How to Master Using Your Intuition

Have you ever had an amazing creative idea, or felt moved, almost compelled to do something, but it didn’t work for you like you felt intuitively that it would?

Have you ever had an amazing creative idea, or felt moved, almost compelled to do something, but it didn’t work for you like you felt intuitively that it would?

Have you ever wondered why your Intuition didn't work?

First you need to know the difference between your Intuition and your logical mind, or what some call your heart and your head. Intuition has absolutely no logic, no meaning, and has no “should” attached to it. This sense, sometimes called your sixth sense, comes in the form of a feeling that moves you and it feels like inspiration, or sometimes is just a knowing.

Once I overheard a conversation with a woman in a cafe because she was speaking about her intuition, because normally I don’t listen to other people’s conversations, and her friend asked her about this big decision she was about to make, “but how do you know?” And do you know what she replied, “I don’t know, I just know.” That’s what intuition feels like. Somehow you know, but there is no reason how you know. It’s intangible.

Intuition is pure creativity without any reason to follow it. It’s a suspicion or hunch, but it’s something that you can’t prove will succeed or be true. And it’s not planning for the future.

So where do people go wrong following Intuition?

#1 Problem

Most people either don’t know their Intuition, or don’t trust their gut-feeling. Why? Because you can’t prove it, it’s intangible so it feels like a risk and that’s when you won’t always act on it, especially when you can’t see the possibilities in your current circumstances.

Some people do know and trust their intuition, and they try to act on it, but their analytical mind comes in and finds the reason why they should follow that feeling. Which leads to problem #2…

#2 Problem

Rather than following the creativity, the idea that has no reason, you find a good or logical reason that is enough to support you to pursue it, but that’s the moment you begin to follow the reason. Instead of acting on the feeling, you act on the logical reason you have now attached to that creativity. But that’s not following your inspiration or intuition, that’s following the reason you’ve found to do it.

The left brain is the part of you that computes, labels and analyzes information. So it always seeks to find understanding and meaning in everything, and it will sneak in to add reason and logic after a creative idea is borne.

When Intuition speaks, it speaks of what is possible for you, but what’s possible becomes so only when acting on the feeling, not because of the logic or meaning that you may have found.

If you follow reason, you are no longer following endless possibilities and you begin chasing the reason why you should do it, which is usually what you believe following the feeling is going to give you in return. That’s following what you love with an agenda to receive something back, and so it’s not following what you love, it’s following what you believe you’ll receive from it.

Instead of acting on the feeling, you act on how much money it’s going to make you, or the business it could create, or how important you could become because of it. This is where it fails and where people get stuck.


Put the love you have for something into what you love for no reason, not into what it’s going to give you in return. Do not follow your heart “because…” Just follow your heart!!

Love and possibilities have no reason or logic. To experience more love and possibilities in all parts of your creative process, even if that is within the relationships you have with others, follow the moment to moment inspirations. Act on the inspiration, not what the inspiration will give you, and you’ll notice that the bigger picture of what you desire unfolds more naturally.

Acting on your heart will give you a sense of purpose and aliveness that acting on reason and logic cannot give you.

That is effortless living.


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Jackie Wilushewski

I really enjoyed this article and how you broke down becoming aware of the differences of our Intuition and our logical mind.

There are countless experiences I have had where I am asked how I knew something or why I chose to do or not do something or even this “knowing” as if I am predicting the future (i’m not), and when I say no its not that, it’s my Intuition -oh the looks and comments I get 🙂

The fact that you overheard that woman’s conversation about her Intuition was not an accident or a coincidence, it was because it was meant for you to hear it and for you to align with it. And, write about it here as well.

Thank you so much for sharing this lovely, genuine and helpful article. Many Blessings.


Well said…Thsnk you…Ive been following my intuition now for two years…..
It has been so hard…many hearrbrakes…….


wow great artical really needed to hear this i do agree to just follow your heart because thats were we need the love most

Betty Rodriguez
Betty Rodriguez

I really enjoyed the article on Intuition. !! I think to follow your heart is the best Intuition you can have !!! 🙂♥


Great article, so glad i read it … as I was struggling on deciding whether to follow my intuitions or my mind for couple of months as the the matter is not really practical, but nw it’s like follow ur ❤️ Even though it’s not practical 😊

Vasudevan Bhattathir

intuition originate from super consciousness which is identical to pure knowledge here the knowledge and the consciousness is one and the same and this is transmitted to subconscious mind it ts character being action get diluted.. when it manifested in surface mind the reasoning mind interferes and blocks. reasoning mind normally will not allow it to take action on that the solution to is observe the infinite thoughts coming in our mind and try to understand its origin. the heart is the seat of love and emotions which need to be kept under control intuitions coming from super conscious mind is truth only can be followed and action can be taken . our problem is that intuition is not known to us with ordinary life

the above knowledge i gathered from ” Life Divine ” by Sri Aurobindo who was a great yogi and his mind used to travel from outer mind to super conscious mind

this article is very good for people engaged in worldly life

Rehan Anwar

beautifull thx a lot for these amazing and lovely words….. it was helpful .. really helpfull

Anna Wilson
Anna Wilson

I’ve had intuition all of my life. It’s true that we second guess our sense, and continue onto a course that is destructive for us whether that be career, relationships, personal growth etc. For me it’s having the confidence in trusting my intuition. It’s still a work in progress. The heart and head. I was told I have that years ago. I just have to believe in myself and ability.

Tiffany Newsome
Tiffany Newsome

It is my belief that I can be too intuitive sometimes which leads to overthinking and confusion

Beatrice Hernandez

I enjoyed reading your inspiring article about intuition..Too much is written about how to succeed in making your life successful financially.
It is a necessary fact of life we do need money to pay for everything in our world.
Our lives are more than just the material
and physical part of life.
When we are children we do use our intuition…When we start to grow older and attend school logic takes over..
Basically we leave behind the innermost
unconscious thoughts and feelings…
It seems like we need to forget some of our real life and just allow the flow of inspiration to come…A very difficult exercise we have learned to suppress.
Thank you for your very valuable insight and thoughts.