Embrace Your Pain to Raise Your Vibration

When you embrace your pain, you allow yourself to move past it more easily.

If you are a follower of the Law of Attraction, you probably already understand that the key to getting what you want is through feeling happy and joyous. However, understanding the Law of Attraction often comes at a cost when it comes to dealing with negative emotions, especially pain.

Because we know that feeling good is what gets us what we want, it is natural to begin to develop some fear about pain and other negative feelings.

Many of us begin to see pain as a “wrong” feeling that keeps us from having what we want. Because we’ve defined pain as “wrong,” many of us seek to ignore or avoid it, in order to keep it from lowering our vibrations.

Though this makes logical sense, unfortunately actions to ignore or avoid pain only prevent us from finding vibrational alignment.

This article is timely for me because lately I've been dealing with some pain, and I've been tempted to run and hide from it. As a Law of Attraction specialist, at times I feel the pressure to constantly project positive energy-in many ways because I feel it is expected of me (though, of course, I do realize this is a reflection of my personal limiting beliefs).

However, expecting constant vibrational alignment is an unrealistic and spiritually toxic approach to living. Inevitably, this expectation creates greater suffering.

The thing is, you can always reach for better feeling thoughts, but you have to start at the frequency you are at. You are where you are, and honoring your position in the universe is critical for vibrational ascension.

It’s a bit of a paradox. When you embrace your pain, you allow yourself to move past it more easily.

I’ll explain this metaphorically:

Let’s say that you were driving to a friend’s house, and you really want to get there because there’s a great party going on, everyone is going to be there and it’s going to be a great time.

Now, on the way to your friend’s house, you come up to a giant tree that has fallen across the road, making it impossible to pass. What do you do?

Do you turn the car around and go home to avoid having to deal with the situation altogether? Probably not, because then you’ll miss the party. This only makes the bad situation worse.

Do you ignore the tree, and keep plowing ahead? Probably not, because this will cause you to run into the tree and destroy your car. Additionally, you still probably won’t make it to the party. This option also makes the bad situation worse.

Do you get upset for a moment about this obstacle, but then accept the fact that there is a tree in the middle of the road, and then deal with the task of finding an alternative route?

Most of us would likely take this last option. When we are presented with a physical obstacle, we know that although it’s upsetting, we must accept the situation and deal with it. This is how we find an alternative route to get us where we want to go.

We know that ignoring the obstacle will cause us to run directly into it, and we know that if we avoid the situation altogether and give up, we will never get where we want to go.

However, while most of us generally understand that it is best to accept and deal with physical obstacles, often when we are presented with emotional obstacles (like pain) we take a different approach.

So, on our quest to raise our vibrations (get to the party), when we encounter pain (the tree) we refuse to accept it. Instead, we either try to “force” ourselves to be happy (by ignoring our pain and plowing directly into the tree) or we throw our hands up in the air and give up (resolving that we simply won't make it to the party).

The truth is, in life there are going to be emotional obstacles that present themselves, and they often come in the form of pain. Attempting to ignore pain or avoiding a painful situation altogether only prevents us from finding the vibrational alignment we are seeking. 

So, what do we do? How can you raise your vibration when pain presents itself?

It's a simple answer. Just embrace your pain and make peace with it. If it’s there, allow it to be there.

You can’t “will” the pain out of your life any more than you can move a giant tree out of the road with your bare hands. The only thing you can do is accept this temporary obstacle, and then trust that you have what it takes to find your way past it, just like you would trust yourself to find your friend's house despite the obstacle.

Understanding this, the next time you feel pain, frustration or sadness, acknowledge it and then hang in there. Cry if you need to. Be sad for as long as it feels like you need to be sad.

It's good to remind ourselves that when we avoid or ignore our pain, what we are really telling ourselves is that we are wrong to feel the way we feel. This creates guilt and/or shame about our emotions, and only amplifies the negativity of our pain.

Instead, when we accept our pain, we let ourselves off of the hook for being human and we accept ourselves.

Acceptance is a soothing feeling, and therefore this action (in and of itself) moves us closer toward vibrational alignment. By acknowledging and feeling our pain without judgement, we ultimately comfort ourselves. In doing this, we begin to raise our vibrations (despite the pain!), and this takes the power out of pain’s hands and places it back into our own.

So, remember, embrace your pain! Pain happens to the best of us. Feel it as long as you need to feel it, and allow it to be what it is without criticizing it or yourself. Through acceptance, you will transform your pain, empower yourself, and ultimately find your way back into the light.


Andrea Schulman

Andrea Schulman is a former high school psychology teacher and the creator of Raise Your Vibration Today.

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Yes, I suppose it is easier to accept the pain than resist the pain. Very good guidance in your article. Thank you.

Barbara Vercruysse
Barbara Vercruysse

Thank you so much for this article!! It was very timely!! Sharing on my page <3


My pain is unmanageable I lost my 8 month old grandson 25 days ago and I am reaching out to anyone on how to get through this I like this article I make this pain and sadness a part of who I am Because it’s never going away I miss that little angel every second of every day 💙👼

Kim Russell
Kim Russell

Hi Myrna, I just found this page…literally…and yours is the first comment I’ve read. I lost my grandson Logan due to tragedy when he was just one year, one month and ten days old. It will be three years at the end of May and I still talk to him daily. He was a lovely little got in an otherwise dum world. I don’t have any grand words of wisdom for you, and I’m sorry for that. But, I am here; feeling your pain every day. And, if you ever just wanted to talk to me, share our our sadly related tragedies, I’m here. Please feel free to contact me directly ANYTIME. My heart goes out to you. Hugs, Kim

Melissa Rose Rothschild
Melissa Rose Rothschild

“So, remember, embrace your pain! Pain happens to the best of us. Feel it as long as you need to feel it, and allow it to be what it is without criticizing it or yourself. Through acceptance, you will transform your pain, empower yourself, and ultimately find your way back into the light.”
Grow through the pain.
Fear will only prolong it and deny yourself of your true light !


Wonderful article! Needed to read this to day, thank you!

Angeliki Anastasia
Angeliki Anastasia

Yes Andrea, I have been following the beautiful Secret!!! The law of attraction!!! It was introduced to me by my beautiful daughter!!! We have it close to our hearts next to God!!!💕💕♥️🙏 We all must climb that tree that stood in our way so we can reach the beautiful party 🎈 of ❤️ Love♥️❤️♥️🙏🙏🙏Thank you very much Andrea!!!🌺🌹🌷

Rehan Anwar
Rehan Anwar

loved this.. thank u so much for this amazing article…
this is very true … acceptance is the key to peace…….

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