Living The Life Your Questions Created

What's even harder than that, though, is not knowing what the dream is.

One of the most frustrating things in life is to have a dream but to feel like you’re lacking the immediate wherewithal to make it come alive.

What’s even harder than that, though, is not knowing what the dream is. Not having a big vision to work toward — or even a near-term, specific goal to pursue — can leave us feeling lackluster and directionless. And that, of course, can lead a huge sense of feeling mired in the muck.

When the conjuring up of a big dream feels too overwhelming — which it certainly can be! — don’t let that lock you in to a state of complacency or inaction. Just bring the goal a little closer to home. Make it instead about a FEELING.

Ask yourself:

How it is you want to FEEL when you’re doing the thing that pays your rent? How do you want to FEEL when you rise in the morning? How do you want to FEEL when you’re spending time with the people you love, or sitting with yourself in the quiet grace of solitude?

From the wisdom of those answers, begin to craft an intention for your life. Not necessarily an agenda — which assumes you know all the steps it will take to get from Point A to Point B — but instead a guiding sense of purpose that will keep you grounded as the path unfolds.

“When we have intention instead of agenda, we don’t have a full physical plan or a HOW — but we have an exactly WHAT and an exactly WHY,” said the yoga teacher Elena Brower.

Know your “what.” Know your “why.” The “how” will come. And, in time, you’ll be living the life your questions created.

Becky Vollmer

Becky Vollmer is a mom, writer and founder of You Are Not Stuck, a community focused on empowerment and choice.

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