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DNA Test Reveals Reason We Should Not Judge Strangers based On Their Looks

An open world begins with an open mind...

Within each person is the miracle of a unique consciousness unlike any other in the universe. Within you, you will find everything you need to be complete. Within you is the power of unlimited creation. Within each of us is the enormous creator potential. We must seek together to address the good aspirations of people everywhere, for we are bound together through great commonality. There is a deep interconnectedness of all life on Earth, from the tiniest organisms to the largest ecosystems, and absolutely between each person, no matter their cultures or traditions. We have a tremendous opportunity as individuals to be kind, loving and considerate to others. We possess the choice of turning away from the lower self, and reaching for the higher mind. We possess a clarifying and self-defining moment of chance to give others the greatest comfort they can have during their journey. The beginning of all hope starts with respect.

— Bryant McGill

McGill Media

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Jenifer Lee

Exactly! ❤

McGill Media

Such a beautiful simple reminder… did you see this yet?

Kim Bellanca

Dear McGill Media: Yes, I agree(Such a beautiful reminder)! You asked, did you see this yet? <I remember seeing this post before, but can't remember when/where! #DNA #Connections #CelebrateDiversity

prabhakar rajarapu
prabhakar rajarapu


Angeliki Anastasia

The best Royal advice ever! The imperial advice that will certainly lead this wonderful Planet to everlasting peace! I really wish that my DNA came from every single part of the world! How amazing if I could speak all the beautiful languages! Thank you very much King Bryant for your majestic, super mega advices! 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

Jane Taylor

We haven’t the right to judge anyone for anything ever.

Gail Liming
Gail Liming

Then quit allowing abortion to happen because when the ovum and semen meet there is a newly created human being starting to form and the interconnectedness is that bond with the mother. And that newly created life has a soul from conception also the DNA is established.

Lagrimas Noordergraaf


Gary Angelone Jr.

If they don’t judge you on your looks, they’re just going to judge you on your accent or politics. Yes, I’m sure it is biology that made that British guy hate Germany and not his grandparents being bombed by Hitler.

Today, in Germany, they get to call my nationality “white trailer park trashy people” on the radio, and nobody sees anything wrong with it. Not even Germany has learned their lesson. I think it is hopeless.

You give them scientific DNA data and then it occurs to them. Because they are selfish people! They haven’t changed. Even the people claiming they care about others are only doing it for social points. xD