How To Be Kind Towards Others

Little acts of kindness can make great difference for someone.

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” —Mark Twain

Little acts of kindness can make great difference for someone. It is often worth more than spending great amount of money. Everyone wants to be treated with love and kindness. But because of our busy life, our concentration is only towards our career and future accomplishments. In the hustle and bustle of life, we have forgotten this virtue. Let's revive this great asset by following any of these tips:

Be Appreciative:

Appreciate the little things anyone does. When your child cleans the table with you, when your subordinates fulfill their job on time, when your spouse helps you with your task or when your friend calls you to just to say hi.

Don't Pass Judgments:

Everyone is beautiful is his own way. All are different, all are unique. Never pass any negative judgment for anyone. Maybe your perception about them is just the opposite of the reality.

Forgive Others:

Sometimes some bad things happen that make us really angry and we just want to bang
the person in the head. For instance, your clothes got spoiled due to waiter's mistake at the restaurant or your car got scratched because of the guy's fault. Instead of getting frustrated, keep yourself at that person's place and forgive him. You just have to try and this act of yours will start a chain of kind behavior.

Stop Criticism:

If you don't like criticism, how can anyone else like it? It is something that can damage the most strong of relationships. Once you stop doing this, you will find yourself being more kind and humble. Be encouraging instead.

Be Considerate:

When someone new joins at your workplace or comes in your neighborhood, he/she feels somewhat insecure and uncomfortable in the new environment. Be considerate about them, give them company and ask them to feel free to ask you for any assistance.

Spread Goodness:

Did you see someone helping an old lady cross the road, or giving food to a hungry man, or someone helping a labor with the heavy load? Share the good things that you observe even if you didn't do them yourself. Maybe you will get a chance tomorrow and most probably your listener will get some motivation too.

Do something unique:

Try to do something out of the ordinary usual stuff. Give food to the neighbor's dog, make coffee for your wife or do anything that makes someone happy. It could be a present placed on your child's table or a note of love glued on your husband's side table.

Remember others kind behavior:

Bring to your mind the occasions whenever someone was kind with you and how did you feel at that time. It really touches your heart when you receive someone's selfless, kind and caring attitude. This will motivate you to be similarly kind.


Jonas Lui

Jonas writes on self-Improvement and motivation.

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