High Tech Horse Blinders for People

Dystopian Screen Slavery or Cool Innovation?

Panasonic's Future Of Life 'Wear Space' Blinders Improve Focus

This wearable blinder is meant to block out noise, light, and people

Posted by NowThis Future on Thursday, January 10, 2019

Is this the next level of dystopian screen slavery or a cool innovation? What do you think?

People feel more and more insignificant, cut-off and powerless than ever before. We are buried in a mountain of information, technology, gadgets, goods, and manufactured complexities. We are lost and rendered nearly invisible in a digital snowstorm of super-connectivity. It is a form of anonymity through mass-connection. True community has been nearly eviscerated, and a tactile-less mockery of community, in the form of social media, has been put in its place. Houses and apartments have become cubicle prison-tombs, where millions of screen-irradiated mummies hide from the sunlight, nature, and genuine social interaction. People have social anxiety because of their lack of experience relating to humans in person. At airports and restaurants, people eat alone, and strangers seldom talk. Everyone is texting, emailing, rushing, surfing and being connection-entertained with social media, and yet somehow, we are tragically ALONE.

Bryant McGill


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Pammie Day
Pammie Day

I could not agree more with your conclusions, Bryant. Through corporate reorganization, I was involuntarily reassigned from an RN Field Care Manager to a Telephonic Care Manager. I have found it extremely confining. Additionally, the constant computer glare and stimulus throughout the day causes such eye fatigue that I have to go to sleep after work, decreasing my quality of life. The decreased social interaction creates loneliness and disconnection. One does not even need to get dressed or perform those self-care activities that are within a normal routine. Myself and my coworkers who have been moved to this strictly computer and telephone role have found ourselves to have weight loss, increased anxiety, feelings of loneliness, disconnection with others, etc. It seems like the dream job to some but computer interaction and phone interaction will never replace the human touch. Thank you for your thoughtful insights.

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