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    Ok….how many times do I need to say to myself….self..I have to get out of this relationship…..!
    How does someone take one comment and make presumptions about a reacrion… that hasn’t even happened yet? And tells you how you feel and says knowingly that they are correct?..what kind of relationship is this?…a sucky one….one narcissistic emparh…..think about it….yea…you get the picture….and one I dont want to see anymore……
    Oh..then add alcohol and it’s even better….more fun…having a blast……not….

    If anyone you know deals with this kind of then to get out ASAP!!! I have no one to vent to…help from…etc…
    If anyone has any suggestions on how to get out….it would be appreciated….

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    Julie Roach

    One thing that really helped me was to redirect my focus, from reacting to others, to responding to my core identity. I increased my confidence in who I am as opposed to who anyone else says I am. I stopped thinking in terms of “deserve” and adjusted those thoughts into divine worthiness. The combativeness of the relationship you are describing is exhausting. I have been there. It isn’t enjoyable and has the potential to disguise everything you want for yourself in hopelessness and entrapment. You can have a peaceful life, but you will need to choose it for yourself. Visualize your days with calm. Remember the sound of your laughter. Take deep soothing breaths. Take inventory of your options. Being on your own can be a beautiful experience, much more so than living in the torment of another inflicting their misery on you. That is their chosen path. You can choose peace, you can choose beauty. Much love ~ Julie

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