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    Do you ever wonder what stillness is? Have you ever thought that you wanted to be as still as a statue? Is it possible? For me, I say it is not possible to be still, still like that. However, stillness in human form, absolutely!

    when a person can not be still long enough to hear their own breath, their own inner movement, then I think that their lives may contain some chaos. Not that some chaos isn’t ok, but if we aren’t still enough to hear our own inner sound, such as our heartbeat, then stillness most likely doesn’t exist to them.
    Peace, that is where our stillness resides. Peace is being confident, loving to yourself, yet strong and authentic. Freedom is being in peace. Being in the peaceful stillness.

    Laurie Lankins Farley
    ~ Communication With The Light.

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    It is good to be able to get still and in peace. It’s time to teach children these practices.

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    Informative. Thanks for sharing❤️

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