How Dare You Marianne Williamson: From Meltdown to Peace

Moment to moment we choose and in those choices we manifest what happens next.

A typical Monday that was to quickly become one of the most significant Mondays of my life…

On my way to work, amidst the chaos of my divorce proceedings, I listened to Marianne Williamson speak.

She asked, “Who is that person in your life that you can’t deal with? That you hate?” She proceeded to make a promise. She said “I promise that if you pray for them for 30 days, one of two things will happen. Either you will change, or they will change. But something will absolutely change.”

What the heck? Was she crazy? No!! I won’t do it! Driving to work, I cried and cursed. I pounded the steering wheel. When I arrived, I got out of my car, still angry. I stomped my feet on the ground and screamed. Full on bloody murder, amazon wild woman scream. Then, like an angry 5-year-old, I went into my office, shut the door and buzzed the front desk explaining that I would be unavailable for clients.

I was having a meltdown.

How dare she say that! How dare she suggest such a thing. After so much hurt, how could I possibly pray for this person? She had no clue how this person had hurt me. I cried off and on most the day clinging to my story, my pain. I just lost it. I sat drenched in hurt, eyes swollen, and monster headache.
In that moment I felt the weight of being the victim, sitting in all my hate. I was so very very tired. What was I fighting for?? To hold onto this miserable story?

“Fine!” I thought, “I give!”

I resentfully angrily prayed. Every freaking day for 30 freaking days. Week one was awful. By week 3, I felt lighter and stronger. By week 4, I was actually sleeping better.
At 31 days, nothing he did or said would phase me. It was CRAZY. I was like a superhero who had just discovered a new power. By week 5, HE WAS DIFFERENT. No joke. I promise. He was softer to speak and more gentle in conversations.

This experience was life changing for me. I began to understand in those weeks how our emotions and belief can rewrite our story.

Moment to moment we choose and in those choices we manifest what happens next.

At the least, we can tailor our role in each experience as we are consciously curating and fine tuning our thoughts. Just remember, the details aren’t as important as the energy you radiant. If your intentions and your belief radiate love and forgiveness, you will find peace. I know that now. And more importantly, I know just how powerful we ALL are.

Thank you, Marianne Williamson.


Jo Davis

Entrepreneur, "Yes" Mentor, Author, Public Speaker, International Artist, Photographer, Skydiver & Lift A Sister UP Founder

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prabhakar rajarapu
prabhakar rajarapu



Felt like I was reading my mind. Well done! Great article.

Darlene Rese

Great article. I agree wholeheartedly.

Ruth E Barnhart
Ruth E Barnhart

That is a great article. The relief that comes from forgiving someone is so wonderful. The phrase “like a load lifted off my back “is really true!! I really wished I had learned this when I was younger. Actually, my oldest daughter taught me to let go of anger, to stop holding grudges, and that I might hurt myself carrying so much unforgiveness around. And with prayer and a lot of help from God I let go of so much baggage I experienced the load lifting off my back. Now when someone cuts me off or says something I dont like I forgive them ask God to help them and get on with my great little life.

Janice Wayne

Love the article Jo! It reinforces how we can change the direction of our thinking and how simple an act it is. You took action and gave yourself your life back. Bravo 👏🏻


There’s no better medicine than prayer.

Sarah Deleon
Sarah Deleon

I Wholeheartedly Believe In The Power Of Prayer! I Have Been Through So Much In My Life As We All Have, & The Only Constant In My Life Has Been GOD. HE Has Brought Me Out Of Darkness & Placed My Feet On Solid Ground!


I truly believe in the power of prayer as over the past few years I have seen breakthroughs, healings and miracles to impossible situations. This article was another eye opener for me to give what seems hopeless another try with prayer. I have prayed but perhaps not sincerely enough. I will choose to pray for 30 days for a particular person and situation. Thank you for writing and sharing this inspirational article.


Thank you jo. Your story has lead me to think about doing the same as what you did. I’m going to pray for a length of time and see what happens. Because a presently I’m feeling so angry and hurt and so so sad. Much love xxx

patricia jackson
patricia jackson

It does take a lot to forgive someone who hurt you so badly. my spiritual awakening really helped a great deal. I was able to accept God and believe that God is always with me and I carry the great faith I have in him. It first made me be able to forgive myself, because God did, and actually love myself because God does. It made me truly forgive the person who hurt me the most in every way. I had God in my life and really understood about the meaning of forgiveness. It truly started my path to healing that is when I knew I truly did forgive him. After I forgave him I could pray for him easily that he would find salvation and not just for himself but so he would not harm anyone else. I do not know if he will ever find it like I said I pray he does, but depending on the situation when you forgive someone and pray for them it does not mean you will ever have them back in your life. It is not easy but it is even harder to harbor anger and resentments, the true peace comes when you can forgive and pray for someone who has really hurt you. thank you for this wonderful article! I Wish everyone happiness and peace. God Bless You!