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If resisting has failed and frustrated you

If resisting has failed and frustrated you, try to accept what is. As hard as it is to believe, acceptance can open different opportunities for change than resistance. If you resist life, it will refuse you — but if you surrender, the world will give you everything it has to offer. Resisting is not the posture of receivership. Surrender is a state of readiness, awareness, and listening, which says you are ready to hear the transmission and receive. It’s all about listening. The observer effect which is well established, means an observer may, through the act of observation, change the nature of that which they observe. This is how listening works with life, and with relationships — through your so-called psychology, and through theirs. The more you listen, the more they change.

Listening is a meaningful form of intelligence

Awareness is like a deep form of listening; something far beyond the cliched business and psychology jargon of, “active listening.” Real listening is about full spectrum awareness. Listening is a meaningful form of intelligence. Listening is a receptive form of giving. Listening is an act of both giving and receiving. Listening is a mutual pleasure. Sure, you see yourself as generous and giving, but how receiving are you of others, through listening? You pride yourself on loving people unconditionally, but will you listen to them unconditionally?

There is no comeback to listening

It is only when you learn to listen, that you will finally be heard. When you are waiting for them to one-day hear you, or listen, you are giving them the power. Your self-imposed limitation, is that for you to move forward, they must listen, and meet your demands. This is not true. Listening brings awareness, knowledge, and power. Don’t try to make them listen; instead, you listen. Listening is the supreme form of domination. There is no comeback to listening. The more you listen, the more you have power over them. Only people who don’t know how to listen, have to walk around on eggshells.

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Bryant McGill

Bryant McGill is a human potential thought leader, international bestselling author, activist, and social entrepreneur.

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  1. Your blog is mind blowing Bryant. There is so much meaning and understanding to get from it. It made me stop and think how I resist things that happen and help me to see them from a better perspective. Thank you so much.

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    I posted a sample of your work, with the type of comments I often use.
    Please review,advise me of your acceptance or personal preferences.
    Gratitude for your contributions.
    Heart and Mind Healing Ryann Lavelle PhD

  3. Truth beyond measure!!!!! Truth: heart stopping life-changing fact that moves mountains!!! Profound beyond measure!! Amen!!!

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