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  • Don't carry grudges, forgive those who have hurt you, they just win if you don't. Forgiveness allows you all the enjoyment of life.

  • “GRATITUDE” that is the magic that turnes everything around in life.

  • What does God want from us? That is a question I have been asking for most of my life. I have come to the conclusion that God just wants us all to be grateful, humble, kind, and to be a “Light” for each other in the dark times of life along the journey home.

  • What greater gift is there than to give what ever you can. Gifts are not only about beautiful parcels wrapped under a tree at Christmas. Give in a way that means so very much more, of your time, your knowledge or perhaps go get a tree and deliver it to someone who cannot afford one. Giving has endless opportunities and is such a blessing to the…Read More

  • We all need to take time with not only open eyes but with open hearts to see that even the most broken within our society have hearts that long to be touched with perhaps the simplest gesture of all, a warm smile. If you can do more then I am sure it will be greatly appreciated especially this time of the year, but we do not need to wait for…Read More

  • Adversity – what a word. It does take work to overcome any difficulty so go and give it your best shot, You know deep within that you can overcome what ever the challenge is.

  • We would all love for this world to be the perfect place and everyone just love each other and accept each other. But we know that people who dwell here are not all looking to be nice, loving and kind. Many could indeed learn to be nicer and not sabbotage others lives. So you be humble, kind, gentle and loving to all. Imagine, what a wonderful…Read More

  • Most of us know what it is to go through a season in life where the darkness appears. What a blessing it is to have someone by your side to bring you back to the LIGHT. If you are able to, then show someone who is in a dark place the way back too.

  • Our lives are no different than the Four Seasons. Life comes and goes. The journey we share is that we grow, adapt, evolve and change every season of our life.

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  • Time to take out the “Trash” or Ctrl Alt Delete…just saying

  • A new Month is upon us December. Christmas and a new year just around the corner. So how are YOU going to make this a month to remember? I took this picture of a beautiul Robin, for me a symbol of not a quitter becasue the winters here in North America are so cold yet he has not given up his love for this place even though he is aware the times…Read More

  • How very strange some people are. Recently I had a crisis and wow! was I ever shocked at how a couple of people I did not know very well in a group I belong to managed to create their own drama out of it all. Drama Queens are just waiting for their staring roles.

  • Some will tell you that there is no such thing as a broken person. I disagree, I feel we are all broken to some degree. That brokenness just adds up along the journey home as people and circumstances let us down. Sometimes we cannot fix all that is broken within our hearts, minds and souls, but the start is Self Love, that precious gift we give…Read More

  • If you don't BELIEVE with all your heart how will you ever see the signs?

  • We hear these words so often “Time heals”, but they are some of the most comforting words shared by those who care.

  • Removing the Garment of Shame

    One definition of shame is “A painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior.”
    Most times the shame we feel is not for our wrong doing necessarily but for the wrong doings of others that damage some in our society for a lifetime and at times cause deep phy…Read More

  • To Wander in Wonderment

    Like many people I struggled with pain, physical, emotional and spiritual for much of my life. At one point it consumed me as well debilitated me and prevented me from enjoying even the simple things in life.

    One day in my late 50’s I moved to the beach and started a new journey in my life that changed me. I started t…Read More

  • Here we are the end of fall and another winter aproaching fast, days are much shorter and nights darker and longer. Some days are more eventful than others, some we even choose to forget for what ever reason. As we get older we start to wish we had more days to look forward to as they slip by so fast. Embrace each and every day, enjoy each and…Read More

  • Those storms of life, the struggles of every day living, marriage, family, children, work, financial the list goes on. We all face the same issues on different levels. Most of us will grow from these storms, some stronger than others in ways we never expected. All the storms bring lessons for us to learn. No one ever said the journey home…Read More

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Thoughts of love, light, Inspiration for every Season of Life, from my own writings and quotes. Sharing my own photography of the Four Seasons from my part of the world named as a World Biosphere, The Niagara Escarpment, Ontario, Canada and surroundings taken on my walks through the beautiful Bruce Trail and Lake Ontario.

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