How to quit overthinking and move forward when you think you can’t

Your are more

As an organism and being, your total intelligence is profoundly greater than what you can observe of yourself. Your education, intelligence, memory, vocabulary and obvious mental faculty is just the mere surface of your intelligence. There is a vast kingdom of understanding within you that you cannot consciously grasp. Each cell within you is its own kingdom of genius with a powerful will for life.

You are one masterful orchestration

You are one masterful orchestration; a system of great intuition, unfamiliar senses and ancient instincts that are constantly transmitting survival insight in your moments of challenge. Don’t think you can outsmart or intellectually instruct the ocean of ancient wisdom within you. Intellectuality is often loud, clumsy, forceful and arrogant.

How to tap in

Surrender and meditative calm will allow your total intelligence to come forward and instruct you with powerful patterns for living. Your will for life is speaking to you through every layer and level of your being’s stratum; from the conscious to the unconscious. The way you open yourself to the ocean of wisdom within you is through humility, calm, and quietness. The way you marshal the vast kingdom of survival strength is through total humility and listening.

Open yourself to your unfamiliar instincts

Open yourself to your unfamiliar instincts that are quietly hidden below the noise and chatter of common thought. Trust yourself. Honor yourself. Accept yourself. There are legions of unknown forces within you awaiting your cooperation. The way you commune with your total force of intelligence is through surrender. In the quietness of your still mind, you will hear the whispers of a vast longing for life guiding you each step on your journey.

You are safe. You are strong. You are brilliant.

You are safe. You are strong. You are brilliant. You are walking through life with total protection — if you listen and trust yourself.

Know that your soul has a resiliency

In painful moments of dire discouragement, please know that your soul has a resiliency and a capacity to endure suffering that is beyond anything you can imagine. Even the softest and sweetest heart was made by design for extreme battle. Make no mistake about it, no matter how kind, meek, humble and soft your giving heart is — you are a warrior!

Your strength is beyond your own imagination

Your strength is beyond your own imagination. The further you are challenged and threatened, the more your warrior heart will emerge. When you are backed into a corner, or someone you love is suffering, or you are hanging by your fingernails over the edge of ruin with the cold, hungry abyss peering into your soul — the super-human occurs. Billions of years of dormant survival intelligence will erupt from every pore.

You don’t have to be strong, because the strength is in you…

You don’t have to be strong, because the strength is in you; it’s in your DNA, in your soul and your essence. You would not believe what skill, power and ability your total intelligence possesses until you are in desperate need.

Keep the faith

So, do not despair. Have faith. It is going to work out, and you will be delivered. You have the heart of a warrior, and you were designed to survive!

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Bryant McGill

Bryant McGill is a human potential thought leader, international bestselling author, activist, and social entrepreneur.

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  1. Recovering from a serious injury can be devastating to say in the least. How do you manage with pain and not being able to do what you used to so love to do? First of all, you need to come to terms with your self as the old self is no longer a part of you. You need to remember that we are here to move forward through our daily struggles and to learn from these things. Climbing each mountain till we get to the top and that shows us we accomplished a hard task but we did it!
    When injuries occur to back, hips, neck or legs it can certainly take it’s toll. I had this mountain to climb and I think I am doing pretty well with it. The old me has some wonderful memories of riding horseback, playing pool, fishing, square dancing, driving my car, working and caring for elderly in the nursing home were some of those memories. The new me had to start over from scratch and that I am doing just fine. I now do more food dehydration and using mylar bags, writing children’s stories and poetry, writing song lyrics and singing. I have taught couponing and have even done some environmental work.

    You see, I finally remembered what I do have and not what I don’t. Had to switch the thoughts around and realize this is a challenge for me and I will succeed at what I do because I have a brain yet and I know how to use it to different standards than what I was used to. For those who are unaware, I was injured by falling down stairs, twice, same stairs within a 2 week time span. That is the shorty story for me. No more pity parties. I am still full of life and will continue to find what I can and can’t do.

    In any disaster situation, anything can happen. Trying to be prepared is one thing but sometimes that is not enough. It takes courage from deep within to master a new plan of action and to move ahead with it. Remember, don’t dwell on what you have lost but try to see what you have gained from it. And remember to stay humble and give praise to God for what he has given you. I am hoping that I can make people smile in whatever I am doing. People don’t seem to smile enough. I am watching you from Upstate New York. Keeping the faith is what will get you ahead in life. Believe and be kind to people when you can. Remember it is the little things that we sometimes take for granted but should be saying thanks for. I am wanting to become an accomplished lyricist and singer and I work at it everyday. I have over 60 items now copyrighted. Thank you.
    Blessings, Cindi.

    1. I too am recovering from spinal surgery. It’s hard to get back to yourself. Getting your life back is a daily trial.
      I’m getting there slowly. The pain has eased, now when the nerve heals in my leg we will be running. But for now short sprints and daily walks.
      I believe I will recover 10%.

  2. I have had some really bad experiences in my life and as a result have grown closer with God. I still admit my life is far from perfect, but have learn to except things for what they are. My first intuition I had when my grandfather came to me in a dream. He told me that the guy I was so call dating at the time meant me no good. I didn’t see it nor had any warning signs, and I couldn’t figure out why he would say such a thing. At any rate, the relationship begin sour and a second dream revealed the true meaning behind the revelation. There were doctors all around, and he was laying in a hospital bed and the room was bright almost blinding. I felt sorry for him cause he was in so much pain. I askied the doctors to please help him, but at the same time i felt hatred and animosity from him towards me. And I heard a voice said, “to let him die and not look back.” This was in 2008 and I never looked back. This was one of the most unhealthy relationship I have ever had, and never seen it coming. I enjoyed reading this podcast. Tracy

  3. Hi Bryant and Jenni, a great podcast.Seems you send whats needed and on the forefront of my growth, your timing is bang on. At times I feel not connected at all to life as life is presented and accepted by so many, unaware. I always felt I am in the world but not of it. Intuition saves my life really, always felt a little different, removed from society although knew I was on the right path, my own path and never that of the mainstream. Folks often stated ”whatever she touches turns into gold” or She’s got the Midas touch. It was/is my persistence and faith in myself without ego that succeeds.It’s just so easy having that awareness, you fear nothing, health issues and difficult complex people notwithstanding.The man-made rules often slow my progress and become speed bumps for me and often lead to problems as I have so little time and or patients with conflict abilities and damage control. It has become easier to accept fault then trying to explain defend and protect my rights than to stand up for my position which is the reality others can’t always see more often than not and tune into. ! One of the tremendous costs of this true life I lead is isolation, it takes its toll during certain times in life designed to help folks communicate better. Unfortunately, as I age the need for connections become an unwelcomed need and slows down my life as I want it to continue. I am my father’s daughter, DNA and will always be one step ahead as I understand and willing to pay the price of non-conformity! Thank you dear ones, Bryant McGill and Jenni Young McGill for helping me understand and accept me a little more. Intuition is your truth the way and the life if you keep the faith! Thank you for being so real strong yet gentle. Ciao for now!

    1. It takes a lot of time understanding one’s purpose however it’ necessary to have a ”true to yourself life”, thanks once again. Irene BC Canada.

  4. Thank you for you Message.
    My intuition have saved the life of my kids. This inner voice has woke me up middle in the night as a shout telling me “BE CAREFULY” or “do this”. One time I had to cry and I told me husband “I don’t want to go to that doctor anymore”. I took my own decisions about changing my gynecologist and hospital. If wouldn’t do it, my son and I would have been serious problems. My new gynecologist said the same.
    After a year or more, after a visiting a friend and going home, I felt it was something not so normal in the sky. It is not so comun, specialy in that time certain kind of Storm. It was any lighting, A voice told me inside me… “Please go home as soon as possible”. At the moment we came at home and close the door with my little daughter and my baby son inside, I felt as the sky was falling dawn. Big balls like ice was falling down. In a few minutes the streets were white, full of ice. Many things damage, some people injure.
    I could tell about more other histories, how in my life was the best hearing that voice, and not the voice of other people who say they know everything.
    How important is, to take the time for ourselves, alone. And hear what that voice has to tell us.
    Dear Bryant and Jenny thank you very much for your messages. God bless you.
    Have a nice weekend for you and for all they read.

  5. Hi,
    Intuition / the gut feeling / instinct has never let me down! This becomes even more clear when I don’t give into my first instinct sometimes… turns out I should have. Even the smallest of things like sending a card or message to a friend I haven’t seen or talked to in a while, and it turns out it was just what they needed. And getting a call or a message at the right time works wonders for me too of course . Strange and wonderful this gut feeling / intuition……
    How it tells you to love / trust, and also to let leave when you feel it is time to do so! My heart goes out to all you people and the stories I’ve read today. Take care!
    As earlier mentioned nu someone….the daily simple reminders are spot on! I don’t read it every day, but when I do it makes the day a better day. Thank you for that ❤

    1. Its our Holy spirit leading us to where we are going this happens to me I line those thoughts up with the word of GOD and Go from thete

  6. I’ve been listening to my intuition since I was young. It has never failed me.
    I had a friend who was going to go on a trip to TX and back, my gut kept talking and I knew something bad would happen. He did respect my intuition and didn’t go. He found out the guy he was going to ride with was arrested for drugs.
    I don’t question my intuition at all, it always guides me to where I need to be or what I need to do😀.

  7. Oh Jenni & Bryant what a HUGE relief , i’ve spent several weeks talking to no one , not turning on the lap top and deliberating losing my phone….. i descended in to a very dark, very very lonely vacumn and last sunday i wanted my life to end, the emotional pain was severe….. i took too many antidepressants , i wasn’t trying to end my life – i was so desperate just to pass out and escape the pain….. I FEEL LIKE A NEW WOMAN!! listening to you and Jenni ,THANKS a billion, sandra

  8. My intuition is pretty good and I can usually read people very well..but on those off times well I got hurt… but I learned from it. Every day is an adventure into your mind and it’s sure interesting to see where it takes you. I enjoy your daily posts…So many times they have gotten me through a bad day…they are always uplifting which is something we can all use in these crazy times. Keep up the good work….I’ll be here…I’m from NEW JERSEY, USA…….God bless you both

  9. i never lose faith though i struggle to survive,though i was always in deep pain emotionaly ,though there was always trials ..i never lose hope….thank you for always inspiring me..i will keep you both in my heart

  10. Loss of a daughter 2 years ago March 31, 2016. She was off the road waiting on a tow on I 75 in Michigan. I know she wouldn’t want me to be stuck, like I am. It was so sudden a shock when the police knocked at the door asking how I was related to Tiffany (my daughter). I knew in my gut something was very wrong, but I feel like I drifted away at that moment. She was off the road, pouring down rain, waiting on a tow to come and get her to safety. A drunk and drugged 18 year old driver decided it was her time. Hit her dead on center flipped her across the expressway and she died at the scene. Needless to say it wasn’t till almost 6 months later, I got to see the first police report to tell me what happened. I talked to her at 12:10 AM. She told me she was on her way home from work (she was having overheating problems with her SUV) but hopefully she made it this far, she can make it home. We talked for maybe 20 min that night (early morning). Well her car overheated about 10 minutes after we talked. She pulls off the road, flashers on, lights on waiting on the tow. She calls her brother to keep on the phone as support. The phone went dead on him at 12:50 AM. He tried repeatedly to call her back. Thought maybe the tow was there and she was talking to him. So when I called him to inform him that his sister is dead from a car crash, that is when I found out they were talking to each other, for support. After all the dealing with her funeral, all is over with what had to be done, I still did not know what happened to her because it was all getting compiled for the police report. September of 2016 was my first glimpse of what had happened to her. Then all the court proceedings (about 17) trips to Detroit Courts. It was finalized October 2017. Five to fifteen years, he got. We both lived in Oregon, OH. I have faith, I ask God to help me move forward. I am just stuck. Still shocked. I can’t drive, i’m afraid of breaking down. My family has been extremely helpful, I can put on a good front in front of them…but I just can’t move on.

  11. Hi Jenni and Bryan. My intuition helps me everyday. I am not a genius but I try to hear my instant before making decisions.
    I am from El Salvador

  12. This might be a little different, I broke my leg at the hip socket could not bear any weight on my right leg for 4 months my p t is over now but I have to push myself or trust myself to get back into every day things it’s scary for me to try things now that I used to do without a second thought.l am trying to unstick myself,it gets a little better every day . It gets better every day ,but I still worry about falling again .Enjoyed the broadcast.Thanks so much

  13. When my boyfriend/ husband to be passed away suddenly 7 years ago I was devastated. I greaved for nearly a year. Some was shared until I felt like people were tired of hearing about it. Then I held it inside. Thinking about him, and in my dreams I felt like he was telling me though I would always be his girl, it was ok to move on. So I did, with a man that at first was good to me in every way. Then he got hooked on pills. Everything changed. He was verbally and mentally abusive to me after 10 months of being with him. He became obsessed with a woman home wrecker dope addict so much so he moved her in to his son’s bedroom and put the son on a twin mattress in the living room. I tried to talk to him, but he believed everything that she said. Told him that I was stealing his money, never cleaned the house We had a crew of cleaning ladies come every Wensday that’s what he wanted. I would pick up as I went along, that’s what I did. Any good woman who loves her man and soon to be son does. I took his crap for 2 nearly 3 months until I packed the house and left him with what he had when I came. He threatened my life following me everywhere I went. I moved 6 times in 2016.I finally found somewhere I thought he would never find me. A different car and a fresh start for me. Unfortunately he found me and moved exactly 8 minutes from me. He says he doesn’t care anymore.. but even though I have restraining orders against him in 4 cities he follows me like a shark. He wants to kill me as I have on a flash drive of him saying so. Everyday is a day that I have to just gather my strength from your posts of positively and my faith in the Lord above watching over me..and that’s my story and how you lift my days.

  14. Hii Guys, I feel so habby to be a part of simple’s really very helping to me when I get depressed. After connecting with you guys I hv leaned how i should love myself .. self luv and self confidence is much more important to me now. Im in the processo of purification of my soul. Before connection with you I was afraid of my bad intuitions not now! I feel more secure than before. THANKS FOR YOUR LOVE ND SUPPORT! 🙂

  15. Intuition helped me when a friend was in need emotionally and started down the wrong path. I was able to talk her out of it and get her help.

  16. My intuition has saved my life so many times medically , kept me from danger and also taught me about as an empath who to trust and when something isn’t right, it’s somethung we shouldn’t ignore that voice and feeling inside us is our inner knowing in my case has been a life saver!! Loved the article btw .

  17. I feel stuck in a dysfunctional marriage 😔 I wouldn’t even call it a marriage 💔 We’ve become more like roommates 😮 We have nothing in common !!!!!!! No romance no communication……. My husband thinks everything is A ok 😳 Well not even close!!!! Maybe for him , He thinks nothing is wrong 😔 why wouldn’t he comes and goes as he pleases, no help with our home , if maintenance needs to be done I have to hire someone 🤦🏻‍♀️ I keep our home in tip top shape , Alone !!!!!!!!!! This has to stop !!! Terribly lonely 💔 His plans really don’t include me , not in a very long time …………….

  18. My gut feeling comes from watching people’s eyes. My father tells me, “It’s always in the eyes.” He’s right.
    He also taught me to focus on what is. Not what was of what was supposed to have been. Very hard to do. I feel stuck because I blame myself for most things daily and I don’t ever get around to forgiving myself. I’m stuck in CT. Stuck in a job. And very tired.

  19. My intuition has led me to take an evil person who has been silenty abusing my patient to the point we’re she is now being taken out
    Of her home to a safe facility. imnhearr broken. But because of my sense and intuition. She finally communicated with me . She cannot speak ,walk or move because of her disease . I knew something was very wrong . I was right all along . Thank god for my senses .

  20. Hello you lovely pair xx
    You always seem to send something at the right time I said today I felt Trapped in my work life and in my head .
    Been bullied at work by my manger and I put my case forward got rejected so I’ve appealed.
    It’s been a trigger unfortunately for me.
    Standing up for myself with help of friends and colleagues which I’m the past I have not done x

    I am and always have intuition about people I meet and I was right it’s my gut I should go with what my gut says especially with the new moon super blue and orange moon never seen since in 150 years ago. The moon I believe gives you that same feeling in your gut as intuition does.

    Thankyou for brightening my day or evening well morning lol.
    Not. Been on Facebook for a week and I am catching up I’ve been ill off work xx
    It’s time to trust my gut and try to move forward and let the light shine through the cracks xx
    Been pretty dark for a while xx

    Lots of love and your spirit guides are leading the way for you two xx

  21. From year 1999 I’m separated since then I’m afraid & scared to love again. Because I don’t trust anymore. But I’m praying 1 day will come the right man for me.
    Wish me luck.
    Have a blessed day to both of you Bryant & Jennie

  22. Hello.

    How to quit overthinking and move forward.

    I think “confident” is a key to quit overthinking. In sometimes, overthinking is reluctant and not necessary because we feel scare and lack of confident to handle some problem and difficulties arising from your family, work and society.

    Confident come from your education, your working experience and self delvelopment.

    For example: I scare my examination result, so I will overthink the possibilities if I get fail. If I have confident to get pass on examination, then I wouldn’t scare my result of examination.

  23. I recognize that things happen in life and that the Man above will bring you through anything. I rely on past experiences to guide my life towards a more meaningful purpose.

  24. Hello Bryant and Jenni Thanks a lot for sharing your life tips and ways to help people thrive. Intuition helped me to design my software with a flow and make something that I didn’t have before. Through following my intuition of what can be done so that new good things can exist 😀 Every step of software architecture design and implementation is divinely guided by our positive intuition. But brushes with our darkness wont help me create.

    One of the best way to experience and express our intuition is making software user interface. a lot of user friendly design is being called as intuitive design. I think it’s not a coincident but more like a fact that our intuition could be the best artists that we haven’t met but is already within us all. our intuition is really powerful expression of ourselves.

  25. Hey there guys I love hearing from you every day on messenger your comments and Praises mean a lot to me I think you rob Newton from Oregon have a blessed day.

  26. When I was living with my ex now ….I felt that the relationship would last 15yrs. And 15yrs later we were divorced. I really should have listened to to my intuition. Cuz not only divorced he gambler all my money away. I am now living off disability which is very hard .

  27. Hi im sonia I will never stop moving forward I was stuck for a while for a very long time where I didn’t know whether I was coming or going and it was acceptable for me because I didn’t know any better but now that I know that I know the Lord and that he’s helped me come out for my teeth hole that I was in I will never go back never having god with me and inside of me in my soul always have me going forward and with this I Leave You have a good day good night Wherever You Are and may God bless you.

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