks..Sir Bryant McGill and Mam Jenni for a really nice , encouraging pod cast..both of your talk to be heard is so touchy..full of love and passion..It reflects both of your loving attachment to all of us..💖👑💐🙏yeah you are right ,life is a beautiful thing..we have to make it worth living…by our proper time management..Will power..Confidence..mental skills…Spirituality…by using our instincts and passions…in healthy positive thinking…proper use of our time and energies…love our selves more ….Be our Soul mate….when we love ourselves enough..take care of our thoughts..and lead a life of purpose..and do good with hearty intentions .our life becomes healthy..happy and more stable..and we can prove good to all..💖👑💐💐💐💐Love you lovely couple…💖👑🙏Stay blessed..

    • Right. life us what you make it

    • Freedom is one true certainty in our use of love for others, excel the measure of you!

    • Hi Guys.. wow !! This was an amazing read !! Like Gibbs slapping D'Nozo haha xox
      Love you guys and thanks for all the great stuff

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  • The Tribe You Always Wanted with Bryant, Jenni, Susaye, and Brooke on the Dr. Nandi Show

    We are proud to announce that we will be guests on the Dr. Nandi Show which airs on over 100 Broadcast Stations throughout the United States!

    Join our beautiful tribe as seen on TV:

    Found out where to watch:


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    • SO exciting!!! What an important topic to be discussing, especially at this point in time! 🙂

    • So glad and proud that I belong to this wonderful tribe…The Royal Society ~ we embrace and truly appreciate each other with Royal love, truly #LifeChanging. Thank you Bryant and Jenni for creating this community. You, both are earth angels! You give inspirations and help to many souls in discovering and uplifting their potentials…more power to you, Bryant & Jenni!#BeRoyal #GoMcGill

    • I am so happy to be a part of the Royal Society. What an amazing community of amazing, incredible, heart centered, kind souls and leaders paving the way for world peace. We all need a tribe! Thank you Jenni and Bryant for all that you do! GoMcGill ❤️

    • The Royal Society has been a life saver for so many. I call them my soul tribe! They are not only my friends but are a extended part of my family. A place where we hold the space for one another and are non judgmental. I have been uplifting by all the love and support from my Royal Family! #LifeChanging #RoyalFamily #RoyalLove
      Thank you Jenni and Bryant and the McGill Girls.
      I love you from the top of my heart ♥️

    • Wonderful tribe sharing, growing, listening and learning with people all over the world.

    • I am so proud being part of this Royal Community. It’s really a life changing and magical feeling you will experience everytime you will meet some royal members personally. It’s an international friendship you will experience on this community yes it’s a #RoyalTribe ❤️👑

    • It’s amazing how my path lead me to the Royal Society. Right at the perfect moment when I needed it the most. A friend right around the corner and forever inspiration that changes your life! 👑💝

    • I am so glad to have joined the Royal Society when I did. The magic and miracles that happen there are beyond imagination. The healing is real because I am a witness. My life was scattered but now I have focus. Great people, great community.

    • The Royal Society has gifted me with some of the greatest community of my life. My creativity and self esteem soared after finding and being accepted by this cohort of beautiful and generous souls. If you want to go
      fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together. Together is everything. Love you all!

    • I have been apart of this amazing community for 3 years now. It’s been a really life changing experience, for sure! Never been a part of anything like this, where people actually care and support you and want to see succeeded in life and they accept you just for who you are.

    • The Royal Society has been an incredible gift in my life!! This is the most supportive and encouraging community that I have ever been part of. Without the Royal Society and its guidance by Bryant McGill and Jenni Young McGill, my life would never have evolved the way it has until now. Feeling so much more confident and supported to bring a message of love, compassion and kindness into the world. Looking forward to see the broadcast!!

    • Feel so grateful and happy to be part of our beautiful #Royal #tribe ❤👑Being in this amazing community has been #life #changing for me in so many ways. Thank you Bryant and Jenni for creating this magical space of pure unconditional love. ❤👑

    • You are the Super Stars of wisdom who possess the unicorn magical healing that shines brighter than the Moon! Thank you, Your Royal Majesties! 👑👑🦋🦋🌙🌜💫✨🌟⭐️

    • The Royal Society Gave me hope that people Coast to Coast around the World can play nice together show love to each other support each other because I dreams of meeting people that was just as loving and supporting to all humans as i am. The Royal Society is PRICELESS to me. Thank you Bryant and Jenni for Creating a Place for Good people to Connect <3

    • I am so happy and blessed to be a part of the Royal Society. I highly recommend everyone to join us. Our tribe is the most powerful tribe 🙂 Thank you, Bryant and Jenni, for your support and for everything you do. Much love

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    Thank you… 🙏

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    • THANK YOU, Bryant McGill & Jenny, for all your support & work. And your wise words. I can't wait the day to be the honor to meet you guys. Has been around 8 years since I follow you guys on FB with simple reminders. Have an awsome weekend! Hugs 🤗❤️🌛

  • Celebrating 50 Billion Impressions. We Can Make a Difference Together! Calling all Visionaries and Dreamers!

    Celebrating 50 Billion Impressions. Calling all Authors and Dreamers! #EpicLove

    There is something greater than any nation; it is the spirit which created the nation. As a citizen of any country you have a natural allegiance to something deeper than…

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  • Celebrating Surpassing 50 Billion Impressions this week!

    McGill Media Global Performance Portfolio

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    • I can’t see this properly but I need a miracle, yes. I need a few. I believe in them but I would like my neighbours to move. I’ve suffered them way beyond my limits. My Soul is tired of life’s challenges and battles. My life sucks too but I count my blessings. People talk about holidays, nights in or out with friends/family, and my life is an empty vessel. I don’t want to do anything for the sake of saying I have. It has to be good and with the right company, in the right place. I need someone to move out my neighbours downstairs and bring me more money. I’m kind of watching life pass me by. I don’t foresee a happier future. I think my cards are marked for misery and hardship with enemies around me. I’m tired.

    • I’m in Washington State

    • Hi Susan O’Shea from Tucson

    • Thanks..Sir Bryant McGill and Mam Jenni..💖👑💐for a real beautiful orchestra music effects from both of your Souls..💖👑💐Royal Holy spirits who are living quite a normal daily life..with real good objectives..purposeful and productive life's with full,care and compassion to ease each and every Soul with yours true Spirit of,peace..affection ..true sense of human Spirit ..among Souls..Your mission is a Holy mission with essence of God's God Almighty can do miracles if our intentions are true ..holy and if we while living normal life ..try to get benefit from our Persuation to find inner we are guided by holy well to be more positive and productive,we do get interect or touched by evil's our trust in God Almighty and our true intentions and believe and faith in Goodness in this world that we are not Supposed to harm by evil Spirits as our day to day Solitude moments..Meditations..good and positive routines..healthy living..and healthy thoughts and prayers as well as being a true Holy Spirit with love ,and care for ourselves .and the love care.respect and passion to ease others ,the time being evil affects or negative thoughts can't harm us..As we are here in this world to love ourselves as it a Should be loved and give that pure and Holy love to all Souls ..It's a true life full ease of Soul.and we have to make life better and easy +happy…it's the life we should have…. Love..Love,Love all..make this world a beautiful place to live….and to leave this world as a loving holy Spirit .💖👑💐👍Amen..Thanks again for lovely Voice Orchestra of your love..for all..Proud to be #Royal..💖💖💖💖💖💖👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑💐💐💐💐💐💐💐👍 Love to Royal 💖👑💐and to the Royal Society 💖👑💐Amen

    • I don’t know what discussion this is. I’ve got too many ads. If it’s about people putting decorations up early being happier, it’s crazy. Maybe they are happier, studies don’t convince me. It’s only a small population among millions. It depends on your situation too. Christmas Decorations should not appear until about the 8th December. It’s getting to the stage where all our events are meeting each other. It used to be Halloween first, then 5 November, then Christmas, now the shops have got all 3 running at once! Christmas gets earlier and earlier every year. It’s good for the retail figures maybe, or people with big families and/or have a low budget, as they can spread it out. It puts pressure on people though to buy stuff early, which isn’t a great feeling if you can’t afford Christmas in August!! It’s beyond a joke. To each their own. I’m not fussy whether I see decorations up early, but it makes it longer for kids to wait for the big day. I’m getting sick of Christmas now. It’s the worst time of year. So much money spent, so much pressure on people, it’s depressing for some people who struggle alone, or have no family. I hate it. I just want to go to a foreign land until it’s over. People are screwed up nowadays. The Holiness has disappeared over time. It gets the odd acknowledgement. I’m not a miserable person, I’ve got Granddaughters and I love a good Christmas dinner and a few gifts, yes! It can be the best time of year or the worst, depending on where you are in your head. And it’s up to people how early they celebrate it. It’s like everything else in life, it’s great if you are ok, it’s not so great if you’re not. That’s life though. It doesn’t mean everyone has to be miserable because a lot of other people are. You have to play the cards you’ve been dealt. I certainly wouldn’t attempt gambling right now. My cards are not Aces. But good luck to those who enjoy it. Why not. Life’s too short. It’s just getting out of control, I think. It’s getting stressful and crazy, instead of enjoyable. Don’t get me started on Christmas cards!!!

    • Watched before 👑💖💐Beautiful audio ,Pod cast of yours Sir Bryant McGill and Mam Jenni…A nice gift for all of us…💖👑💐with love..and worthful thoughts of wisdom…and love,care ,compassion for all💖👑with beautiful rhythimatic expressions…💖💐🙏Thanks …

    • You know I have shared with you my family of Love and Inspiration many times, I have to tell you while fighting so many things in my life right now, for instance ive been laid up all day insisting if I just rest I can get the feeling back in my leg, I not only fight with finances fears of anxiety ptsd My health. I continue to take inventory of my delimas of tragedy of my self and this around roomate family & friends. I also take Pride in saying I would not of made it this far without Bryant & Jenny #McGill and there fantastic wisdom of SELF acceptance & SELF LOVE.
      I can honestly say that I believe they are my lol guardian angels to remind myself I am WORTHY of SELF LOVE..
      When fighting your daily battles within your mind a consistent self tally Is being created. Though you may not be aware of it yet it is there collecting data of what you don't want and what you do. For instance my pain keeps my mind so busy at times of what worked in relieving said pain or pressure before and what I'm not willing to go through again or what I'm now willing to try. Now saying this I realise many of you are in excellent health or wealth and yet you too are contemplating what is it that I really want or don't want.
      We are the same though we battle on different levels of #SELF AWARENESS!
      Creating things in our lives things we want and bringing in things we don't. I myself am constantly creating ways to battle pain and sickness yet struggling with my self awareness because it is battling with what I'm trying to ignore..YIKES..REALITY CHECK HERE! Therefore bringing in everything I don't want has been really me accepting less then or now creating and bringing in an overwhelming amount of failure messages storing up data daily of the words I have spoken.
      Too many times I have crossed this same bridge in life though in a different state year time in my life. Falling into the same traps and wandering ‘ How In Gods Name Do I Get Here! You Too?
      I can tell you it is PURE #FOCUS on #Myself at least until I am able to be totally honest with myself in all areas of my life.not just worries. Fear and insecurity. I cannot change what I'm not willing to #accept.
      We all say we have overcome battles that have returned over and over. Yet we never think of them as victories. No our self data we have collected over the years have told us they failures because we are at battle again. Over and over we continue to believe the self talk. Our own personal data is what destroys our #Dreams. Our wishes our Focus is Altered by OUR INNER VOICE.
      I cannot tell you how many times my ptsd has been completely #SELF #SABATOGE.
      MS TAMMY ?!? Queen of Thinking positive. Say something positive! Find the good in Everything..Yikes…haha self delusion.? No #self wisdom!!!
      We are our worst nightmare! We create our lives from everything we take in. Not only what we eat but what we see who and what we look at daily. The self loathing when things dont work out the way we expected.
      But..I know first hand how fast you can be left in totally darkness where nothing comes to mind in how to get out. Fear is my silent killer..YES I JUST SAID THAT!
      How many times does fear direct you away from your goals? Fear collects data for good reasons like dont touch the fire the fear of being burned will quickly remind you in a situation where needed to bring you to #Safety. Ahhh. I like that word.
      Safety is I think the core or fear..hmmm What do you think?
      Listen up..Im not here to judge anyone In here to share and implement and challenge you to Think. I myself have been battling just that. Thinking are you with me here is awesome its a God given gift as is Fear. But……for what? Life is throwing so much at you that you are running through life living others dreams. Yet in extremes we all FEAR the consequences and therefore try to create a barrier so that we are protected from being hurt…Now you know this is hitting home as I write.
      Too many times our wires get crossed and because in in constant motion and usually that motion is to create comfort and constantly shielding our selves from being hurt and collecting battle scars we talk about and share eagerly as trophies yet we litterally have piled on those trophies you know the scars that almost killed you! Oh and are still trying to kill you and ALL YOUR DREAMS. WELL LISTEN UP WAMMY haha yes this is for me…..they are also #VICTORIES..GOSH if it werent for Bryant and Jenny and their sharing #simplereminders & BeRoyal @ Royal society, I would never be truly inspired.

      OUCH! oh c'mon, sure my Christian background has inspired me my love for Jesus. But that too has caused so much anxiety for me I cannot tell you how many times I have litterally BEAT MY SELF DOWN because I feel (self judgement data) or think(overly thinking I'm never gonna please Christ) brought on by severe judgement of leaders in high places, I refuse to call church. Anyways just these people alone have been my go to for prayers encouragement and self awareness by just sharing what they Love.
      So many times when I did not see not one person in say several months no phone calls from anyone to check on me no family visits unless I made the effort to go to see or reach out to. I felt I was and still feel at times in a prison of pain that is the director of my life. Oh blah blah blah.. Seriously I can say my mind is always always inspired and gifted wisdom and magical treats😜 that present logic and little live bites in the ARSE occasionally to help get me off my self disruption or collusion or pity party.

      • Ohhhh i love you Tammy and i miss you❤️🙏🏻👑😘🤗

    • As a Registered Nurse of 30 years, I can tell you that people who have formerly been unsuccessful with their diets come from small lifestyle changes. I start ALL of my people on adding a glass of water before each meal and a small salad each day to acclimate their palette to healthy. Then we start exchanging small things like bread for protein. Much more likely to succeed and it is easier to take “one step at a time” with gradual lifestyle changes.

  • Bryant McGill wrote a new post 4 weeks ago

    Podcast: The Rainbow 🌈 Broadcast! You can't have the rainbow.

    Our Magical Rainbow politely arrived the next morning, just as we had requested.
    Listen to the last 6 minutes of the broadcast. The rainbow even landed on the sidewalk exactly where we broadcast, and then hit our building! #Miracles

    read more

    • This broadcast has truly summarized my transformation and enlightenment! Such a beautiful podcast! Thank you both for being such a guiding light in my life! My gratitude has no end. I love the podcasts! Love & Blessings~ Sharon Lee <3

    • I’m crazy with you! ❤️👍🏼

    • Are they poking fun at the fact that Bryant is behind Jenny? LOL.. I like both the podcast and the video's. The sound is way better on the podcast and the feel is different. I like it.. do both!

    • So cool the podcast, your voices sound softer and sweeter than on video, but I like to see your faces especially Jeny's which is smiling all the time and is so contagious. 🙂 Love you guys!

  • Bryant McGill wrote a new post 1 month ago

    Are you tired of people using you, and taking advantage of you?

    Watch the VIDEO above to learn “How to stop being used so poorly,” with Bryant & Jenni “On the Go!” at
    Topics discussed:

    Are you tired of people using you, and taking advantage of you? How to stop it…

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    • I know I hate being used. From Kansas

    • Hi Bryant and Jenni.

      Thank you for your sharing.

      Nice video.

      Sure. We must tried of people using you or take advantage of you. No one want to be used by other and benefit nothing.

      Although it prove that you are valuable for them, they can use you to take advantage.

      However, I really hate people to tell lie to other in order to take advantage of me.

      Smile. Be strong for everything happens.

      Do you believe “Karma”?

      Have a good day,
      Ray 🙂

    • Thanks Bryant and Jenni for a great broadcast. I have learned how to get over my fear of asking for help from others. Sometimes it's necessary when I or you want to get things done. As far as the shrimp counter thing goes. That is one of my mom's favorite things to do and I hate that. Finally, I have learned that when you ask for help, you're really saying “This is important to me and I want to it right.”

    • Yes they do Greg!

    • Yes, weather you win or lose you have to keep going. Each day has new opportunities right?!

    • I have lived the same path time and time again and in various flavors if you will, and yes, I do agree we are so capable of learning and growing. I can relate to the empathy part but really in that too I have learned that creating the space within myself and the bournadioes have really helped. Thank you, wonderful and inspiring video! <3

  • The heroic journey of transforming suffering into meaning

    Watch the VIDEO above to learn How to transforming suffering into meaning through communicating and community, with Bryant & Jenni “On the Go!” at
    The most important parts of your life will be marked by pain. Some of the…

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    • Hi..Sir Bryant McGill and Mam Jenni thanks a lot for a fabulous informative..meaning ful constructive broad Cast..that amazed us..and invoke in us more the Spirit to make the most of our lives…life is once.we should try to make it worth living . 💖👑💐👍🙏Talking about few things that inspire me in my life to be more stable..happy ..contented my Story is quite quite long .just talking about few chapters a bit. ..As a child…I was so Sharp
      .active…happy going and loving…Say yes to all..No to anyone..means to say who wants my favour or to prove good and useful for any one .I was always present ….This thing made a popular figure who all..not demanding…rather than that ready to be in service ..I think this attitude..and nature gives me happiness that I make others happy..and they expect from me good favours. But when alone at times. I feel I have to cope up my own works too. I should manage time for my ownself .recreation..and ease ….So I tried my best from my child hood. To focus in my free times..hobbies and activities I love to do..I was lucky enough that my parents always give me the Boss attitude. The princess of her own will although they taught me to live on some nomes. Not always dear demanding .and not always spend thrift..but as I was born 8 years after my Sister…Pappa wants a boy. So he deal me as Son with courage and strength …strong and motivated in life …He was mostly with me as guide during his life much he can manage ..because..he spend a v.busy life…working and working ..Even he gave v less time to Mom…But Mom always let her busy at home ..managing all home chores and caring us. Pappa is v.nice he loved Mom a lot .and try to manage time to let us go on trips as much as we can..So polite to Mom..But as a young woman She needs some more time with her husband She sometimes argue Pappa get upset but didn't create a scene..try to make her convenience that he love her too much. She is with him all time …They both angry sometimes and then join togather as the true sense of love was in them..that's v.imp.for a healthy married life ..I was v.naughty always Smiling. Making Mom and Dad happy with my love and pure affection but Some where I was in a feeling to have more time to explore myself .to gain extra knowledge and to go here and there …but Mom was so caring a loving She know her gypsy girl nature She mostly made me captivate in good positive activites at home mainly. And I am papas Son he loves me from the core of his heart .But he never want to feel I am girl too…Just talk about bit past life means to clear Love of parents is the most precious love after God for a child. but Parents Should try to understand that alot favour to a upbringing child and onwards in his her life will not make them Realise to work hard be have some time tables to walk on life with courage and purpose..I feel may be I always used to be Jolly goof fellow love care respect all…So Pappa gave me more have recreatins at be happy. To wear what I wanna enjoy with my lovely toys..He with the passage of time realises that She has a creative mind. And wanna explore her life. As love music .art…English was my favourate Subject…I write at times. Read books .make sketches…do painting. So talkative and Sharp. He make me use to do spritual links with God .to carry on my games at home and in be close to God but be a praticle child with energy zeal and zest to do a lot good .with passion. Then how I suffer from my pain. It's mainly after quite quite a long period when my Mom Passed away at the age of 66…and then marriage periods .good times..and Suffering ..that makes me resist a lot but never quit ..always loving caring and compassionate. Then When marriage mishap..I have to take care of Pappa whole house I'll younger brother that was the most hard time for me .as I have to remain in patience and contended but my Soul suffers at times as I was all alone .no relations with good will ..or Support I have to work really hard to gain more and more positive energies ..through prayers..meditations ..Solitude…Darkness therepies..water therepies .nature therepies .and meditations and a lot more activities that can make me in patience and be contended. It was not at easy for a young girl to cope up a lot. ..She was suppose to be a full time Mamma of the house ..her own personality .lacking self confidence .own self worth. she Supposed to love and care all..but God Almighty gave me remarkable strenghts to deal a Lot affairs.things in best possible ways although it true no one is perfect we do make mistakes and blunders but we have to learn from them and let our Pain and worry be our best weapon against any problem. Any misbehaves any obsticles as we are humans we have given Positive energy and a lot courage to make the best of our lives. Will be intouch later..💖👑💐👍🙏Thanks …God bless

    • I’ve had a tough life, unique and in a different way from other tough or easy lives. As I got older, I realised that I was going through those experiences in order to help others with similar ones, whether by listening ur just being there, being kind and chatting with them. After I had been through a bad spell that I had no idea how I was going to deal with it on my own, shortly afterwards, when I was out the other end of it, someone would come and confide in me about similar events. I was only able to help them so far though, as all trials and tribulations have differences. I’ve been suffering all my life. I had a good upbringing, but it was strict. I began to rebel against my Father, which led me to make silly choices or just choices that didn’t work out. Some of that was because my head wasn’t screwed on, I wanted to enjoy life and not plan for a future that I had no idea about. I lived for the day. I was unlucky with jobs, man, relationships, friendships, etc. It wasn’t all bad though. I had a particularly good year when I was 17. They say that God loves a trier. I’ve been trying since I could walk. I never got the breaks. To this day, I never got to apply my qualifications to a job I dreamed of, in the world of Psychology and Psychiatry. It’s carried me through on a personal basis and I’ve been able to adapt it to suit my own grievances. The other day there, I helped a lady who recently lost her husband to suicide. I’m not saying that to get any praise or a badge of honour. I did it to help her because I care. I never look for anything back. I’m just here for people. That’s my role in life. No one is here for me, but I’m here for them, and that’s how it goes. I hardly ever see my two little granddaughters or my Son. I’ve got terrible neighbours, and I have to decide whether to move from a flat I’ve been in for 33 years or stay in misery and hope they move. I’ve got an abusive Father, and as a result of the pain others have inflicted on me, I now suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, which causes physical illness now, I’ve got phobias, hate food and can’t eat or sleep, I need medication to keep me calm, techniques to manage my day, and I’m mad at myself for allowing those people to drag me down. I should know better. I brought my Son up myself, due to a violent boyfriend. I’m often short of money, ask my Father and risk being assaulted yet again. I’ve had a few jobs in my life, but none as good as the Promotions work I did in my 20’s. I used to be good at Sales and participated in Fashion Shows for Charity. I supported my Son through 9 months in Afghanistan, which was the least I could do. That was the scariest time of my life. If I’m off track here, just delete it. I’m not sure if this is heroic in the slightest. To overcome or try to, I go to fitness classes and shop too much, which has cluttered my house with bags, shoes and jewellery etc. I’m on my own now. I can’t see that light at the end of the tunnel, I get lifted and laid by people, and tend to slot in with their plans. I’m learning to avoid that though. My journey through life has been like a Wild Moose rollercoaster. Lots of sharp turns, dips, rises and ups and downs. I’ve got sore arms by digging my nails in them to relieve anxiety. I still care for my Dad in spite of his grumpiness. I’m just always in “fight or flight” mode. It’s a very long story. I’ve missed a lot out. I doubt that it’s interesting. But here is a sample.

    • I don’t judge people either. No one knows how they’ve arrived at points of despair or addiction in their lives. We live in a different World. Sometimes people don’t want to be helped either, they get used to a certain way, establish friendships or connections with people in the same situation. Human nature is unpredictable. They may have been brought up in a world of drugs or crime and don’t know any better. Everyone has their own tolerance limits though, then they give up. I’ve always thought that we are kept in our place in life, categorised and if we try to escape this life box, we get guided back to it. Some people have an opening and opportunities to move to bigger boxes, and some get stuck. Makes me wonder who decides who will be rich and successful and who will be a long suffering trier.

    • What a beautiful,”enlightening “ dinner talk. 😍❤️ We certainly need one another to complete the puzzle called humanity.
      It is so refreshing to hear such wisdom.
      Thank you Bry and Jenni.

  • Why You May Be Stuck And Not Know It

    Why you may be stuck and not know it. Questioning your identity and limitations. A New way of looking at #arrogance. Levels of consciousness verses cultural set points. Growth requires deviation. Education, enlightenment, and higher consciousness. The problem with…

    read more

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