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    Have you ever had an amazing creative idea, or felt moved, almost compelled to do something, but it didn’t work for you like you felt intuitively that it would?
    Have you ever wondered why your Intuition didn't w […]

    How to Master Using Your Intuition

    Have you ever had an amazing creative idea, or felt moved, almost compelled to do something, but it didn’t work for you like you felt intuitively that it would? Have you ever wondered why your Intuition didn't work? First you need...

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    • Absolutely, Amir . Intention is at the core of any true success. Thank you.

    • Great article about intuition! I agree to Just follow your heart!

    • Sometimes it easier said then done. But I agree follow your heart.

    • Intuition is just that … a knowing without really knowing why … or a still small voice in the back of your head that guides you . It’s up to ourselves to decide what to do with it … money usually isn’t the driving force whatever it may be . But this one particular day I had a feeling I should take some money roughly 40 dollars out of bank … otherwise no cash on me , and go down a road I normally wouldn’t go and ran into a homeless person who flagged me down ,she claimed to be hungry and I took that risk to take her to the nearest restaurant to get something to eat and drop her back off I went totally with gut instincts on this or I wouldn’t normally risk it . The only regret I had was not giving her a jacket I saw her eye up as she left for she looked cold . When I went back she was gone . Sometimes you just have to make that call … whether to act on it- intuition or that gut feeling .

    • Hey guys….thanks again for words of encouragement and wisdom…as they say everyday we really learn something new, so true follow your heart and I always take my guts messages….

    • Master Sir Amir, Your thoughts are sooo deep I am soooo confused 🤷‍♂️!!! I need many repetitions because this article is written from the heart and not the mind!!! Personally, I cannot go into such deep thoughts but I will humbly say this. Reason never made me laugh. Thank you Sir Amir!!! I will follow my ❤️ heart!!!🏆🏆❤️🙏🥇

    • Nice..Article.. 💖💐👍Sir Amir Zoghi…yeah follow our heart…be relaxed and wht ever doing give our inner love and creativity to it really give us healthy life…and fills our Soul and mind with such soothing sensations…which can give us comfort..and ease..we carry on our daily routines with more love and balance…and happiness…..and we can live our life with passion.. confidence and true feeling of inner satisfaction and further motivation to achieve our desired goals and ambitions…Thanks…..

    • I enjoyed reading your inspiring article about intuition..Too much is written about how to succeed in making your life successful financially.
      It is a necessary fact of life we do need money to pay for everything in our world.
      Our lives are more than just the material
      and physical part of life.
      When we are children we do use our intuition…When we start to grow older and attend school logic takes over..
      Basically we leave behind the innermost
      unconscious thoughts and feelings…
      It seems like we need to forget some of our real life and just allow the flow of inspiration to come…A very difficult exercise we have learned to suppress.
      Thank you for your very valuable insight and thoughts.

    • beautifull thx a lot for these amazing and lovely words….. it was helpful .. really helpfull

    • intuition originate from super consciousness which is identical to pure knowledge here the knowledge and the consciousness is one and the same and this is transmitted to subconscious mind it ts character being action get diluted.. when it manifested in surface mind the reasoning mind interferes and blocks. reasoning mind normally will not allow it to take action on that the solution to is observe the infinite thoughts coming in our mind and try to understand its origin. the heart is the seat of love and emotions which need to be kept under control intuitions coming from super conscious mind is truth only can be followed and action can be taken . our problem is that intuition is not known to us with ordinary life

      the above knowledge i gathered from ” Life Divine ” by Sri Aurobindo who was a great yogi and his mind used to travel from outer mind to super conscious mind

      this article is very good for people engaged in worldly life

    • I really enjoyed this article and how you broke down becoming aware of the differences of our Intuition and our logical mind.

      There are countless experiences I have had where I am asked how I knew something or why I chose to do or not do something or even this “knowing” as if I am predicting the future (i'm not), and when I say no its not that, it's my Intuition -oh the looks and comments I get 🙂

      The fact that you overheard that woman's conversation about her Intuition was not an accident or a coincidence, it was because it was meant for you to hear it and for you to align with it. And, write about it here as well.

      Thank you so much for sharing this lovely, genuine and helpful article. Many Blessings.

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