Livestream withand(Click link in bio to watch)…Discussed:How to…

Livestream with @BryantMcGill and @JenniMcGill
(☝️Click link in bio to watch☝️)

✔️ How to accomplish anything through suburban monastics.
✔️ Living Room freedom fighters. Practical aspects of Solipsism delusions, isolation, and time.
✔️ Hoisting the Jolly Roger black flag in your heart.
✔️ Troublemakers seem to find each other, which is a good thing for freedom.
✔️ At the end of the broadcast I will tell you why it must be a black flag…
✔️ How to live your own life, not the life other people want you to live.
✔️ Detaching from pop culture to become uncultured.
✔️ Getting off society’s theme ride of written scripts and narratives.
✔️ The power of isolation and time.
✔️ The power of 10 years

#troublemakers #misfits #weirdo #nerds #oddmanout #rebels #changemakers #changeagents #disruptor #artist #creative #jollyroger #blackflag #dream #goal #selfhelp

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