Have the Courage to Love

Not because of what you will receive or what will be given back to you.

We look inward to protect our hearts from being tossed aside as if it holds no value.

Running away is easy and why we settle for bitterness and anger because someone else did not appreciate what we have to offer.

Our trust of others becomes tainted by past experiences and we are no longer willing to give anyone a chance to hurt us.

Deep down, our desire to not only receive love but to give love away is our greatest wish, yet we carry with us a small amount of doubt, wondering if we are worthy of such love.

Too often, we walk away from love, even when it is freely offered. It scares us in ways we have never had to confront before. In times past, we have run away long before now. But something tells us to stick it out and see what happens, telling ourselves, “This time it could be different.”

Reminded by the words of Alfred Lord Tennyson, “Tis better to have love and lost than to never have loved at all” we convince ourselves that losing something we have never had will cannot be lost.

To know what it is like to suffer through physical and mental abuse and still be kind to everyone you meet is remarkable and demonstrates why you deserve a special kind of love.

Not everyone can walk away from enduring years of living with an alcoholic and not carry some sort of hate with them.

To grow up in foster care, moving from one home to another because of rules you didn’t make and yet you show compassion towards strangers, you are sure of who you are, and have a hope most people couldn’t find on their best day.

To overcome what we all endure throughout life and still take a chance on a life we wish for is the greatest way to love, regardless of what we have lived through.

Why we should never be afraid to love…


Sharing our love with others despite the circumstances we faced shows that we do not hold any grudges or resentment towards the people who hurt us. We are willing to look forward instead of holding onto past wrongdoings and mean acts. True forgiveness comes from a love bigger than anything meant to question who we are.


Leaving ourselves with others allows people to be a part of something bigger than just themselves. It is where legends are born and stories are retold. Not that we want to be remembered for the hardship that came our way, but for the way we responded to it is what matters most.


To hold onto love we possess is selfish. But to give it away, even to the people who don’t deserve it, is righteous and good. It is through a courageous heart that we learn to rise above hatred and ridicule. We give others because we don’t lose anything by doing so – in fact, quite the opposite is true.


It is easy to be spiteful and ill-tempered because of past situations where we were mistreated and dumped on. What to say of the person who doesn’t let hurtful words infect their psyche and instead they become more confident because they understand that the actions by others meant to severe us from ourselves is more of a reflection of them than it is of us.


In times of emotional stress, our emotions can run wild and before long, we have fallen to our knees and believed ourselves too weak to continue. We would expect that, wouldn’t we? But in those moments where we fight to stand our ground and not run away, we find a power we didn’t know we had. If we can endure such horrific acts, we can take on the world.


Courage comes in the moments when we choose to live fully.

Each of us has reasons with withdraw from life. Nothing is perfect for us all of the time. Some of the scars still are visible while others we just have become very skilled at hiding. Still others we didn’t know existed until someone came along and unintentionally exposed them.

But to stay and fight through the tears, through the honest- down-on-my-knees moments when for a fleeing moment, we question our worth and everything we are, we also recommit to the promise we once made to ourselves. We refuse to succumb to the plague found in the remarks and acts that cause us pain.

Life isn’t about hiding from our love.

It isn’t about keeping it because someone else didn’t want to receive it or refused to see the greatness found in it.

Life is about sharing love with one another because it is how we are connected to one another.

Every day we share who we are with others we rebuild that trust we may have lost, we grow stronger, and show the world what it takes to be brave.

Have the courage to love. Not because of what you will receive or what will be given back to you.

Have the courage to love because it is who you are.

Michelle Homme

Michelle A. Homme is a published author and energetic speaker, bringing her personal experiences, life-oriented stories, and inspirational message to everyone she meets. Her company, Constant Change, LLC is an empowerment partner with FITGirl Inc, a non-profit organization in Omaha whose mission is to empower teenage girls.

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