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    I am no brain surgeon, but I truly believe that our brains do everything for us , including how we decide to think, what we think, who we think about, etc. The vast depth of the brain is positive, i feel it is wired that way. But, yes, but, we allow society to put the doubt in. Doubt squashes positive thinking. So stop doubting and start believing!

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    Brains are amazing! We need to realize this. We should always keep our brains healthy. Nutritious food, exercise, good thoughts, no drugs and alcohol to a minimum. “Health is not just about what we are eating it’s about what we are thinking too.”

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    I so agree, Lawney! The brain truly runs our body system, however, it does so much in our life. I mean, if we come from a bad past or childhood we can change our idea about life. Again, I am no brain surgeon, but I do “think” at times our soul can over power our thoughts by making positive choices and decisions for ourselves and others in our life.

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