Ways to Keep up with Tech

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    Jackie Wilushewski

    In the tech world, things move fast – Like really fast! Yesterdays information, new releases, patches, etc. are equivalent to being a year old by the time you learn the new techniques and information.

    What are some strategies you have for keeping current on the latest technological trends and/or skills relevant to your field of study/skills?

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    Lissa Hinshaw

    Following because I could really use some tips.

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    Me too !!
    I try to google and you tube for help even to build my website but it certainly isn’t easy.
    Great topic!

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    Son of the Moon

    Jackie, I’m with you… is so hard… great topic, WE need some advice and experts here! TECH millennials where are you? 😉

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      Jackie Wilushewski

      I know there are place for free courses such as Aquent Gymnasium and other places like uDemy

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