Eureka! Unlocking Your Potential

To be aware of oneself is like unlocking one's door of potential.

As the new face of history is about to unfold, it is my honor to share some things I consider worthy of celebration.

I am elated to synthesize and give life to some wisdom I thought would only be written in a piece of unspoken pages. After reading this essay, I hope you will also say what Archimedes exclaimed some two thousand years ago. Twenty-seven summers of discerning life's purpose may not be enough to rejoice, but what I discovered so far could serve as reasons to continue digging for more.

And these are the following:

To be born in the cradle of human civilization, as our history claims, is truly riveting yet not enough reason to be prideful. We must work to be in a birthplace of love because to be a part of it is not only humbling but worth celebrating as well. If this happens, then there is no need for us to be trapped in jumping into conclusion based solely on what we see. This sickening attitude is stealthily circulating in our bloodstream. Fortunately, it will gradually dawn on us that it is just a halo effect; nothing more and nothing less. If poets were the true legislators of the world, as Percy Bysshe Shelley considered them, then several laws to punish stereotypes would have been passed; many could have been imprisoned inside the suffocating prison cell.

To meet people of rarity is truly heartwarming.

They are like gemstones meant to be expensive. Indeed, they are blessings that add color, verve, and excitement to a life thought to be too ordinary that the owner would like to believe it is a forgotten, unwrapped gift from above. The question is: who must be these people? They are those who share a touch of sacredness and gentleness to others. This role could be difficult yet rewarding for them because they know it paves way to better understanding of our humanness.

These exceptional people are those who plant the seeds of faith, hope and love to others.

They may be very few who have the power to set others' souls on fire, but because of them several lost souls have now sources of inspiration to go on and continue living. These people have the peculiar gift to motivate others to rise from mediocrity, and thus let them lead and live extraordinarily. They are inspired to rekindle hope among those who are succumbed to the agonizing pain of darkness. These extraordinary people are those who have the strength to house others in the shelter of compassion so the lost souls will eventually call it their home. Bilbo Baggins of “The Hobbits” taught us one lesson: we may have different unexpected journeys yet if we have something to call ours, we will have no choice but to yearn and be back to a place where we experienced our first love–home. Doubts will never cease befriending us as we wander and wonder, but if these hobbits were able to prove that ”from the smallest beginnings come the greatest legend” how much more us? When we grapple because the twilight of uncertainties is more palpable, some remarkable people learn to fight and push us into a higher degree of hope; an obvious proof that there are still individuals who have passion for a meaningful life. For these amazing people, to thrive than merely survive is far more encouraging and rewarding than to compete with the rest of the world. To refute the hedonistic principle, some people reveal that there is happiness in sacrificing especially for the welfare of loved ones.

After all, there is no joy if we can get things in a blink of an eye.

We must learn how to face bitterness if we want to taste the real sweetness of life. Some incredible people can pacify even those who are raging with the fumes of sigh, anger, and bitterness. Indeed, to embroider our vision together can make one masterpiece–a spectrum of love. This can be more possible if we will all enjoy uttering the rainbow of prayer to feed our souls. 

To be a nonconformist is to discover the hidden wonder of prism of life.

They defy laws without inflicting physical pain to others though the neurons of typical brains can obviously be shattered. To be like Jonathan Livingstone Seagull is never easy, yet determination will eventually tell us that ”there is much more now to living”. Perhaps it won't hurt us if we will immortalize Steve Jobs' words: ”think different”. I believe it is not the whooping success that these people want; it is the longing and the drive to contribute for the betterment of this world. These are examples of people who do not remain complacent not because they are the advocators of egoistic hedonism, but because they are completely aware that we are all designed to shine though we seek excellence in different ways.

To ensure butterfly effect, we have to play our unique role in this theater of life.

It may sound like a far-fetched idea, but if world wars have been planned carefully to the point of perfection, then why hesitate to be part of the solution to the most pressing problems that we all face?

To wait for the end of the world like a blockbuster movie is pitiful.

Just like any highest grossing films ever produced, however, the twists of events usually left us wordless but thankful. I am not very good in understanding the language of all the sciences, but if Johannes Kepler were here he would lecture us, especially to those doomsday phobics and doomsayers alike, that the supposedly 2012 apocalypse is nothing but a hoax and a scum. The truth is if we fail to depict a canvas of life, then why there is a need to be so engrossed of painting the shadow of death? Ironically, majority of us treat it like a conundrum which not everybody wants to solve. This 2012 doomsday left me speechless because there were some who embraced the messiah complex. Nostradamus could only prophesy the end of the world. Wherever he is now, I guess his companions are laughing at him. May his soul rest in peace. Luckily we have our raison d'être that helps us look forward to enjoying, sharing, and living a life worth celebrating and can enlighten us that death is not our business to monopolize; the author of love has already written everything about it. Now every time the yuletide season heralds its coming , it will surely bring us more reason to believe that true love transcends death. 

To admit flaws is actually a sign of one's fortitude.

It appears paradoxical on my part, but I just realize that even those meaningless, dull, shameful moments are full of wisdom, too. Nonetheless, this kind of life is not the career I wish to tread forever. Although I embrace some of life's absurdities and foolishness, I am still hesitant to enlist myself to those who are completely unaware that they have the emperor's new clothes syndrome in themselves. To feign affection is somewhat tempting, but for those who can't swallow such foolishness, they will always shout the truth just like what the child did.

To be aware of oneself is like unlocking one's door of potential.

It is never an easy venture; however, the process of self-discovery is a gift itself to someone who is persistent enough. I experienced frustration, shame, and difficulty in the process of giving voice to every ink that drops in my pen, but the insatiable appetite to transform and breathe life to every word inside my brain never fails to ignite me until one day I write what I can only call… my masterpiece!

Yes, you too can exclaim: Eureka!


Words enliven my soul. I advocate science of happiness whenever I am with those eager and enthusiastic minds. To discover, to unlearn, and to seek wisdom with gusto fuel me to continue. My heart desires for genuine happiness. "Desiderata" by Max Ehrmann serves as one of my guiding principles. "3 Idiots" never fails to make me laugh, cry, fall in love, and follow those things I am passionate about.

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Pammie Day
Pammie Day

Mhelvz, your writing is exquisite and inspiring. I have not remembered some of the beauties that you referenced in a while. I love the piece about rising above the level of mediocrity which is one of my aspirations. This is so packed with insight and wisdom that I, like your previous commenter, wish to savor and dissect it. You are a truly talented writer. Thank you for this beautiful view of the wisdom of LIFE.

Fran Merkh
Fran Merkh

Wow such wisdom from the soul and spelled out in understanding. I will reread this many times for it inspires and pushes out the world’s pull leading to what’s most desirable in life, freedom from worldly strong holds . It’s an unfolding of self .

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