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Find good mentors, advisors, and role models

One of the ways to love yourself is to make an effort to find good information for yourself.

Be careful where you get your information. A lot of people who talk about success aren’t very successful. A lot of people who teach about business aren’t very accomplished at business. There are endless social media experts who haven’t accomplished anything with social media. Too many people out there are giving other people poor information; some call that the blind leading the blind, and it can not only be immoral, but it can even be dangerous. If someone is telling you how to be good to yourself — it is reasonable to have a close look at them and see if they are good to themselves. People who talk a lot about compassion often have no compassion for themselves. They want to help everyone, but their own life is a wreck. They go from one failed “uplifting” enterprise to another, but the wheels are falling-off their car, their body is out of whack and their finances are out of order, yet somehow, there they are, “advising people.” They want to help everyone when they can’t even help themselves. What they really need to do is take care of their own business. The last thing any of us need is ill advice from someone fully out of control in their own life. So before you take that advice that is being offered, take a good look at who is delivering it. Carefully study their energy, their lifestyle, their health and their relationships, and if they are living the life they talk — then, and only then, should you listen.

One of the ways to love yourself is to make an effort to find good information for yourself. Whether it is love, finances, goal reaching or overcoming our personal struggles — good advice can save us untold pain and suffering. One of the biggest problems people have in life is seldom getting any really good advice from qualified people. Too often, even as children, we receive poor advice for living life, or even none at all. We are also not taught how to pick good mentors. As powerful as a mentor or role model can be, they can be equally destructive if they are misinformed. The lesson here is to learn how to pick and choose your advice from people who have demonstrated they know how to make their type of advice actually work in the real world. If you want better relationships — take advice from those who have good relationships. If you want more money, take financial advice from those who have been successful financially and who also share your values. If you want to be healthy, then learn from those who have been able to cultivate and maintain good health in their own lives. If someone has failed over and over, of course, you can listen and learn from their lessons, but they only have half of the story. The best lessons in success come from successful people, who more often than not have both failed and succeeded. A person who has both failed and succeeded likely has the whole story and can help you with the steps to move forward. You can listen and learn from everyone, but just as there are different levels of advice, there are different levels of listening. Sure, you can learn from someone who has only failed — who has fallen and messed-up, but you can learn even more from someone who has gotten back up and recovered. Find good mentors, advisors and role models for yourself and listen and learn from them. You will be amazed how your life can change with good advice on your side.

“Pause and remember– One of the quickest ways to move forward in life is to surround yourself with mentors and positive people who understand your journey and who live the type of successful life that appeals to you. If you do not have positive role models now, seek them out, and don’t be bashful to step outside of your comfort zone to find them. Most successful people are honored by the opportunity to share their wisdom with an eager student wishing to get ahead in life.”
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Bryant McGill

Bryant McGill is a human potential thought leader, international bestselling author, activist, and social entrepreneur.

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