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    Jo Davis

    I once listened to Marianne Williamson speak on my way to work. A typical Monday that was to quickly become the most significant Monday of my life…
    She asked, “Who is that person in your life that you can’t deal with. That you hate?” She proceeded to make a promise. She said “I promise that if you pray for them for 30 days one of two things will happen. Either you will change or they will change. But something will absolutely change.” What the heck? Was she crazy? No!! I won’t do it! I cried & cursed. I pounded the steering wheel. When I arrived at work, I got out of my car, stomped my feet on the ground & screamed. Like an angry 5 year old, I went into my office, shut the door & buzzed the front desk that I would be unavailable for clients. I was having a meltdown.
    How dare she say that! How dare she suggest such a thing. After so much hurt, how could I possibly pray for for this person??? She had no clue how this person had hurt me. I cried off & on most the day clinging to my story, my pain. I just lost it. I sat drenched in hurt, eyes swollen, & monster headache.
    Then, I felt the weight of being the victim & all my hate. I was so very very tired. What was I fighting for?? To hold onto this miserable story? “Fine!” I thought, “I give!”
    I resentfully angrily prayed. Every freaking day for 30 freaking days. Week one was awful. By week 3, I felt lighter & more strong. By week 4, I was actually sleeping better.
    At 31 days, nothing he said or did phased me. It was CRAZY. I was like a superhero & my superpower was “my peace”. By week 5, HE WAS DIFFERENT!!! No joke. I promise! He was softer to speak & more gentle in conversations.
    The detail aren’t as important as the energy you radiant. I know that now. And more importantly, I know just how powerful we ALL are. The secret’s out. Know YOU know!
    Lifting you up, love. Hope this helps.❤

    Jo Davis

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    Isn’t amazing how we can decide what and how we wish to think? I find it fascinating to say the least. I wrote on the “brain” topic and this makes me think of that. But our human spirit is so connected to our human feelings. This was a great read, Jo.

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    Jo Davis

    Thank you love! It is funny how powerful we are!

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