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  • As a self-loving person, you will recognize that you cannot, ever, make someone else love you, be good to you, be your friend, or be there for you.
    No matter how hard you try, and especially when you try, you […]

    The Surprising Secret of Getting Love from Another

    As a self-loving person, you will recognize that you cannot, ever, make someone else love you, be good to you, be your friend, or be there for you. No matter how hard you try, and especially when you try, you...

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    • This was such an insightful article that surely hit home and reinforced alot of truths to me. God certainly timed it perfectly also. I thank you for sharing your wisdom and look forward to more. Investing in ones self is truly key.

    • Let go and let love! This is great! Good advice.

    • Nice!article..Barbara Sherry Rose..dear..Yeah you are absolutely right saying love yourself enough..The match is not as much a problem…when you are with your true self…..You can get the most out of life and to love someone,and beloved will not be a hard thing to achieve ..The main thing is we should honour our own self gùts.
      Capabilities,self esteem.. Passions…desires realisticly and should follow our heart….Utilise our time and energies to gain strenght for a healthy..happy..productive much confidence we ģaìn…as much stròng our thoughts…and willingness…to make good changes in our lives….with zeal and zest….we become our own lover.. and we love ourselves enough…we take care of our body ,mind and Soul….in this way we gain positive energies..we don't need to exçept love from any one…we are capable enough to make good routines .recreations to sooth our Mind.. and there comes a time..when a companion.. in our life whom love care and respect invoke a beautiful essence of true love drops in our heart…that can ease our Soul mind and body…To have faith that such a person can be in our live….as everybody needs love..and to be loved…Main thing don't feel deprived of it..if you haven't get yet…be cool..relax..and calm..kill your time in good healthy activities.. love your self your self.. Be patient ..if some one suppose to be your true lover…you will have….Love life.. love yourself pamper yourself with good thoughts.. positive exercises..positive works.. be activate.. love care Almighty will bestow you peace of mind and Soul..and there is nothing more present and worth living to live a life of purpose.. to love care all…😃💖💐Some where ..some time there will be your Dream Man…who comes to you..Will hug you tight..Will kisses heard..Will be loving..and honoured to have his arms…and you can love him and trust him….through out your life…..Such a lovely feeling it will be to love and be loved by a person who adores you…who wants you…you can make you happy and pappy…who can tolerate your high viberatons of your heart and Soul…who love you who you are with your all qualities.. flows…mistakes…your inner soft and hard nature attracts his v.soul….He love you care you..respect you….and you feel deep..deep.. in his soul……That's love……💖💐Love and beloved…

    • Great read. I agreed with all except intimacy is earned. I’m not certain I believe that. If the relationship is healthy you both will have amazing chemistry and want to share intimacy and give it freely. Just my opinion. I don’t like the games of if you do this then I do this so to speak. Just be in love honor and respect what each other has deemed important. I’m not a pro at this stuff I’m single and a part of me frankly love it. Celibate and emotionally clearer than I’ve been in years and trusting GOD for my next chapter. I really trust GOD for less complicated love in the since of honor, honesty, respect and emotional and mental health balance for us both. And no excess baggage to dump on one another.

    • that is so true i agree with everything i think if two people love each other to build to the point of earning intimacy i believe you need to love yourself to give sure depth back which is my option i think then its easier to build i needed to hear your article thank you for sharing really does help x

    • Wonderful article there, Barbara. You can't chase love. I have gone through difficult situations on love and the one thing I now know is I MUST LOVE ME.
      Thanks to Bryant too for your valuable insights.

    • Morning….thanking you so much for all your words of wisdom, encouragement and upliftment….God blessed you richly….and I am a loyal supporter…

    • This article is very good in the prospective of physical life this love has to develop into spiritual realm Swami Vivekananda has said about it in the Complete works of Swami Vivekananda
      “To love because it is nature of love to love is undeniably the highest and the most unselfish manifestation of love that may be seen in the world Such love, working itself out on the plane of spirituality, necessarily leads to the attainment of Para Bhakthi{“Spiritual attainment by means of love}
      “The love has three pointers or as He put angles ”
      !] Ask not anything return for your love your position be always that of the giver
      The second angle is Love knows no fear .
      3] Love knows no rival”
      all type of love manifest has to develop to the above state
      This article is good for those who are worldly minded persons .
      Thank you.

    • I LOVE THis read, actually its awesome. BUT i would love for you to write about being IN LOVE as opposed to simply loving someone. And if ive never learned anything in this last 25 years of my life is that one CANNOT make someone fall in love with them. IF YOU are kind to them maybe even the best of sex, Ones l can not force a person to be in love with them. YOU MAY BE drop dead gorgeous and still wont win the person's heart.

    • Thank you Barbara for taking tine to write this article xxx


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