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  • Akiroq Brost posted in the group Submissions 6 days, 18 hours ago

    Is this OK to say out loud?

    I am often faced with the question of: “Is this OK to say out loud?”

    As a result, I keep a lot to myself. Especially when it comes to religion and politics, because well, as we all know there are people out there who can't think beyond what they believe, they feel threatened, and turn defensive when anyone shares a viewpoint counter to theirs.

    I feel the enormous pressure of social conformity. Conform or else! Comply or else! Here is your set of beliefs about everything, now repeat them! Whatever you do, don't share a counter-opinion! Whatever you do, don't think for yourself!

    I see it as a muting of our individuality, our intellect, and free-thought. Because, what would happen if we actually questioned things? What would happen if we actually allowed ourselves to think? What would our world look like then?

    Stop consuming other people's opinions as your own. Stop spitting out what you heard from someone else as though it were your own idea. Take the time to learn, and to think. Draw your own conclusions. Know the why.

    If you start making up your own mind, based on your own rationale. If you build your own why for your own beliefs and perspectives, this will make everything more intentional. It will add substance and depth. This will add meaning to your life.

    I challenge you to find your why behind your perspectives. Put some knowledge, experience, and wisdom behind you what you think you know. Make it intentional. Make it meaningful. Add depth to the experience of your life.

    Being present includes being present and mindful intellectually.

    -Akiroq Brost

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