Do You Have Hope?

Take the quiz to find out!

Any area of our lives that does not glisten with hope, is an area where we are believing a lie.

It’s an area where we are still wounded, and in need of healing and truth. We all go through hard times, but hope is what helps us persevere through these times of difficulty, knowing there are always better days ahead. Life is for us but it doesn’t always feel that way. Take the quiz below, to find the areas of your life that need an infusion of hope.

Rate your perception of every area of your life with the Hope Scale.

Hope Scale

1 – HOPELESS – It sucks, and it can’t/won’t ever change
2 – SHRED OF HOPE – It might improve, but I’m not holding my breath
3 – HOPEFUL – It has a pulse, I’m cautiously optimistic
4 – FULL OF HOPE – It’s going amazing, it’s successful and abundant


_____   Love life / Marriage
_____   Health
_____   Finances
_____   Biological family
_____   Relationships
_____   Friendships
_____   Job /Career
_____   Purpose
_____   Spiritual life
_____   Reputation
_____   Parenthood

Quiz Results


You are full of hope, and believe that life is for you! Anything that is not going well right now, will turn around and it will be better than ever before! Your life is glistening with HOPE!

30 – 39 POINTS

You pretty much believe that better days are ahead than any you are leaving behind. But you have a few battle scars that still flare up from time to time that need a bit more healing.

20 – 29 POINTS

Life hasn’t been easy, and you are afraid to get your hopes up that anything is going to change because you are tired of being disappointed. You are hanging on, but just barely.

1 – 20 POINTS

You see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s definitely a train. You are in danger of succumbing to your heart wounds, and you need a hope infusion right away!


Jackie Dorman

Jacqueline Dorman is a dynamic entertainer, speaker and author. The former General Manger of the Emmy winning Guardian Television Network she saw a need to raise the bar in women’s entertainment.

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A great article on hope!

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