Manifesting Your Destiny

Destiny longs to see you live your destiny even more than you do.

Have you ever prayed, asking for wisdom, or promotion, or assets and found that your answer came in the form of a process that you had to walk out?

Typically, when we pray, we want to receive the answer to our request – the prize – without going through the course. We want to get the grade without going through the class.

On these occasions, we’ve likely asked for things that we’ve not yet been developed to handle. By going through the process or the course or the class we gain the chance to, not only, acquire the prize, but also experience a process that develops us to the point that we’re better able to enjoy the prize of our request.

Every answer is packaged in a process.

Your gaining the prize is going to be based on your willingness to complete the process.

Will you quit or will you press through to the end? Will you finish your course and gain your prize or will you give in to the pressures of perceived defeat and seeming delay?

If you pray for wisdom, then expect to encounter life situations that you don’t know how to handle. Expect to feel overwhelmed and under qualified by the circumstances of your life, at least for a season, as you develop in trusting Destiny to show you how to handle those situations. By the time you’ve handled those challenges, you will be ready for the prize and have newly acquired wisdom.

So, if you prayed for something that has yet to manifest, know that it isn’t being withheld from you. It’s that you haven’t completed the process tied to that prize.

Right now, some of you are in the middle of a process and you’re feeling pressured to quit. You mustn’t quit. At the end of your course, is the end of your faith. The end of your faith is to see the manifestation of what you’ve asked for and hoped for.

Remember, the source of your vision, the source of the dream you hold inside, is also the source of the provision. Destiny knows your needs and your heart’s delights even before you do and has already secured every asset necessary for your life of great joy and good success. Destiny placed the vision inside you and secured the provision for it’s fulfillment. Your role is simply to submit to the vision. Believe in your dream and pursue it with fervor and passion. The provision for your dream will follow your pursuit of the dream. 

Destiny longs to see you live your destiny even more than you do.

You asked for wisdom and you received a process.

You asked for finances and you received a process.

Destiny has withheld nothing from you. Just the opposite, in the realm of Eternity, all your assets lay in wait wearing your name.

If you ask for promotion, expect to receive a process that teaches you how to respect small and humble beginnings.

If you ask for finances expect to receive a process that grants you an understanding of how you got into your current financial predicament. Expect a process that brings opportunity to revisit the same financial challenges, allowing you to choose more wisely this time around.

And, if you don’t quit, if you keep the faith, then the manifestation of the thing you hope for will be granted to you and you’ll be ready to handle it. 

Are you waiting, now, for an answer to a coveted prayer?

Are you waiting on a manifestation? If so, hold on. You’re probably in the middle of your course right now. Press on to receive your prize.

If you’re being pressured right now, if you’re being tempted to quit right now, if you don’t know how far you can go with it, if you think you can’t make it through, then you’re right in the middle of your answer. Finish the course. Keep the faith. Walk it all the way through to your prize.

And, know this…Destiny is always there with you, leading you, enticing you towards your prize. You are not alone. All of heaven is rooting for you.

Sometimes, en route to your manifestation, you will find that what you receive is actually better than what you asked for. You asked small because you believed small, but Destiny knows what’s really intended for you.

Stay strong! Stay blessed!

Sara K. Wasser

Sara Wasser is the creator of SaraWasser.com which is the materialization of her purpose in life, namely to lovingly commit to understanding and honoring the special character and true identity of others so that they may safely delight in the richness of a far better life.

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