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    I am no brain surgeon, but I truly believe that our brains do everything for us , including how we decide to think, what we think, who we think about, etc. The vast depth of the brain is positive, i feel it is wired that way. But, yes, but, we allow society to put the doubt in. Doubt squashes positive thinking. So stop doubting and start believing!

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    Brains are amazing! We need to realize this. We should always keep our brains healthy. Nutritious food, exercise, good thoughts, no drugs and alcohol to a minimum. “Health is not just about what we are eating it’s about what we are thinking too.”

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    I so agree, Lawney! The brain truly runs our body system, however, it does so much in our life. I mean, if we come from a bad past or childhood we can change our idea about life. Again, I am no brain surgeon, but I do “think” at times our soul can over power our thoughts by making positive choices and decisions for ourselves and others in our life.

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    Julie Roach

    Ahhh – the mysteries of the brain. Always fascinating. One of those fascinations that “we” are not likely to figure out – as “we” of course are mechanically driven by the brain, yet does the brain know itself? 😉 I think of it like a machine. So take a car for instance. It’s a machine that does many things for us – a delivery mechanism – literally, yet it satisfies other desires, – we go enjoy love while on a visit of loved ones, experience adventure on vacation, etc. It does need maintenance to perform properly to do all of the things we want it to do. But does the machine know itself? Is the car deciding? We teach it indicators and lights, etc. but it can’t fix itself, it can’t change it’s own oil or shine itself up.
    We have to participate with it. This is how I view the brain. It’s my machine connected to everything. It’s not my heart or spirit or desire or authority of my thoughts – it’s the mechanism that allows me to participate with all that I am. It houses much of me. But it is “me” that is doing the choosing – I decide how that plays out, how all things work together (and since the brain comes standard, I don’t need to know how the nuts and bolts and gears fit together to operate it ) … well – I think anyway. 😉
    Fun topic!
    Thanks Laurie. Much love.

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