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Living Room freedom fighters and hoisting the Jolly Roger black flag in your heart

Troublemakers seem to find each other, which is a good thing for freedom!


  • How to accomplish anything through suburban monastics.
  • Living Room freedom fighters. Practical aspects of Solipsism delusions, isolation, and time.
  • Hoisting the Jolly Roger black flag in your heart.
  • Troublemakers seem to find each other, which is a good thing for freedom.
  • At the end of the broadcast I will tell you why it must be a black flag…
  • How to live your own life, not the life other people want you to live.
  • Detaching from pop culture to become uncultured.
  • Getting off society’s theme ride of written scripts and narratives.
  • The power of isolation and time.
  • The power of 10 years.

For those who have awakened to freedom from the modern nightmare, it is painful to watch their fellow human beings be used and destroyed by the very institutions and ideologies they entrusted for their protection. It is a natural response to be repulsed when we see the treasure of joy in each person looted and plundered by predatory institutions and systems. Many of these systems — organisms really, exist solely as social and economic functions that literally devour people. These processes feed on people’s hopes and energy, and then excrete poison and toxicity — environmentally and philosophically, in the pursuit of what is called progress, growth, and success. The destruction of the miracle of life is only made possible by our value systems.

Many of our so-called value systems are really suicide engines…

Many of our so-called value systems are really suicide engines running inside of each of us. But, because we have been constructed to a large degree from the cultural values passed down to us as children, it is hard to even imagine ourselves in any other possible structure or arrangement of life. In some places, it is just normal that some people die at a young age — killed in senseless wars or by disease. In other cultures, the economic war they die in, is so slow moving it looks like living. One day you just wake up after many years of being used — old, spent, and robbed of your best years, with nothing left of value to the system, and then you are discarded. Few things are so heartbreaking as seeing people in various forms of bondage. 

The nature of oppression can be very tame, and often goes by the false name of civility.

The nature of oppression can be very tame, and often goes by the false name of civility. It is with a cold and inhumane civility that many great crimes are carried out against the warm hearts of good people. Inside of every good person there is also something very wild.

Freedom is wild, and to be free we must at times live dangerously and wildly.

Freedom is wild, and to be free we must at times live dangerously and wildly. We must at times deny the false world its identity within us, and reject its so-called civil order, and be fearless as individuals. There is no prison that can hold a free mind. Divest yourself from the machinery of society’s most ignorant and cruel values, and rebuild them with your unique contribution of wisdom and love. Submission to the unnatural forces of societal coercion is a voluntary process; you can rescind your voluntary submission with a single thought. Your soul exists outside of the jurisdiction of any entity. Give no earthly master permission to subdue your unique truth, but allow your truth, to seduce their lust for control to a love of freedom. Freedom needs role-models. 

The human theater of conflict is a battle for hearts and minds through the world of symbols, words, and ideas.

The human theater of conflict is a battle for hearts and minds through the world of symbols, words, and ideas. This is because the rulers of the paper cities need your intention and your permission to exist. Countries, states, cities, corporations, and laws are all words on paper. When the paper cities have become unjust prisons, we must revolt, and burn those paper cities to the ground. Then from the ashes, we must write new words for new generations. You are that generation. You are the author of the real-life story called, tomorrow. Unleash your mighty words, and with them, recreate a new and more beautiful world for all.

  • We must each achieve greater individual consciousness and self-knowledge, and project mindful kindness toward everything and everyone.
  • The revolution of consciousness is connected to the food revolution. As an organism, there is nothing more relevant or sacred than what you put into your body. Food is a part of our contract with life. Cultivate clarity, strength, vitality and power from natural, beautiful and organic living foods.
  • We must remember that nature is the supreme cradle of life, and must be protected and treated with the highest respect and care.
  • We must plant trees, grow gardens instead of lawns, ride bicycles when we can and support responsible local businesses over big brands.
  • We must quit living vicariously through the fictional lives of TV and movie characters, and become the stars of our own real-life stories of adventure and creativity.
  • We must quit thinking we know everything, and quit placing “knowledge” over kindness and compassion.
  • We must reprogram ourselves to understand that cooperation is a higher principle than competition.
  • We must strive for literacy and education that teach us to never quit questioning and probing at the assumptions of the day.
  • We must understand that out of community and dialogue, the answers will arrive in their own time and way.
  • We must question every inner-belief we possess without fear or attachment. Find comfort in questioning yourself. Criticism is no threat to your self-esteem or identity, but rather informs you.
  • We must rebuild organic communities, where people can come together and have analogue conversations and share stories, art, music and emotions.
  • We must relentlessly and unyieldingly protect freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.
  • We must take the money out of politics, and end psychopathic, self-destructive government and corporate madness.
  • We must resist in-group thinking and practice seeing every soul as a brother or sister in a larger grouping of humans on earth.
  • We must resist impulses to attack people, their credibility or their nature, and focus only on sharing our own positive creations, contributions, ideas and solutions.
  • We must reject the artificial and embrace what is real and true: truth in food, community, relationships and self.
  • We must step out of our digital avatars, and come together and have face-to-face dialogue as often as possible.
  • We must remember that we cannot change others, we can only change ourselves.
  • We must let our every act be out of love, and for the greater good of all.
  • We must be our own authentically unique truth, and question who we are, what created us, and what processes within us are alien and externally created.
  • We must share! Sharing IS caring. Share everything: every idea, every resource, every story, every gift, every worry and every burden. Share yourself.
  • Above all we must be free, but to have real freedom, you must be wild and free yourself.

In a world of hate, love is the revolution. You reclaim your power by loving what you were once taught to hate.

In a world of hate, love is the revolution. You reclaim your power by loving what you were once taught to hate. So, when is the time for revolt? The freest societies are in a constant state of revolution. The time for revolt is now, and the time for revolt is always! There is something beautiful in you seeking freedom. You are sufficient. It is sufficient to simply be a human being. Go within, seek yourself, know yourself and then share yourself. Please, be kind to one another and seek beauty in all you do.

Go now, and do what you can, and act always with the spirit of optimism, and always with love, and always for the greater good of all.

The voice of reason is speaking, and now is the time to listen.

The future depends on you…


Bryant McGill

Bryant McGill is a human potential thought leader, international bestselling author, activist, and social entrepreneur.

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Robina fazal

Nice broad cast…💖👑💐Thanks.Sir Bryant and Mam Jenni….for Sharing really inspiring ,worthful thoughts..Love makes a world real place to live with dignity.. happiness..ease …it makes us more and more compassionate.. caring.. respecting others…We Should have space for our own self care…As we need to take care of ourselves… lead our lives in the way we want to lead….Our duties..responsibilities do matter …perform them…but not become people’s pleasure all the time..wht are your desires and on them too..make time for them..Don’t neglect that you are a Soul….a body a…mind that needs to be loved.. pampered..cared…and love your own self enough..and take care of your temple…and make the best use of your time…in busy.. creative.. productive ways that enrich your Soul and mind…and you gain momentum…to acheive your desires and goals.. No body is walking in another’s’s your life you have to be the champ of your life…The…all is in you….make your life an inspiring life…and make it an example for all…that those who work hard…and have faith on themselves.. have determination.. can lead a best purposeful life with happiness..and lòve…that makes a life really worth living.. and it’s goodness…..bestowed by God Almighty…through our our life circle…..💖👑Amen

Pamela Leigh

I love your meandering points Bryant and Jenni! I never lost the thread of point while you walked to a more comfortable sun appropriate and coherent place in the garden, minus the mosquitos as much as possible. 🙂 So much of what is being said in here is exactly what I know, felt, and experienced in life, and the two of you put it all into words that presented the visual for my brain, so succinctly. This is a poignant and brilliant discussion, thank you! I am sharing on my blog.


“In a world of hate, love is the revolution”.
Love is the answer in all the problems. Thank you Bryant and Jenni for this beautiful inspirational broadcast💕💞❤️💖💗

Jenni Young McGill


Sue Smith

Royal FIRE! 👑🔥
Let’s all fan that flame!!

Jenni Young McGill


Sue Smith






Pamela Leigh

This transmission was … I can’t put the thread of its light into words but this came to mind.
“Simple Reminders, Freedom Fighters.” 🙂


There has always been hate, and hate can only be overcome with love. That sounds like hippies talking. But it is true, loving people because they are like you, would make all the same, I love people who are not like me who bring a new view of the world into my world.

sonia buban
sonia buban

in the world of hate.acceptance and love is the answer.thank u so much Brayant & Jenni for sharing beautiful insperational broadcast.we love both of u..

Tiffany Newsome
Tiffany Newsome

Very encouraging



Laurie Lankins Farley

I really enjoyed this broadcast! ❣

Suzan Muhialdeen
Suzan Muhialdeen

Great article,i enjoyed read it.
To create more beautiful world, love ,justice, freedom is the revolution and solutions to fight or revolt against oppression ,hate ,corruption ,boudage,…,in fact increase individual consciousness and self- knowledge
will help everyone to create a beautiful world ,because he or she will understand exactly his duties and rights in the society ,and will be more understandable to the concept of laws and justice ,concsious – stricken is his judge when he makes a mistake or over comes someone else rights ,because he or she is honest good person ,and like the quote said (Honesty is the best policy).

Pamela Leigh

<3 Culture = Cult-U-[a]re = 'You', being the 'cult' that you 'ARE', in the pitre dish of ones environment. I wrote a while ago in my journals something along these very lines with the word AWARE = Becoming AWARE of the 'AWE' that you 'ARE'. <3
I posted this video on my blog and facebook. It is that important to me for others to see.
Thank you Bryant and Jenni for speaking in tune with my own heart.

It is interesting because my ten year plan might be happening without me even knowing it? This is why I say "We are so not alone, and I am grateful for the goodness of it, even through the rough coming out to some other side, into the great unknown full of love." <3

Wong Lok

Watching and typing comment:

After 2010 graduation from high school, I have 8 years of retreat from the social grid.
I stopped hanging out or reduced to 1~2 times a year during the last 8 years.
Once I stopped hanging out with those people my life changed a lot to a more quiet life.
It helped me to change my life to a more peaceful life.

It turns out I liked the way I can be alone by myself.
a little bit of isolation from TV and BS can help me heal myself.

Thanks a lot for your reminder about being alone can actually cut off BS.
Have a super nice day and night much love from hk and best wishes. loklok

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