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    Jo Davis

    Grief is the Universe’s gentle nudge. You feel it everyday in that state of loss and emptiness. We see it as pain but maybe it is the loving nudge of the Universe reminding us to decide. To decide who we want to be in this short life. Considering the possibility that maybe that empty space can be filled with love and beauty? That the journey to un-become who we likely never were to begin with, has begun? Reshaping our interior with this new profound experience of gratitude for having loved another. All wrapped up in the emptiness of loss. A fork in the road to decide to feel the pain, flow with it. All while choosing in each moment what we will embrace and what we will let lie…

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    Sue Smith

    Beautiful guidance Jo! In the explosive and crushing pain that occurs when a journey of grief begins it is hard to realize this, which is why your words are so needed. It takes some time for most to realize that the depth of grief is a thermometer of sorts proportional to the depth of love you had for the person you now miss. In that respect, the pain of grief is a beautiful testimony.

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    I love this topic because it is a difficult one to accept no matter who you are. The Understanding of grief is an important and healthy function in our human growth/experience. It is something that we must all feel at some point in our humanness.

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    Jo Davis

    Love both of your feedback. You are both so wise and insightful.

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    Mayuri Rana

    This is such a positive way to look at grief. It is indeed a nudge from the Universe to bring us closer to love and beauty..Thank you for sharing <3

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