How To Live In Alignment With Your Purpose

Remember, you are loved and supported by the universe.

The surest way to live in alignment with your purpose is by listening to and following the guidance of your true and empowering inner voice. Our minds are usually clouded with self-doubt and limiting beliefs that aim to keep us comfortable and safe from harm.

The other option is usually presented as a painful way to live.

The trick about alignment is the ability to choose wisely and consciously at every decision-making point of our lives. Each decision we make either either stagnates us or moves us forward towards the realisation of the dream life we want for ourselves. This includes even the smallest decisions such as whether to clean your room or not, or whether to make your bed or not. To live in alignment with your higher purpose, you will have to talk yourself out of the negative self-talk that dominates our thinking most of the time.

Sit down, plan your day, and put your plan in writing.

Tell yourself what you want to achieve each day, and make moves towards reaching these goals. The focus of our activities each day should be towards bringing joy to our spirit.

Comparing yourself to other people and competing needlessly with others will always move you out of alignment and delay your progress in life.

Comparing and competing takes your eyes off the ball of your own journey.

It delays your movement because you are always looking back, sideways or forward to things that don’t necessarily concern you. Don’t force things to happen, just go with the flow of life and put in your best at every point. The mistakes we make are there to correct us and redirect us back to our original path of purpose. Success takes time and everything good in life usually requires some form of patience and perseverance. Learn how to cultivate patience in your work but do not forget to put in the necessary work hours required to get things done. It requires work, mindful observation, and infinite patience to align our external realities with the great promises of our internal organisation.

You are loved and supported by the universe.

Once you begin to listen to and obey the voice of reason within you, the universe and everything in it will offer you abundance to accomplish your mission.

Uchenna Ilo

Doctoral researcher (Responsible Innovation Management), Spiritual Teacher, Philosopher, Social Entrepreneur, Creative Writer, and Lover of Life.

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