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    Jo Davis

    Finished my #yearofyes a short while ago. It has changed nearly every aspect of my life. It would simply be unfair NOT to share.

    ✔My relationships are deeper.
    ✔My heart is more open and strong.
    ✔My awareness is greater and more expanded.
    ✔I am more patient with myself and others.
    ✔I am amazed by my new gifts and abilities.
    ✔I have traveled more, sharing space with world thought leaders and studied with world renown teachers.
    ✔I found the courage to launch a second business and attracted incredible business partners.
    ✔My income has increased.
    ✔My purpose is still “to INSPIRE others”. Now I am by continuing to live a life of saying “Yes”

    Recommending Shonda Rhimes book “Year of Yes”. My experience taking action after reading this book has been powerful.

    -Jo Davis

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    Bryant McGill

    Yes is my favorite word!

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    Jo Davis

    …and with that one word “yes”, he humbly picked up his crown and stepped into his royal destiny—to serve.

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    Jo Davis

    Thank you for reading, @sole

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