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  • 4 Steps to Defining Success

    Each of us lives life to a certain set of rules.
    We hold ourselves to a particular standard. We judge based on hand-picked criteria.

    But whose?

    When you evaluate the success of your life, whose standard are you measuring against? Is it…

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  • Becky Vollmer wrote a new post 4 years ago

    A Mid-Life Crisis is the Result of Poor Planning

    “A mid-life crisis is the result of poor planning.”

    When I first floated these words by my husband, he frowned. “A little harsh, don't you think?” Probably so – but I'm standing by them, because I speak from experience.

    A mid-life crisis doesn't…

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  • Becky Vollmer wrote a new post 4 years ago

    Leaping Into Your New Reality

    I don't know when this happened, but here it is nearing the end of October. Last time I checked, it was July… and, the time before that, January. Time feels like it's moving at an unfathomable speed; weeks seem…

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    • Becky your article has touched my core …the vibrations i am feeling within me is churning inside may burst , yes i feel like crying till i am exhausted…but my tears have dried ..i cannot cry …i don't want to show my pain my tears to anyone around me…i don't want to share…this is for sure that my last chapters will remain a mystery …they wil end with me…no one will know my story…nothing is going to change for me i know , years will pass by like this….i am unfortunate snd i don't want to make somebody's life miserable…still i will try to be on my own …face the toughest time once again to bring a smile on my face…otherwise no expectations from the last chapters of my life…

    • I have felt like I want something different ans then do nothing about it. I am getting close to closing that gap and carving time out
      to connect and soon I will be unafraid and get out of my own way 🙂 Thank you for this greatly insightful and deep article Becky!

  • Focus on the Wish, Not the Weed

    I don't spend a lot of time dwelling in the past — mostly because, for better or worse and especially as I age, I forget things the instant they've passed. But some moments stick with me, especially the ones…

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    • What a beautiful inspiring story Becky, I have made many mistakes where motherhood is concerned, but I also tried to do better!!! I am very lucky my children have chosen, until now a very good path!!! When a mother has the beauty of life and ultimate love 💗 in her loving hands she always listens to her heart ❤️ on how to raise her child!!! After all we are all human beings and we all make mistakes!!! Thank you for your lovely story of the dandelion!!! Extremely inspiring Becky!!!🌹❤️♥️💕🙏🏆

    • Love your story..
      Remember like yesterday only the good times..
      My Son's childhood was over too soon..
      Words are so strong..
      I was careful since because my Father had a tendency to be very strict…
      He could hurt me just with a few words of criticism..
      Those memories stayed with me and kept me from repeating the same mistakes..
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts…

    • Perhaps the wish is already planted in the weed. Mothers nature and nurture. And then the law of existential reality intercepts. One has family and one does not have family. When there is nothing to hold on to, detachment follows. One humbly grows.

    • FIRST again thank you for the encouragement to share.. IT is so important not to get caught up in what others think about us in so many different aspects of life. I just recently came back to JESUS, totally surrendering my life to HIM. And I joined my church choir really to support my daughter with Autism that loves to sing. I had not sung on the choir in 23 yrs since she was an infant and began choking in the audience while I was up singing and I was asked by the church mother to sit down off of the choir and raise my children. And 23 yrs passed. It has actually been fulfillment to fall back in love with the things of GOD. And I’ve also faced that I don’t have the crisp strong high soprano voice I had in my 20s. So at times I become insecure particularly for major performances. So I decided on my way home tonite that is also what HIS precious HOLY SPIRIT is here for. He wants us to lean on Him when we feel that we aren’t up to par and when we want to be better. I always ask for a renewing of my mind and a cleansing of my heart and I extended to night asking for a renewing of my soprano voice.

    • this article will guide the parents in bringing up children

    • It is the hardest thing for me to overcome because I was born a hot head lol. But in having a 5 month old son who does alot of crying I have had to use my inner strength being a stay at home dad which I would have never imagined. So this is widsom for me and knowing what to expect in the upcoming years.

    • Nice Article..Mother nature counts a lot in the balance upbringing of a child..wht a child learn during the period from childhood to Adult depicts in the character and personality of a healthy child with healthy mind and's now up to the child to utilize his ,her capabilities in best possible ways .in his,her future…Parents both are responsible for child's mind and Soul uplift.. As father's are usually busy..and it's Mom who look after the child..and makes tend to make her child a good person for the society..if Mom is educated ,well manners,positive and productive . These qualities are shown in her children….I was really lucky to have a Mom like that who devoted her life for the good upbringing of her child..RIp Mom ,May your Soul rest in peace..your love and lessons are with me..always..wht ever the conditions in favour or not .I'll keep on positivity…and productivity.. and be helpful for all.. Life is not easy if you have control over your Simple.. trust in God can lead a comparatively better life with purpose..and can enjoy good health.. 💐Amen

    • Nice article…inspiring and good message to focus on the wish not the seed…Yes its the wish that makes us eager to be wht we wanna be…whts our intentions and desires weed is just a symbol or a sign to make a wish…as we are firm in our in God patient and resist our selves..know to live ourselves with wht we are..wht we wanna acheive…we make a wish…and practicly tend and focus on wht's our purose to lead a full life…we can cut down the negtive thoughts…a with a positive mind can be a better human and useful person…

    • Very lovely article, enjoyed reading these lovely reminders and tips. I find myself being “a kid” in scenarios and even being poked fun of or being put down for connecting in ways that “adults don't”. Just really related and felt this article, thank you!

      * sharing *

  • Can We Be Nicer to Each Other, Please

    We all have our “stuff,” you know. Each and every single one of us.
    We've got worries that steal our sleep, moments we wish we could do over or better or differently.

    We've got bad conversations that play on a loop in our…

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  • Starting Somewhere: 6 Ways to Get Closer to the Life You Want

    As someone with a keen interest in empowerment and choice, I recently conducted a survey (unscientific as it was) about feeling “stuck” — what triggers it, how we feel about it, what we do in response.

    Not surprisingly, responses revealed…

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  • Living The Life Your Questions Created

    One of the most frustrating things in life is to have a dream but to feel like you're lacking the immediate wherewithal to make it come alive.

    What's even harder than that, though, is not knowing what the dream is….

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  • Change Comes One Choice, One Breath at a Time

    This week I celebrated 365 days of sobriety. That's roughly 9,000 hours or 525K minutes. Most importantly, it's more than 3 million breaths. If you'd have asked me a year ago whether I could go 3 million breaths without…

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    • Congratulations Becky!
      By the grace of God and a lot of hard work , I recently (Nov 29th) celebrated 14years of sobriety.
      I could not put twenty four hours together before I surrendered.
      Asking for help can be scary but there is a saying … “Fear knocked on the door, I opened it and nothing was there” (or something like that 😉)
      Fear is truly an imaginary bully.
      I also believe the saying that my worst day sober is still better than my best day drunk… although I could have never wrapped my mind around that when I was using…
      Life on life’s terms is truly miraculous.
      Grateful that we showed up to live and experience the miracles .
      Thank you for sharing. 💓

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