How Self-Acceptance Will Set You Free

The relationship with ourselves is the cornerstone to our relationship with life.

Self-appreciation is fundamental not only for self-acceptance but also for empowering oneself!

If we can’t appreciate ourselves if we don’t like ourselves as we are, how can we accept ourselves? How can we love ourselves? How can we believe in ourselves? How can we step into our own power? We must practice daily gratitude –for ourselves. We are the one companion we will definitely spend a lifetime with. We need to make that relationship the best it can be. Many people make the mistake of hinging their self-acceptance on conformity, and then wonder why they struggle with insecurity and a feeling of lack.

The fact is, we are individuals, and we are completely unique.

There is no cookie-cutter standard by which we can measure ourselves. There is only our own perspective of ourselves. If we jade that perspective with fear, with doubt, or worse, with hate, we are committing an outright act of self-sabotage. We must look at ourselves with love; with a gentle and loving perspective. We must adopt a perspective of deep appreciation for ourselves. We must become grateful and thankful for all that we are.

The way we talk about ourselves and to ourselves matters.

It matters what we say. We can choose to build ourselves up or tear ourselves down. Everything has an effect. Things either work to serve us or harm us. We need to be aware! Mindful-presence allows us to gauge and correct moment-to-moment in order to live the best life possible. Life is only happening in the moment. There is no sense in fretting over past or future because neither are here or within our control.

It is important to accept ourselves completely.

Many people on their journey of self-acceptance try and pick and choose what they will and will not accept about themselves. They speak positively about themselves over some traits and negatively about themselves over others. This is not self-love. Self-acceptance and self-love is accepting all of yourself, as you are, as a complete person. It is accepting your imperfection without malice and without spite. To lovingly look at yourself as a whole and be able to say: “I love myself wholly and completely, as I am”. No holds barred.

Our self-dialogue needs to be loving, encouraging, and empowering.

It needs to lift us up, not pull us down. So we can be encouraged to grow and learn and bring out the best within ourselves. When we improve how we see ourselves, how we see everything and everyone else, also improves. Everything is shifted. We have to be mindful that our perceptions and our reactions are often a reflection of our inner state. If we have been experiencing a lot of negativity and reacting badly, that is a clear indicator that we need to look within. What is really going on? What is really happening? What do we need to work on? Self-acceptance requires daily maintenance and daily work. It requires us to check in with ourselves and to course correct where necessary. 

A great way to begin the work is to write down daily what you are grateful about yourself.

What do you appreciate about yourself? What do you love about yourself? What have you accomplished? What are you good at? What makes you unique? What makes you cool? It can be anything at all, from a decision you made today that’s served you such as good diet or exercise to something you put effort into, no matter the outcome. We don’t give ourselves enough credit for our efforts and we give ourselves way too much criticism for whatever we do wrong. We need to always shift our focus to one of empowerment: What can we do? Not: What can’t we do. We need to shift from outcome to intent. We cannot judge ourselves or measure ourselves with outcome.

Acceptance sets us free.

It is imperative to accept that we cannot and will not be able to control many things within our lives. We need to learn to go with the flow. To accept. To work with ourselves and the situation. To give our time, attention and energy intentionally, with awareness as to what we are investing into. Mindful presence is key. Whether it leads to success or growth: Every mindful decision, every mindful choice is a win.

Perspective is King.

How we view ourselves, and how we view others, and how we view everything shapes how we experience our lives.

The relationship with ourselves is the cornerstone to our relationship with life.

If we want to improve the quality of our lives, we must first start by improving the quality of our relationship with ourselves.

Akiroq Brost

Akiroq is a Human Potential Inspirational writer, who has a passion for helping others explore and harness the extraordinary potential that lies within each and every one of us.

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