Finding Your Meaning and Purpose in Your Life

Finding your meaning and purpose is the starting point for repairing those gaping holes in your soul.

Wouldn’t life be great if you came to earth with a written instruction manual telling you who you were, what you were going to be and what you have to do to find your meaning and purpose in your life?

Please forgive me for being a little “Spiritual” at this point but you did make such a plan when you were in Spirit, and I am calling it your Soul Contract. It has also been called your Chart. You made it with the help of your “Spiritual Team” being all those guiding and protecting you and other Elders whom you sought counsel within Spirit.

Back to the world you know and can experience with all your five senses.

Before you can find your meaning and purpose, you first have to decide who you are regarding your character and personality you have elected to portray in this lifetime.

I have recently finished reading Sylvia Browne’s book Life on the Other Side, co-authored with Lindsay Harrison, and subtitled A Psychic’s Tour of the Afterlife.

This book is the first one I have read authored by Sylvia Browne, and I found her knowledge of a subject that I have researched for years, the Afterlife, an excellent summation of what I have read before from other Authors on this topic.

Of course, most people will have stopped reading this by now and think I have a screw loose.

I am not trying to win any popularity contest. For many years I was anonymous as an Author until informed by my Guides to make my name more visible for greater credibility in the cause I selected as the meaning and purpose of my life.

Sylvia Browne and her Spirit Guide Francine have identified forty-four Life Themes from which we chose one or more of to be portrayed in this lifetime. This appears in the Appendix of the book, and I heartedly recommend you purchase the book if only to identify which one or more Life Themes you currently portray as this will determine your meaning and purpose in this lifetime.

I will list these Life Themes but refrain from explaining them to you as this will infringe on their copyright and trust by such listing I am not overstepping the copyright provisions:

Activator; Aesthetic Pursuits; Analyser; Banner Carrier; Builder; Catalyst; Cause; Fighter; Controller; Emotionality; Experiencer; Irritant; Justice: Lawfulness; Leader; Loner; Loser; Manipulator; Passivity; Patience; Pawn; Peacemaker; Performer; Persecution; Persecutor; Poverty; Psychic; Rejection; Rescuer; Responsibility; Spirituality; Survival; Temperance; Tolerance; Victim; Victimiser; Warrior; Winner. 

None of these Life Themes is easily understood merely by their title.

Each one has a balance within them that requires correct behaviour to ensure that the meaning and purpose behind the Life Themes chosen are achieved.

I will give you a clue and say that choosing to be a Victim in this lifetime is one of the most courageous and invaluable Life Themes to chose. So not is all that it seems from the title of the Life Themes.

Once you know what Life Themes you have chosen, then you can begin to get a better understanding of the meaning and purpose of your life.

In your decision to return to earth and to chose your life here down to its minutest detail, you needed to experience the negative issues that required you face up to and overcome these issues that remain unresolved in the wholeness of who You truly are. These are gaping holes in your soul that need repairing so that you can become complete in your wholeness and some would say your holiness!

You chose your Life Themes based on fixing these gaping holes in your soul, and that is the true meaning and purpose of your life this time around.

It takes tremendous courage to leave the Unconditional Love in Spirit and come down to earth and face the negativity that needs to be overcome. You do so because of the eternal growth of your Soul towards wholeness and holiness of the perfection we call Creator/Source/ Universe and other such names for the Deity.

Finding your meaning and purpose is the starting point for repairing those gaping holes in your soul.


Neville Berkowitz

Neville Berkowitz is a global businessman with over 45 years experience, a loving father and Spiritual Author of 18 free books found on his two websites, and Neville is described by world famous author, Dan Millman, as a ‘Renaissance Man’ being able to blend his proven business acumen with a spiritual way of being to benefit many people. Personal Empowerment’s Facebook page ‘Path to Personal Empowerment’ has in excess of 1.2 million Followers after 3 years.

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Love this article. I actually bought Life On The Other Side soon after it was published.
I haven’t read it in years, but I will be reading it again starting tonight! I’m sure there are a lot of things I’ve forgotten over the years!

Jo Davis

Well written, Neville. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. ❤❤❤


Yes, I am looking for purpose, meaning and structure in my life. But I’m unable to meet anyone who will meet me half way or find anything I enjoy here. I miss being a Gran, as my Granddaughters live too far away. People are all too selfish to invite you into their circles. Neighbours here are weirdos. There’s nothing on here, and any activities that are in place, you have to be “referred” as a basket case. I’m verylost just now

Sheila Antrobus
Sheila Antrobus

To reply to Fran, the Lord God is the “Head” of the Spiritual team in Heaven. He is the highest of the highest. I have read hundreds of books & can certainly recommend Sylvia Brown’s book. It all makes great sense to me but as a Spiritualist, I do have the understanding. We are here to learn lessons in order for our soul to progress & the roller coaster of life, provides those opportunities. There is also a theory that we choose our parents before we come here too. Keep an open mind at all times to the wonderment of the ethereal world. Our real “Home”.

Ruth E Barnhart
Ruth E Barnhart

Enteresting article, I find I am speechless a condition I have only experienced on two former occassions, the day I found out I had a college scholarship and the day my husband was diagnosed with leukemia. One a moment of extreme joy yeaa I get to continue learning, and the other a moment of shock. Well I feel that I must read Ms Brownes book before I can make any statement. So I will leave it there.


Wonderful read! I will look up Sylvia’s book. I did so want to see her in person but alas I waited too long~until afterlife. Thank you for the list and encouragement to get the book to guide on to better understanding of self and self mission here! God bless!

Fran Merkh

Seeking a spiritual team and guides instead of the Lord God is evil totally.

Angeliki Anastasia

Sir Neville, I felt with your very spiritual article that I was in another realm! Fantastic!! A spiritual journey into the depths of the soul, exploding all that force to the highest Heavens!!! Thank you Sir!!! In my looney mind Sir Neville I feel that all the life themes are needed because if we don’t experience negative life themes how will we be able to comprehend the positive life themes!!! Just like Mother Nature, sometimes she is very negative and other times she is the loveliest and kindest Mother!!! Thank you for this extraordinary journey!!! 🙏🙏🙏

Wow! I laughed because he’s funny (not loony) & I resonate deeply with this, especially with what was written after the reveal of the themes! I will definitely be buying that book along with Neville Berkowitz’s thank you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻

Linda Smith

Sir, you continue to be a master at resolving things for me. Cannot exactly wrap my arms around it, but feel as though it could be a true turning point! My mind
Especially has a need to explore this, further. I will do such. I feel I need a clear path to begin upon!
Thank you for the info. With you guys, I will make bigger steps!! God bless!!