How to hear your intuition in a noisy world

Have you ever had a difficult situation to solve or been in a search for inspiration only to find your intuitive insight is no-where to be found?

Even if you stuck a satellite dish on you third eye you'd still feel like you couldn't get a signal.

It's when we have a problem, which we want to rely on our intuition the most; however it is at this point when we feel stressed; it is then hard to hear our inner knowing. This is because when we are freaking out, we are using the brain in the wrong way to be able to hear our intuition.

Firstly we will have gone to the flight, fight or freeze self-protection mind mechanism. During the fight, flight or freeze response to a threat, blood leaves the stomach area to aid the arms and legs for what's next. Perfect if you have to run away from or flight off a predator, as this system in our body is made for that. But it can also cause brain freeze which means we get locked into a shut down state of overwhelm.

Worry is a different state. It can cause you to be over thinking, even if the thoughts are the same thoughts going over and over. So you can't hear your intuition in a noisy mind. When we are overwhelmed we can also shut down. Too many choices can cause it to fall into a state of ambivalence and become stuck in a situation of making no decisions at all. 

So here's what you can do to turn off a noisy mind and allow you inner knowing to step forward and tell you what you already know to be true!

Take 10 minutes of silence. Just breathe and turn everything off. You'll hear more if you make the mind as quite as you can.

Go and have a cat nap if you can. Just a small about of sleep will switch your brain around. Remember when people say ‘Sleep on it' this is why, the brain can reset in sleep.

Put music on and listen to that, even better sing along as that opens the heart and you can allow your heart based intuition to be heard.

Dance! If you can put music on and really through yourself into the music, not only will you shake off some of the repressed energy that comes with a problem, but you'll likely make yourself laugh and pop yourself into the part of the brain to hear your intuition. I often do this and have the answers by the end of the tune.
Do anything that makes you feel good. As when you feel good, you have let go of the very thing holding you back from the solution, the worry of not having a solution!

The main thing is that thinking doesn't give you the answers. It's the space in between the thoughts where the answers emerge. The words are just our way of making sense of what we already know to be true.


Becky Walsh

Becky Walsh is one of the world’s leading authorities on self-belief and intuition.

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Akiroq Brost

I agree. Really the best thing is to not stress over it and compound the problem. Letting go in some way shape or form is usually the answer, whether that is taking a break, going into nature, meditating, listening to something soothing or otherwise. Thanks for your article Becky. <3

Melissa Rose Rothschild

Hi Becky . I just finished commenting on another article about balance in regards to napping!
Love these suggestions.
Thank you.

Melissa Rose Rothschild

Our intuition stems from mindfulness and feelings within. Grace and ease are necessary for connecting to Source. Serenity comes from practicing a daily tending to ones needs.


This is such a great read. Music, sleep, mediations, exercise all help me shift gears when my mind is in a busy state.

Melissa Rose Rothschild

Yes, Lawney … agree that these help me as well. 💓


My intuition has become stronger over the last 9 months or so. I begin a fast from television. At the time I realized that both TVs in my house would run 24 7 literally which means even as I slept there was always noise, news the I’d channel and all sorts of extras coming in my ears and eyes. I began praying 2 to 4 times a day in the peace and quiet of my home. First few months was quiet I didn’t hear much but 6 to 7 months in it been amazing. At first I thought that I was just thinking certain things and then I realized that what I’m thinking is happening or about to happen. At times I feel even embarassed when I see very personal things about an individual that I don’t even know well. Really personal some even sexual things and some even evil things. It’s caused me to not just surface pray but worship and spend time in the presence of GOD about things that I see. Thank you sorry for writing so much. Lol