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  • Depression: Counterterrorist Assault with Gratitude

    Simple things. Just try them. First question is: What is the opposite of Depression? Think about it. The automatic first answer is Happiness. That, according to me, may not be the correct answer.
    The diametrically opposed opposite of Depression is Gratitude. It makes…Read More


    It is not how old you are but how you feel
    My Father, who was somewhere in his seventies at the time when asked how do you feel? would often reply with that ever so present twinkle in his eye “I feel like a young man trapped in an old mans body”. Being 60 something now I understand what he was saying. The body age…Read More

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    • I agree that age is just a number and finding that long lost inner child is part of the fountain of youth as well as paying attention to what lifts your spirits and doing more of that. Spending time in nature and taking photos is one of my favorite things to do as well as reaching out to people with a hello, how are you today?

      • Love your comment Lynn, and you are so right those simple words hello and how are you also giving those few minutes of your time to listen to a reply can make a persons day, especially these “Sad” depressing days of winter, Love you Lynn xo

  • My People Are Good People- Preferring “Innies” to “Outies”
    Did you ever find yourself trying to befriend people as if they were your kind of people only to discover that they are not your kind of people after all? My people are good people, loyal people, people who would crawl through heaven and earth for their people and EXPECT the same in retu…Read More

  • A Rose has Value. Three Not-So-Wealthy People I Wish I Could be More Like.
    1) The Rose Lady. Standing only four feet and eleven inches, Miss Vicky, or “The Rose Lady” as she is known in Daytona Beach spent countless years spreading joy to many in her own little way. Nightly, she would dress up in her pretty lit…Read More

  • No Pain No Gain

    “If it gives me a thrill and not a chill then I know I am going to do it”

    This has been my mantra for the past two years now. Being 60 something has been a wild and kind of crazy ride for me. I had an awakening moment a few years ago and my own choice made some drastic changes in my life to take better control of my overall…Read More

  • Essentials to Living Above PTSD
    PTSD. That condition that burns an imprint into your brain and invades your thoughts and sleep without permission. Like an unwelcome guest ringing your doorbell at 2 in the morning, you are awakened to its call. Slam the door and tell it to go away and do not invite it in or give it permission to stay.
    1)…Read More

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    • Great article Pammie! Looking forward to publishing… Yay! Congrats on your #RoyalVideo, so sweet to meet you! Can you update your profile here with social links you want and a small bio. A couple sentences is good. <3

      • ❤️❤️❤️ Hi Jenni! Thanks so much and nice to meet you as well! I am so honored that you chose to publish this. Thank you! It is such an important message and your broadcast tonight inspired me. I have put up an initial bio which I am sure I will refine. Thanks so much for the opportunity. I don't have a website for my writings yet…Read More

    • Published 🙂 You can leave the submission post here. Thank you Pammy! <3

      • Thanks so much Jenni! I am so happy to be a part of something amazing! Much gratitude to you and Bryant and all that you do to make this world a more spectacular place!

  • Disruptors and rebels keep it sexy and age with ease.

    Finally, the secrets to slowing down the aging process that no one is talking about. It is not what you think…

    Before you read ahead, let me make this clear. This will not be your average b.s. anti-aging article. We will not be covering the importance of healthy eating, exercise,…Read More

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  • Justice must be equal for all

    Plato (427-347 BC), said Justice in the life and conduct of the State is possible only if first resides in the hearts and souls of its citizens.

    Regrettably, when one looks at the world today and the absence of justice in many of the world’s citizens hearts and souls, the end result is that we have made the s…Read More

  • We become more powerful with every situation in life that we overcome. Powers are all buried within us all. Powers come to the surface when we are faced with life’s challenges. We can overcome all obstacles along life’s journey with our own “Super Powers”, so, just look within and BELIEVE.

  • 7 Goals for 2019

    Many of us wait for some sort of milestone to begin the action steps that need to happen in order for change to occur. Perhaps the most popular milestone is New Years and the famous New Year’s resolution. A recent poll found these to be the most common resolutions: Eat better/lose weight; Exercise more; Spend less money; S…Read More

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    Each day, thousands of times daily, we create our own reality in the unconscious mind, and this can be proven. By placing your right hand about 18 inches from your face and slowly moving it to your ear, you will see that your hand disappears in a blind spot. You can do this with the left hand as well locating…Read More

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  • The Creative Process – Art & Heart Therapy

    Art is in the eye of the beholder and every piece of art tells a story. For many, art creates emotions and it can help to express thoughts and ideas.

    Art can also bring different reactions of viewers. Everyone sees art differently. Every piece of art and artist is so unique. The mystery and…Read More

  • The leader of the Russian Orthodox Church feels that Smartphones and modern-day technology may just bring about the coming of the Antichrist, that is what I read on Social Media this morning. This article caught my attention because I have been dealing with serious issues with no other than Facebook. Now I am not at all comparing Facebook owners…Read More

  • 13 Quotes that Guide my Life

    Growing up, I never thought of myself as one of the smartest kids in the room.

    Through hard work and perseverance, later in life, I found that my intelligence strengths came more from my ability to recognize concepts rather than answer questions on tests. For me, I needed to make concepts understandable,…Read More

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  • 5 Simple Practices That Will Change Your Life

    True abundance is ours for the having. All of the spiritual tools we need and all of the wisdom required – is within. This is the kind of abundance where nothing is lacking; where blessings and synchronicities flow like waterfalls; when you wake up and can’t believe that this is actually your l…Read More

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  • Freedom to be.
    “What people think of me is none of my business.” This statement used to annoy me. There is true freedom in understanding who you are. Any one or anything outside of the self that does not reflect what you know to be true of yourself, is about them not you. Therefore, there is no need to defend or to respond. It is their del…Read More

  • It is in the pain that we become aware of the issue. It is in suffering we find appreciation. It is in our thirst that we find refreshment. All is well.

  • Free your future from ancient beliefs that search for what you don’t really want to find.
    Beliefs are powerful. Beliefs are the foundation that sprouts out as our thought patterns. These thought patterns grow stronger as they expand through new experiences and build evidence to support these patterns. This influences behavioral choices. When t…Read More

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    • OK Noelle. This is very thoughtful and contemplative information. I love your unique perception and careful thought that has gone into this article. I am much more prone to appreciating higher level thought and this writing demonstrates this very well. Thank you for your thoughtful, deep, rich and important insights.

  • New Years Aren’t Magic, But You Are

    Let’s get honest and ask ourselves the question, What really makes this year any different? If you’re anything like me you probably have already tried a million things to fix yourself, and your life. You have read countless books, been to all the seminars, and you have every t-shirt and every mug. What is it…Read More

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