How To Do Less And Accomplish More

Affirmations for clarity and peace.

In this very moment, there’s a choice we can make that will send us down the path of divine flow, where we have support and guidance at every turn. Yes, in every decision of this day, we get to choose between going with the flow and holding on to control.

Choosing the path of least resistance does sound like the path to a calmer, happier day. But how do we do that and still accomplish our goals?

Wayne Dyer tells us, “By practicing thoughts of minimal resistance, you’ll train yourself to make this your natural way of reacting, and eventually you’ll become the tranquil person you desire to be…”

Tranquil. We want that.

Practicing minimal resistance leads us to a calmer state of mind and the feeling of being in the flow of grace. It leads us to tranquility. It leads us to the inner peace and the clarity that allows us to access our highest wisdom and guidance.

You can always tell in which camp you fall — flow or control — because your heart is like built-in radar for your soul. It will tell you. When you feel peaceful and engaged, you are in the flow.

When you are worried or trying too hard, you are resistant.

This miraculous inner gauge is the key to releasing resistance. Become a student of your feelings. When you feel resistant, notice it. Consider what your options are. Is there another thought you could choose?

Are you pushing too hard to make things happen?

Is there another task you could do that seems to flow more naturally at this time?

With a little practice, you will become a master at redirecting yourself toward accomplishing the right things at the right time. Open to receiving guidance from your heart and choosing minimally resistant thoughts. By getting in the flow of grace, you will find you can do less and accomplish more – with greater joy.

Here are some affirmations that assist in the shift from resistance to flow:

  • Instead of resisting, I flow with the blessings and notice the gifts.
  • Instead of controlling, I let go and open to guidance.
  • Instead of being in charge, I surrender to divine wisdom.
  • Instead of losing my balance, I maintain a calm center.
  • Instead of being quick to anger, I am kind and patient.
  • Instead of holding on to darkness, I release it to make room for light.
  • Instead of being rigid, I am flexible with my expectations.
  • Instead of assuming the worst, I expect abundant blessings.

Mary Davis

Mary Davis is a wisdom seeker, spiritual teacher, graphic artist, app designer and author of Every Day Spirit: A Daybook of Wisdom, Joy and Peace. www.everydayspirit.net

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