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Live in the present or die in your past; it’s your choice

In your tragedies you will find your most magnificent opportunities for rebirth.

In your tragedies you will find your most magnificent opportunities for rebirth. It is through our pain that we emerge. Change comes from confrontation. You have to confront yourself or be confronted. The timidness some people call “humility” is often just a fear of confronting painful inner-truths, but honest and painful self-dialogue is essential for growth. Real spirituality is about getting the bullshit out of your life and getting real. Real humility knows how to slam a door closed and say no more. You can't be humble without self-love. Humility is not weak, powerless, faint, a pushover, a punching bag or an abuse magnet, because above all — humility cares.

Each person was meant to blossom into their own unique signature of greatness. Not being great is a form of extreme arrogance. If you were genuinely humble you would be great, because humility would never squander the magnificent gift of life and its fullest opportunities. It takes humility to accept responsibility for the mantle of greatness in your birthright and to become all you can be in life. Real humility is graceful power, not a mandate to be victimized and abused. If you are really humble you will put yourself first when you need to take care of you. A humble person would not put themselves last by not taking care of themselves, because that would be treating your sacred life poorly and carelessly — which is arrogant to life, not humble. Maybe you aren't humble at all; maybe you are self-suppressed and don't know it. Have you been playing the role of a victim long after your negative experience? If so, stop! Quit pretending to be a victim when you are really just a self-abusing, emotional-drama junkie. If you are guilty of this then stop-it now! It seems that some people are so addicted to their misery that they will destroy anything that gets in the way of their fix. Don't be that person. A person who is humble would never be abusive or selfish; so don't abuse yourself or selfishly withhold self-love or self-care. You are the first person you should treat with humility. Respect yourself; gather your strength and let it overflow to others.

When we are touched by humility we awaken to a moment of gratitude where we are free from our unpleasant pasts, and free from the torture of future expectations. Humility feels like a thankful-awareness of the present moment. Humility is patient because it is neither past nor forward seeking — it is content. Accept your present opportunities; the pleasant and the painful, which are both seeking to perfect you. Humility adds lessons to our pain and suffering, turning the seemingly senseless into meaning. You only have a chance right now, in this moment — but only through humility.

“Pause and remember– Life lessons were never meant to be a life sentence. Release yourself from prison. People who are successful in life, quickly accept their wrong doings; they go to therapy, do self-therapy, self-correct, or somehow actively learn the lesson so they can move forward. They do not wallow in guilt, pain and shame for years. Use your past as building blocks for a solid foundation in life, not to wall yourself into a life of misery.”
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Bryant McGill

Bryant McGill is a human potential thought leader, international bestselling author, activist, and social entrepreneur.

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I had an affair years ago. Recently went to lunch with this person. I was guarded. He was suffering from a breakup with a woman he had been living with for several years. She told him she needed to get her power back and he moved out. My problem is I cannot stop thinking about him and what was. I am married unhappilly but do not have the courage to leave after 52 years. I feel stuck and hate the fact that it is over between him and my husband. I need therapy and I will get it. Any suggestions other than forget the past and do niot worry about the future. Thanks. Gretchen. PS You
Make so much sense and I am really trying to get myself together. Divorce sounds like Freedom
But way to complicated fir me to handke at my age.

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