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  • Barbara Vercruysse posted in the group Submissions 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    3 Simple Steps to Experience Bliss

    Some people have it, most people don’t.

    And let me tell you straight away, it doesn’t come from the big house and the big car. There is no happiness or greatness to be found in material things of themselves.

    Some people radiate happiness and fulfillment no matter what their outside circumstances look like, they experience a well-being and a peace of mind in a natural way. How do they do that? What is their secret to happiness and bliss?

    After many, many life lessons, after surviving a stage-4 cancer and through guiding many clients to more fulfillment and happiness in life, I have found that these 3 simple steps accelerate experiencing bliss in a phenomenal way.

    In some people’s eyes these steps may seem too simple, but don’t be mistaken, if you are serious about being in a bliss, experiencing this deep sense of well-being, there is no cheating, experiencing bliss is the highest possible vibration and vibrations cannot be fooled.

    So how can you raise your vibrations, how can you go through life with that powerful, unshakeable feeling of well-being?

    1. Be of service
    One of the most rapid ways to forget about your own worries, your own struggles is to go out and help someone in need. Go out and be or service of someone who is in a far more difficult situation than you are. It will put your troubles in a whole new perspective.

    Being focused on the well-being of someone else give you a sense of fulfillment that nothing can equal. Once you can go beyond your self-interest, rise above your smallness; the Universal is at your side, you expand and infinite horizons are at sight.

    2. Give (what you want to receive)

    Once you give with heart and soul, with no intentions of getting back, give freely, you will receive in unseen ways. Giving makes you the richest person in the Universe because it makes you realize that YOU are the source of your abundance.

    The more of your life you give to others, the more happy and fulfilling, the greater and the grander, the more rich and beautiful it becomes, because you impact and inspire others, you leave an imprint on their soul that they will always remember. And admit, it is the only thing we can leave behind in this lifetime.

    No property, no money, no status, no reputation will bless you more than giving with a genuine heart. And we all have something to give, our time, our attention, our love, our humor, our expertise, …

    3. Go into Silence and Surrender
    Go into silence every day, preferably in the early morning and commune with the Infinite. Listen to that Voice of Eternity and surrender, knowing that the Divine is silently waiting within you to guide you.

    Acknowledging that Power within you, knowing that you are loved and supported always, relieves you from the burden that you have to lead your live on your own, makes you realize that you are not alone; that you have always access to a Wisdom that is Universal.

    Whatever the situation in your life is right now, in whatever area of your life, personal, professional, spiritual, remember that you can find a way to experience bliss and well-being regardless of your outer circumstances.

    And yes, it demands courage, discipline and dedication, a deep desire even to let go of your programming, conditioning, to become aware of your personality structure and go beyond your own smallness, your own limitations, but these steps thoroughly followed will help you in a huge way.

    Much love <3


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Barbara Vercruysse is a coach, spiritual mentor, thought leader and public speaker. After facing several challenges in life and surviving a stage 4 skin cancer at the age of 32, she decided to live her second life at the fullest. So after running a successful 6-figure construction business for 18 years, she dedicates herself to her true passion now: guiding people through a deep transformation. She supports people around the world in leading a fulfilled life, creating impact and success by living and leading with love. Barbara is a Certified Master Life Coach, Business Coach and wrote: ‘Start the Life of Your Dreams – A 7-step Program to a Successful and Fulfilled life’. She was published in the Huffington Post and wrote the book: '7 Most Powerful Techniques to Release Stress'. She was recently selected for the ThoughtLeaderSchool founded by Bryant McGill and is part of the selection committee of


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