Heaven on Earth

Are you willing to be that little bundle of joy and LET GO?

WE are all born into this world with the essence of unconditional love oozing from our every pore.

We know no different, we are just bundles of pure joy and light, shining forth into this physical reality with ‘just isness’, nothing else exists only the present moment, right now! Arriving straight from the arms of heaven, we are delivered into the arms of our loved ones, our bodies becoming animated with this powerful force that just cannot be described in human words, this true essence of Soul, Divinity, Love, God. One can only know what this essence FEELS like, it is a very personal experience for each individual and one that is worth every breath of life to discover.

So life progresses for this little bundle of pure joy, bobbing along from this moment to the next, no thought of what has gone by, no thought of what is to come, just BEing. The knowing of what heaven is like is so very real still, after all, not much earth time has passed. Day becomes night, but there is no difference. It’s as if ‘big hands’ are carrying this little bundle along, no need to trust or have faith, because there is no awareness of what that is. Wow doesn’t this sound like Nirvana eh? Well, let me remind you right here and right now that each and every one of us has experienced this, YES, you and I have been to this Magical Land! Oh yes, indeed we have!

So, what happened? Who chucked us out?

Where’s the door to get back in? Who has the key? Nobody asked us did we want to leave! Hey, let us back in! We deserve to be in there, not out here where the world seems far from being a Magical Land!… Yes, I hear you, and I hear myself! My goodness hehe! How did life get so complicated since those heavenly days, now with all the baggage of yesterday, and all the worries of tomorrow! That Magical Land seems to be on a different planet, “One Way Ticket to go there, please! ” Well, you know what happened, it’s actually quite simple, we just got distracted, we developed a sense of separation from our true essence and we forgot who we are, that’s all! Wow, sounds simple eh? Well, it really is…

“So, if it’s that simple, well then show me that door” I hear you say!

The good news is, there is no door, nobody chucked you out, nobody asked you to leave, you DO deserve to be in there, YOU ARE IN THERE, THIS IS THE MAGICAL LAND, HEAVEN ON EARTH! The reality is, there is nothing else other than Nirvana, we just create the illusion of the opposite of it in our minds and it does feel very real doesn’t it, oh I know! So, what does this mean then?! Well, for me, I have created many illusions of quite the opposite of what I feel Heaven is like, and I have believed every one of them, hook line and sinker! But, you know, it has become so clear to me that my perception of ‘reality’ is mine and mine alone, not one other person is having the same experience as me!

The reality is, YOU can decide how YOU feel in every given moment, even if that moment contains what seems to be dreadful conditions, even if that moment feels like this is the worst thing that could ever happen to you, even if that moment feels like you will never be able to survive… YOU are still animated by that powerful force since the day you were born, this true essence of Soul, Divinity, Love, God, YOU are still connected to your Source, YOU NEVER LEFT IT, YOU are being carried by BIG HANDS, that are guiding you, loving you, protecting you, directing you, sustaining your very existence…

Are you willing to be that little bundle of joy and LET GO?

Come let’s all join together today and be united as one, let’s remember who we TRULY are…


Marie Fay

Published Author, Speaker, Certified Life Coach, Designer — Empowering others to live their happiest lives!

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