Essential Nature Of Life Is To Survive And Thrive

Our hearts are amazingly resilient.

Being able to pick ourselves back up is essential nature of life.

Life is about survival and thriving.

Survival version of Freedom is like: Get your hands off me and also get my BS excuse off myself.

Thriving version of Freedom is like: I can do what i love, with who i want, at when I want, at where I want and make up my own choice and take all personal responsibility, which is in fact is our power, to live my life to my version of the fullest, not by other’s definition. And of course, also wish that level of freedom and personal-life-responsibility for as much people as possible.

Survival is awesomeness.


Wong Lok

Love..... Being a walking aphorism. Sharing my personal encouragement experience. Code Visual ART with WebGL. #Kindness API #VisualART #CURE

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