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  • Anna S Unique posted in the group Uniquely4You

    8 months, 3 weeks ago
    I’m creating courses on stressmanagement for the general population, for sensitive people and for those with PTSD or complex PTSD. I’ve spent the better part of 28 years battling PTSD, researching stress, counceling, theology, lifecoaching, healing, and working with Stanford university to create an app that helps people with Post Traumatic Stress and any anxiety disorders or panic disorders.

    I want you all to know that you can heal, get well and get a great life even if these terribly distressing things have been a part of your experience for a very long time. You can heal, you can become empowered and you can thrive. it takes some work and it does come with some challenges for you if you should choose to become the author of your own future and do what it takes to become well.

    Unique Balance is about balancing everything in life since we are one entitiy and one part of us cannot exist without the others. When we are fully aligned, heart, body, mind, soul, and spirit, we experience the oneness with our purpose that balance is all about. Choosing to stay on a balancing journey gets easier over time. Even starting out on this journey is easier than not doing it since there are so many different actions that you take every moment in time to handle all you’ve got going on in that moment while not bringing you anything differently than what you’ve already got.

    Making small shifts that ease those coping mechanisms and allow you to put your guard down will help you focus on the actions that will help you let go of the fear mindset and find your true purpose in life. As you are deliberate in your thoughts, feelings and anctions the result will show up pretty quickly. Life becomes interesting and you will find that you are so much more than you ever thought possible.
    Life should be exciting! Life should be fun! You are amazing and once you understand what brings out your unique shine nothing but you yourself is going to be able to dull it ever again.

    You see, your shine, your sparkle, comes from within. When you see and understand how you create your own reality and you choose to make the most of it, you will be deliberate, take action toward the things that really matter and go the distance. It’s all worthwhile. You build momentum. It starts slowly and then escalates to snowball into greater things. It all starts with your mindset, your practices, your toolset and the way you choose to use those tools.

    More on this will be found on Unique Balance and you can click on the link down below. Please read the proposition that I have for you there. I would love to collaborate!

    May it serve and bless you!

    Anna S Unique


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