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Magical and mysterious. My daughter Scottlynn amazes me. They grow-up so fast…

✨Magical and mysterious.✨ My daughter Scottlynn amazes me. They grow-up so fast…

One day when you look back
I cannot know your deepest soul
nor your inner world
I see you, but for a moment,
as you grow and change before me
Could I but reach that second,
where you once were
To know your unique truth,
but alas, you are already gone.
And so I chase after you
and grasp at empty air
Where you once stood
I catch only the shadow of your last step
{because you belong to the future}
I will never catch you darling,
but will catch only a glimpse
— from time to time —
I am the past looking at you,
as your eyes gaze at tomorrow.
Occasionally, when you look back,
I see you,
but you are a mystery to me
I am a mystery to you too, a parent,
but a soul you will hardly know
Until one day, when I am gone
and you look back,
and reach for me —
as I reach for you now.
In that moment, just know,
that our love is forever.

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Bryant McGill

Bryant McGill is a human potential thought leader, international bestselling author, activist, and social entrepreneur.

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