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    Participant on pins and needles…
    Everyday trying g yo get by without having to ask for help with bills…
    Every day..getting belittled…you’re so stupid..
    You’re some mother f$tucker
    You’re an ass..I an so tired of your crap.
    You bother the hell out of me
    . Why do you hand me so much crap and treat me like crap?

    If these statements or questions have been asked by your significant other….you’re living with a narcissistic person ..
    I do…
    It’s not fun…cant be yourself…your real self..
    No joking…stifled..nothing….
    It’s hard to get out of a situation like this…funds are low…no trustworthy place to go….and for some reason..I am not listening to my gut instincts….red flags are everywhere and I tried to ignore them from the beginning….I made a horrible I am sad..unhappy…no motivation…to do anything….feelings of helplessness is rearing its ugly head…
    But when sober…bipolarism plays its games…
    More manipulation…more contradicions… same sad helplessness feelings on my part..
    I am truly stuck and I need some great opinions …
    I need suggestions to begin to start anew…

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    Wilma Padin

    First of all, know that you are not alone. I’m feeling for you as I’m in the same situation as you. It is in fact scary to live like that day after day. I have no family around and most friends have distanced themselves. I’ve already gotten most of my things out of the house but it’s like life keeps keeps me here for no reason but to have him make my life hell. The gaslighting is constant and as all narcissist he feels he’s exempt from any responsibility. He has brought other woman to the house, the last one while I was here and even tried to introduce her to me. Yet he expects love, rainbows and butterflies. Calls me a [email protected]&$ one minute and then wants me to jump in bed with him. And if I say no (which now is all of the time) he turns into a child and starts throwing tantrums.

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      Wilma Padin….exactly….I can’t even move my things anywhere to store them…I hate this life and what it’s doing to me…I am not the person I was 5 years ago…I wish I had never met him…my biggest failure and regret….

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