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Jenni’s favorite flower; a Gardenia hand-cut from our backyard.

“We are not to be hypocritical judges, yet we must be able to discern the swine, lest we cast our pearls before them.” — Matthew 7:5

Jenni’s favorite flower; a Gardenia hand-cut from our backyard. And, a few thoughts…

Humble flower — no magnate, president, or king, was ever appointed with such authority as thee. How many mighty souls have knelt in submission, before the grand estate, of your delicate blossoms? Kings will stop and bow down, to look upon the greater majesty, of a simple flower. The flower rules supreme, not by force, but through the victory of beauty. The flower’s beauty goes not unrequited, as its lovers and attendants serve their glorious beloved.

The grand estate, is a state of mind; gifted through acceptance of your endowment. Your life can be lived in grace and ease, as you surrender to the beauty, of bringing grace and ease to others. Your care and love will not go unrequited. We are here to be loving attendants to our beloved fellow human beings, as an act of devotion and gratitude for life. Our painful complications only exist when we refuse to honor the simple gifts before us. Life shouldn’t be more simple; it is more simple.

The victory of beauty

Simplicity speaks quietly of vast things. Though we at times feel small, it is in the smallest of things, that we may discover vast expanses, once limited by our lack of reverence. Lack of reverence shrinks the immense experience of life, into the tiny confinement of your disregard. Do not disregard your own glorious appointment. We are all beautiful. Each person is majestic; a marvel to behold. The beauty that everyone is seeking, is in each of us. Look for it in yourself and in others. Accepting your Royalty and the Royalty of each soul, is merely to be ruled by the victory of beauty.

— Bryant McGill

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Bryant McGill

Bryant McGill is a human potential thought leader, international bestselling author, activist, and social entrepreneur.

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