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Are You Ready to Suffer for Your Purpose?

Suffering is a very harsh word and suffering is also a harsh experience, but suffering brings about so much growth in our lives. Many...

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Ayonna Suttles

School Bus Driver and Inspirational Author/Blogger

Ayonna Suttles is an Ohio native who decided to take her talents and two children to the North Carolina countryside. She is a self-proclaimed goofball, nap taker, crazy uplifting driver, lover of life, spiritual seeker and free spirit who enjoys letting her light shine bright like a diamond. Ayonna dreams of becoming a notable writer, therefore, she publishes her writings under the alias of Suzie Suttles. Ayonna’s passions include annoying her children, living freely, writing, and serving others. Ayonna’s work has been published and featured on HubPages, HealDove and she has 3 published eBooks on Amazon. Ayonna’s blog is where she enjoys being transparent with her readers regarding her life struggles hoping they will encourage and inspire others.;

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